Kids React to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Kids React to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Hey, Dylan. Yeah? I bet you don’t know this but I’ve got an invisibility cloak. No you don’t have an invisibility… Where did Elijah go? One of my favorites. She’s getting big, how’s she getting bigger? Magic. So basically she’s like blowing up. She’s getting really big. I think she’s having an allergic reaction. Now she’s floating. She’s turning into like a balloon. It’s a good thing the door is shut. No it’s not, Sam… She’s flying! She deserved that. It’s quite funny and scary at the same time. The dog is just being a nuisance. Ooh, that’s a big boss. It looks like an old fashioned bus. Maybe it’s like the Hogwarts bus. How is
that person still asleep? The man I don’t think is driving
very well. Can that bus driver see anything? Oh no. This looks illegal Oh
he’s a good steerer. Oh Buckbeak! Anything with animals I love to do. It’s like a horse bird.
Oh it’s a…is it like a Griffin? It’s that a unicorn? No. I remember this bit. Magic lesson. They’re transforming into some… giant spider! They have eight legs which freaks me out.
I’m surprised Ron didn’t faint. Riddikulus! Rollerskates, that is ridiculous. If I was
invisible for a day I’d probably go into the staff room because I have never seen
what the staff room looks like. I would make a rocket ship and then put it in
the car of so it would be a flying car. If I was in a theme park I would sneak past everybody…
Oh, skip the queues? I have a Time- Turner. I would like a Time-Turner
wouldn’t you? Flick flick flick flick. Go back in time or something? I think my favourite bit was when Snape
just turned into a spider. Invisibility cloak, because he was being very
cheeky and throwing snowballs. The bit where the woman was blowing up into a big balloon. The worst bit was when the big spider
you could just zoom up on the claws and was just going like snapping and I
was like… that’s really scary. I’m the best wizard after Hermione. Well she’s the best witch and I’m the best wizard. Yeah. No, Hermione’s the best witch, she’s the second-best.

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  1. If they react to Half blood prince I will dieeeee it was one of my favorite Harry Potter movies (and the question I would say Floo powder)

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