KIFARU Gear List | Supertarp, Scout Pack, Folding Tent Stove, Camp Chair | Camping in Japan

KIFARU Gear List | Supertarp, Scout Pack, Folding Tent Stove, Camp Chair | Camping in Japan

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we need to uh rocky – rocky rocky sweet outdoors back in Tommy Hills for another camp this time I got a whole Cafaro set up cupping Caparo super tarp with an axe so I can use the Cafaro small stove we’ll see how that works should be good it’s not too too cold should be down around 40 tonight so May that doesn’t really want to warrant the stove but I’m heading to the mountains next weekend so I want to try this stove out before I go up to negative negative degrees so yeah we’ll see how it works and if it works good take it next weekend up to Matsumoto and not gonna Prefecture but for now I’m just messing around Tama Hills I’m the only one here as usual no one ever comes up here saying there’s a whole mountains to myself it’s a beautiful name to have all this nature hundreds and hundreds of acres all to myself every time I come out here cook up some food drink some whiskey I got some Yamazaki 12 those of you that know what Japanese whisky is Yamazaki 12 is what it’s beautiful okay so let’s go to camp set it up and who knows let’s go with the flow whatever happens today I’ll be my Cafaro camp I got the small Cafaro stove my Caparo Scout Cafaro super tarp with an X so I can use the stove and then it’s got some tent poles here I don’t have the actual Caparo poles but those are just from my fab military pup tent should work borrow camp let’s do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I recently bought a new bag from a hidden woodsman Malcolm threw this in really appreciate it brother he called it the food bag maybe he’s only made a few or is discontinued I’m not really sure but I’ve never seen it on the website but uh I like it hidden woodsman food bag just for like little snacks and stuff that’s mommy’s jerky I dig that food bag though house down solo camp climbing around these Japanese Hills you find all kinds of old caves and I’m pretty sure this was part of the cave system that was part of the munitions storage Beca world war two or before World War two even danger wonder what’s in there I’m not I’ll find out though Nui no spelunker it’s like we got some kind of lean-to don’t even know this was here doesn’t look that inviting pretty sure no one stayed in here in Omaha pretty sure no one even camped it didn’t hear like four times in the last month and a half before weekends and I haven’t seen a single person this is my Mountain this rock eastwood mountain renaming it it’s my mountain back to these uh old japanese ammunition storages world war ii era actually I think I read that it was from nineteen thirties that they set these up it’s just so weird walking through the mountains and coming upon something like this I’ve shown it before in the other video but you know I’m always amazed when I see it even though I’ve seen it a hundred times I I’ve been in here but I think it’s cool history you know I always like to know the history of where I’m at this indeed is history so note about the retaining wall and office ability facilities but the second factory opened in 1940 to produce mid and large-size bombs with the pace of the hostilities in East Asia increasing in 1940 efforts to push to put the finishing touches on the road network in the second factory were less importance than increasing production rates 374th civil engineering squadron environmental flight your life any idea what that is hmm I thought I was gonna put it on the stove but I don’t know I’m thinking this is like a plastic covering here I can’t tell it is a tin but I’m not sure better not but this is like a yakitori oh yeah says right there yakitori negatory just like me Mito [Music] [Music] oh my the truth mmm meat in a can and it’s not expected this to be good I’m actually kind of worried about you eating this but it’s really not that bad a Sayaka Tory I don’t know the meat in the can thing though tastes like chicken skin or something I’m not gonna finish that I just want to try it see it was for a future hikes or something but like me able to do it not gonna be able to do it I got these shiitake mushrooms I think you’re supposed to leave them in water for like 30 minutes let’s do it these are like Hamburg Japanese Hamburg steaks I don’t know why they call it Hamburg they don’t eat it like a hamburger but Hamburg Mayu all right uh mushrooms look about done how’s the lighting it’s almost pitch dark now mushrooms are about done I got this uh Hamburg that you can’t really see it at this Hamburg ready to go got some olive oil here in this little olive oil carrier glamping was it the touch let’s see how she goes Oh I looks horrible what it really smells good enjoy enjoy that means it smells good and nihon gene Japanese enjoy oh she saw that means it tastes good ah that tastes good they’re delicious oh she saw oh she I want it oh she I want it seems like that’s gonna be good though shiitake mushrooms and Japanese Hamburg have hot I just remembered I was supposed to wash off the mushrooms after I put them in the water should I eat them yeah that’s hot bro oh my god I see yep not too shabby all right guys dinner is eaten the beers are drinking the whiskey is waiting which means the bed is waiting this is really just a trial run for next week when I’m going to Matsumoto Nagano Japan which looks like it’s gonna be a snow camp I really wanted to try out this tent a tarp excuse me with the stove to see how it’s gonna hold up next week yeah just a trial run and it seems like it’s gonna be good it’s really windy outside pretty cold but in here completely toasty it’s cold fine and I have the the annex is open so if I close it off I imagine and get pretty hot in here so everything seems like it went well and I look forward to next week a little snow camp hopefully it’s no one over there right now but uh will it stick I don’t know much like I know Japan is where they had the Winter Olympics in 96 I believe it was in 96 or 98 I forget it’s gonna be a good time I look forward to putting this a Cafaro super tarp to the to the test I guess there’s a reason Cafaro is a such a reputable company I love I love I love Cafaro they have make such great gears great bags carved mica for scouts amazing and the super tarp is beautiful no of course it’s everything all this stuff is super expensive because you know it’s super lightweight I’m not sure what this super tarp weighs but as you saw in the beginning of the video how small it was it weighs around a pound must be around the pound if it is a pound it’s not that much more and you can just make your own tent poles as I did here with the wood outside and the stove Caparo small stove bowls completely flat I was a little worried about the small version of the stove they make the a matter of fact I think the small stove was discontinued so I was wondering if if there’s a reason why I did discontinue it did not heat up enough but uh for this super tarp it did just firing totally fine I was able to cook on it as you saw and I’m happy I’m really happy it’s all eBay purchases secondhand so I got good deals and I’m happy about that so yeah just a little short video of this is a small camp next week we’ll do the big dog camp appreciate you coming along once again checking out Rocky’s without doors we’re all so kind to click on that video my name is rocky and this is Rocky’s without doors you

