Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’ Song About Private Prisons

Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’ Song About Private Prisons

last actually has a very political point
in one of his new signs of called new slaves and he talks about something that
you don’t typically think about within a rap song private prisons something we
talk about on the young turks quite often so i want to read you some of his
lyrics and please excuse me for something like a white girl who does not
sound cool but she reads kanya staff of the company says meanwhile the d_a_
teamed up with the c_c_a_ that’s corrections corporation of america other china lockney goes up in china
making slaves sea bass dot that private on prison you get your piece today so item love the fact that you know talking about something that’s a real
problem in the country it’s been a real problem in the country since the
nineteen eighties when authorities realized oh my god our
prisons are overcrowded lady we don’t know what to do um… and it’s because were resting so
many people for nonviolent drug offenses and of course these corporations are
popping up and they say well you know what we can make a lot of money off of
out imprisoning these people non-violent or violent who cares me as long as
there’s profit to be made let’s do it on and because of these rediculous struggle
ours you’re seeing that a disproportionate amount of blacks and
latinos are getting arrested prosecuted and walked away from
nonviolent drug offenses as opposed to white people didn’t get an
error statistics to back it up even though i’m more white people will smoke
marijuana one black people get arrested for it and more black people spent time
in prison for it on so i like the kanya west has this new
song called new slaves because this is a new form of slavery where we will opt out people of color and at that same time wolf force them to work for afew sent speech
our while they’re in prison is a is it more like indenture i mean it’s awfully
everybody indentured servitude june two prisoners actually make income even if it’s signage in the below via
the f_b_i_ media advantages and what are they do with that isn’t like just
because i know that account for after the after that we are facing than
anything mistakenly below the minimum wage act
it’s as little as twenty five cents an hour and eighty-eight also if the
prisoners refused to work they can be held in isolation so disliked onions liberty and they are
you know they’re they’re their acts of violence committed against them if they
don’t work i mean i personally think that putting somebody in a home you
putting somebody in isolation is cruel and unusual punishment had been
again set for a very long time to me that’s no different than what we think
somebody you note any names it’s breaking them it’s breaking them so that
they’ll then follow orders so i want to be very
specific stats because you know it’s one thing to say hey this is happening it’s
another thing to be detailed about it uh… you know the entire u_s_
population awhile the entire u_s_ population is only thirteen point six
percent black forty percent of its vast prison
population over two point five million people is black in twenty ten black males were
incarcerated at a rate of uh… four thousand three hundred forty seven
inmates for one hundred thousand u_s_ residents of the same race and gender compared to
six hundred seventy inmates per one hundred thousand are white males while and that we would be all that surprised
by that much of the disparities probably to the drug war uh… capital so i i think that allot of
people will be quick to discount the message in this because it’s value
estimates you know it’s a song but i mean i think that the the
unnecessarily discounting the history of political replica has always been a big
part of rap hip-hop all of that is is message
about what’s going on does not cover on c_n_n_ and if so we can do to music coming from
a culture spoken by somebody lightning has more legitimacy to tell that story
and i think that that’s what’s so important it’s actually educating our people who hopefully know about it but may not
and it’s a way to get through instead at the white lady with pretty hair tapped
on the story on c_n_n_ yeah or a utility asap i have no

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  1. I have nothing against Kanye talking about the corporate prison problem but my problem with his song is how in his lyrics he barely even mentions anything about the prisons and mostly we rants about how he feels blacks are slaves to white people because their buying things produced by white owned businesses and why TYT isn't mentioning it and only focusing and the part where he talks about prisons I don't know why.

  2. He is not talking about blacks as slave but everyone to the need for designer apparel and being slaves to materialistic things.

  3. he copied the song's outro from the Hungarian legendary rock band Omega's single "Gyöngyhajú lány" go and listen to it you can not miss it

  4. Shut up about her saying nigga. Only blacks care about the n-word. Whites could care less as long as they can keep their job. Free country folks. Not breaking news.

  5. I can't even understand what you said, want to try again in English? By the way, she said it quoting Kanye, not as a remark towards anyone. Worse yet, judging by your "speech" you listen to the same genre of "music", if you think it's racist, then no one can use the word. Or everyone can use it. You can't have it both ways.

  6. yet you get to throw around racial slurs? You're one the most ignorant, uneducated, hypocritical motherfuckers to ever walk on the earth. All of this politically correct bullshit makes people who are just as dumb as you. She wasn't calling anyone a nigger, she only repeated the word. The word is just a word, and if it has power over you, then you're even dumber than I thought. Do the world a favor, don't breed.

  7. If the word is so bad, why do black people use it? It can't go both ways, it's either bad for everyone or bad for no one. Worse yet, Ana wasn't addressing anyone, so it wasn't even being used as a slur. Anyone offended by this video is an oversensitive crybaby.

  8. Wait.. "A white lady with pretty har??" The traits i understand to each its own is beauty but thats discrimination in its own sense being as its a black topic, on an ugly truth n you STILL GONG N LIKE THAT? No way. Without intent that comment was a level of wrong in

  9. Bra im hispanic and i say nigga to my black friends all the time i grew up that way and its ironic cause the spaniards were the ones that detaines them in africa and sold them to the colonist. Moral of the story whogives a fuck cause my roots come from them anyways

  10. They are talking about serious shit and y'all dum fucks are worrying about she saying nigga, there is a difference between nigger and nigga and also she is reciting a verse for Christ sake… Wake up people we are getting incarcerated for bull shit we are being enslave stop fucking worrying about her saying niggardly.

  11. New Slaves merely references the prison industrial complex. The song as a whole has multiple meanings. The first verse is about people being slaves to consumerism. Second verse: West is referencing himself and other mainstream rappers who are made to sell this stereotypical black male image by white corporate execs. 3rd verse=prison industrial complex.