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  1. Evening buddy from England 😁. Ten days to go 😁😁😁👍. Nice one mate she looks warm in they. Thanks for sharing an ya time buddy ATB Andy

  2. Hey man, can't wait to see ur next big trip. Hope you have a safe and good time. Food look good man! Stay safe and good adventures.

  3. Lots of room under the tarp Rock. Nice trial run. When you said Glamping, I laughed. Can't wait for the over nighter in possible snow . Malcolm hooked you up, I don't remember seeing those pouches in the past either. Keep it up Rock. I'm loving the scenery.

  4. Hey ho. Camping in Japan 🇯🇵 is cool at its own. Japan is cool anyway and fast and busy High technology etc
    Must be nice to have a quiet place to go. Once I forged camping stuff like trivets knifes and so on. Nice vid big like 👍
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  5. Looked a lot like an AT shelter there around minute 8. Nice gear and setup. Damn Rocky, you practically had a permanent settlement there. Definitely a good shakedown — will look forward to your winter camp.

  6. Time lapse with pan…sweet! Love that you can have the whole area pretty much to yourselves, that's awesome, and surprising (to me) given the population density and increasing interest in outdoors activities. I never could get a nice edge on a blade…I have a long way to go in that area. @7:35 LoL, it's the AT! Oooh, I'm all over that little stove, so cool!

  7. Hey Rockie. Great vid my friend. I'm glad you are happy living in Japan and utilizing their natural resources. As populated as Japan is, I'm surprised more folks aren't out enjoying the outdoors there? At least you have an escape and be able to indulge your passion in peace. I'm looking forward to your upcoming vid to
    Nagano. Very cool, ha. Cheers to you Rockie, enjoy mate.

  8. I think you've got it covered 👍
    Good luck on the mountain
    Hopefully your package arrives before then
    Loved it 👍

  9. Oh yea. We doin it!

    Hey, you ever see a hidden woodsmen food bag???

    You ever see a hidden woodsmen food bag,
    onnn weeeeed?! Lol

    Damn right that’s your mountain Rock!
    Eat your chicken skin, boy!


    That food was almost fernbark level hot when you dug in. Lol

    This was some high quality Rock Eastwood outdoors goodness my brother!!
    See ya again soon 🤘🔥🎄⛺️🍻

  10. Hi! Rocky. Your Video is always beautifully watched on a big monitor. Dinner it delicious.Oishiso❤ Next is snow camping in Matsumoto! I am watching forward to it.

  11. Tama Hills! I had done the re-carpeting work at the clubhouse almost ten years ago. The super tarp looks lightweight and cozy. I like your compact wood stove as well. It seems like the canned Yakitori was not your taste so I'll serve you a great Teriyaki chicken for Japanese food revenge.
    You learned a lot of Japanese! That's good! The Matsumoto Camping next week must be exciting. Way to go!

  12. That's a nice looking setup with the stove/heater in the tent. Never seen one on that small scale like that. Hope all is well…thanks for sharing!

  13. Get that man some venison🦌😁 just say no to Yuckitory🤣 lol!!! Great camp brother👍 I love the tent setup!!! Very cool to see and here the Japanese brother.

  14. 👍🖐Rocky I really enjoyed your video as always my friend. I love we always get a little history,camping tips and gear, and of course the hike being out in nature. I don’t camp anymore those days are gone for me so I really do like to watch your adventures. Thanks for being real and not just putting on a show just to be a hit on YouTube. Plus if I remover right you said you use to live in Florida makes me feel like I am right there with you. Be safe take care and see you on your next video.

  15. Weather looked good and thought it would have been a lot colder up there and it must be awesome to have the whole mountains to yourself. Food looked nice, although a bit on the hot side for me to eat straight away and eBay is good for second hand gear, if you get a good supplier, I have had good and bad experiences. Cheers Alan

  16. Awesome setup you've got yourself there Rocky! Fingers crossed the snow is still there for you, still waiting for it here in the UK. Take care, my friend 👍

  17. Hi,Rocky‐san  
    Your all gear is nice! except YAKITORI CAN ^^
    Have a nice and safety trip to MASTUMOTO. Enjoy the snow.

  18. What a nice setup. That stove must really keep you warm. Thanks for reccomending Harry I. Love his videos too.お大事に。(^_-)-☆, Al

  19. you are currently in Japan? Whats the temp there? doesn't look cold.. so much green.. being from Michigan where all is brown n cold.. that green looks so lovely.

  20. They showing off your new tarp and stove. Looks like they're definitely going to be good for your next much colder camping trip. Thanks for teaching us some new words in Japanese by the way.

  21. hi dear, nice channel. Thank you for your súp but couldn´t see your comment.
    Now I do the important thing to stay friendship with you

  22. Thank you for your subscription to it is greatly appreciated thank you continue doing what your doing cool videos well made AWESOME

  23. That was fun to watch. I used to work for the 374th Civil Engineer Squadron and have been all through Tama Hills many many times. I really like Kifaru gear. I'm now down at Yokosuka. We can start our own Japan Kifaru rendezvous.

  24. Man that looked like an awesome weekend! I can't believe you have that place all to yourself, every time. Looks pretty cool. Aw man if I saw some caves I'd definitely be checking those out for sure….but not solo of course, way too risky. And I would probably avoid ones marked with "danger" sighs that likely may contain unexploded munitions or something from the war. Your camp set up is awesome. I like that supertarp with the stove. Looks like that could work for some long term base camping.

  25. I really want to get into urban exploring of worn down buildings but with my back I think those days are long gone for me 😂. Learning about area history is great.

  26. How did your cold weather trip go?
    I've got the kifaru sawtooth with medium stove. Fill it up before bed and you might get a half hour of burn out of it. It can sure cool down once its burned out, but it's nice to be able to wake up freezing and in a few minutes be down to shorts and a tshirt.

  27. Badass Dude!!! Please oh Please do a full set up and review of the Kifaru Supertarp!!! Youtube needs it. I need it. Thanks a lot.

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