  12. Its more about, how we are all slaves with invisible fences,though those fences are becoming more visible. It's a system the rich that controls the world created, most are to blind to see this

  13. The drug war has little to do with it. Propaganda talk…obviously u never been to the hood. These drugs are brought to the hood by the same cops arresting folks so don't play coy on some foolishness like the drug war. What do u know of the drug war fool. You gonna tell me that blacks are in jail for something that we don't even import? You sound ignorant like a racist talking like that. You should apologize

  14. These people are full of shit for real. You break the law you go to jail! White black whatever color you are if u fuck up their is a price to pay period.

  15. This just shows that you need to be a bit intelligent to understand kanye . if you are just a dumb ass who dos not analyse and think before talking , you will just hate kanye for no reason

  16. I mean damn, follow the laws or get the fuck out. Marijuana use and distribution is NOT what's creating the disparity, it's crack cocaine, theft and gang violence. Why even mention weed?

  17. OMG SHE SAID NIGGA. who the fuck cares? It's a word. And it wasn't being used in an offensive manner. Get over yourselves.

  18. Let me clear up some of this.I've been to prison for 10 years so I know this shit like the back of my hand.Inmates who work,most get paid a dollar a day,and that dollar gets split- 50 cents to your personal account,50 cents to your savings account.You can not touch your savings for shit.Unless you end up with no income for a minimum of 6 months.And it has to be a need,not a want. Your personal gets spent on commissary,in which the private prison owners have a monopoly on.

  19. You work for them,then you're forced to buy their shit,i.e.,soap,toothpaste,food,clothes,sneakers,etc. You work in conditions similar to a sweat shop.The prices on commissary go up,but your wages never increase.The health care sucks,their solution to everything is a Moltrin,or to pull your teeth instead of fixing them. The conditions are extremely bad in them prisons.The hole is like being in a dungeon.It gets so hot in the summer,dudes throw water on the floor and lay in it in their boxers.

  20. The definition of a nigga is a dumb, ignorant, and stupid person.. So anybody can say, or use the word nigga, a white person saying ain't no different than anybody else saying it, our perception just makes us think that that word is exclusive to black ppl.. Dope ass track tho

  21. A am a black male n Alabama I respect yall try to make a big deal a bout dis cas I been sayn that fo years but stress da point u got my support

  22. umm no if black people can say so can white…they can literally say what they want…if your offended thats your problem

  23. Who gives a fuck who says "niggas" people are going to say what they want, they have the right to do so . Who tf are we to say what other people can and cannot say

  24. Negroid?Think about it, Negroid means what. Caucasian denotes a place of origin, what does Negroid denote. If you want to say what up Negroid, that is your prerogative however the use of the word as a category for black folks in relation to the word caucasian is indicative of the racist times in which it was first implemented.

  25. Because the weed thing is a true statistic, blacks are locked up at a higher rate than whites, cocaine too, for the record. and theft LOL, where did you get that from:?

  26. He is not saying that these are the new slaves, he says how he is a new slave by driving corporations, I disagree with the song but that's what it is.

  27. West is a asshole…. screw him im white Ive been to prison theres whites there too.. turks have any of u been there? Then how do u know.. listen to there music they are proud of selling drugs and livin the "thug life". And dont say selling drugs is they're only solution to making money because of this racist world look at the president look at so many successful black people who had a bad childhood who haven't had their father and still make something of themselves. Thats their mentality

  28. When quoting "nigga" or even "nigger", it isn't racist. If she is told to say it because of a serious matter, it isnt her fault. Now if she said nigga as in 'uneducated', it would be different, but don't get mad at her if you aren't mad at Kanye

  29. Dumbass yes prisioners make money for food phone cards and to live not everythings free in prison , 3white people trying to understand kayne west lyrics and and prisons lmfao

  30. Ok so whats funny is how the guy comments blacks come it more crimes…….if your going to be stereotyping say commit not come it lol

  31. Kanye shut the fuck up! Don't nobody wants to listen to your fake ass songs. Who and your bitch ass boyfriend gayz work for? Now that's a question. You don't give a fuck about nobody else but your lame ass crew. You ain't fooling nobody especially me. So just stop it. You ain't no conscious rapper. I mean look who you are married to, one of the biggest hollyweirdo hoe. Now that's a fucking joke!

  32. The more Kanye starts exposing the truth to all his listeners, the more crazy they will make him out to be. His music is not meant to make black people think, it's strictly just music.

    I back him fully, expose the murderous criminals who run the US.

  33. Corruption is the word people locked up is the actions of welth it only happens by welth bringing the masses down blaming the poor for trying to ach
    ve what they have

  34. Stupid liberals. The U.S.A. Constitution clearly states, people who commit crimes can be used for forced labor. This applies to FELONS. They do not have rights a U.S. citizen has, like the right to vote, the right to own firearms, they can be denied any licenses by the state to start a business, they have no 4th Amendment rights, most of the rights of citizenship are henceforth denied to people with felony records. Felons can be used in chain gangs, forced labor by the local, state and Federal governments. So if black people who have clean records don't need to worry about this bullshit Kanye made up!

  35. Ye knew about dudes like Donald Sterling long before any of you guys were willing to admit that they even existed.

  36. The song is not about private prisons,those six lines are though,be real,Kanye is not a concious rapper.He fooled you dummies into thinking he is though.

  37. its called unicor and n its sweat shops for cents an hour  if u got a ged if not pay is less
    inmates volunteer for the jobs

  38. These prison for profit institutions have been around for DECADES, as has the social and political discussions and debates. Kanye is way behind the times on this one, but at least now more people will know about it……..(maybe he just became educated on the subject.). Terrible issue, unless you happen to own a jail, which I do not…….

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