Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Hostage Situation Techniques with Krav Maga

Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Hostage Situation Techniques with Krav Maga

I am Steve “The Dragon” Jimenez along
with Heath Jones with Fit and Fearless Krav Maga. In this segment we are going to go over
hostage situation with the weapon. Now from here the first thing I want to do is I don’t
want to bring my hands right up here I don’t want to move make a large movement. So what
I am going to do while we train is bring your hands here kind of touchy feely here. While
we are doing is we are actually calming ourselves down too because it were a kind of focusing
out something else just a little bit. At the same time just waiting to see but you can
also talk to your assailant “look take it easy its going to be alright man, its going
to be alright,” and then from here make defense. Once I redirect the weapon here it
is coming straight up I am going to bring this hand here into the back of the weapon
because its going to make me stronger. Its going to be harder for him to pull it back
from here I am going to make myself long and extend the weapon away from here and I flatten
the weapon out. Once I do that I hold on to the weapon and while I am delivering these
strikes I am going to make sure I keep the line of fire away from me right here. One
two (boom here) from there step off, back kick. If you are law enforcement, tap, rack,
“get down on the ground.” If you are not in law enforcement, you don’t know the mechanics
of the weapon run, run with the weapon do not drop it.

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  1. This also assumes that there are no bystanders after you initially grap the gun the assailant is bound to fire the gun and if your turning the line of sight forwards someone else may get shot

  2. very nice technic.. a back head butt while simultaneously grabbing and deflecting the gun works nicely too.. gets the terrorist distorted while you beat the crap out of him :D..

  3. LOL. Of course we're not gonna drop the weapon.
    It would be funny to take the weapon and drop it before escaping, enabling the guy to shoot.

  4. >don't know the mechanics of a gun
    point barrel(the part where the projectile comes out) at hostile. Pull trigger. everythingwentbetterthanexpected.jpeg

  5. and if you dont be a law enforcer.. shoot him!
    if you are a law enforcer.. first talk to him, and tell him to lay down on the floor,
    then.. shoot him!

  6. I am so thankful I found this, though I don't really want to be in any sort of situation where I'm a hostage, this is very helpful if it somehow happens.
    One question though, what if the enemy isn't alone? Maybe three of them are circling me?

  7. 0:52 so..while you're pulling that gun with bought of your hans he can just choke you with his other hand 😛 ??

  8. Your life is on the line so you do what you must to survive. Yeah, you're going to be scared to death but it's either fight back or quite possibly get killed. Krav Maga is all about surprise and using simple but very effective strikes to either get away or kill your attacker. The last thing a bad guy wants is a victim to fight back.

  9. You're welcome. In March of this year I started taking Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. All I can say is, "WOW!". During one sparring session I royally sprained my left wrist so I am sitting out for a bit while I heal. But I wish it would hurry up so I can go back!

    Anyway, I have lost over 20 pounds am getting in shape and gaining confidence. The one time I have had to actually use these skills was when a guy tried to choke me, I broke out of it and smashed his jaw. Fight over.

  10. No, you definitely cannot shoot him in the leg. In fact, you can't shoot them even if they are saying verbatim "I'm going to kill you." The law is very specific about when you can or cannot shoot someone. You can only shoot him if he is still physically trying to hurt or kidnap you. If you disarm or disable someone, you have to run away just like it says in the video above.

    Mark MacYoung explains this pretty well in his article "Self-Defense Explained." You should read it in full.

  11. I would not suggest running with a loaded weapon in your hand, especially if it is not on safe. Not only could you hurt yourself should you trip and fall, but the police probably won't be nice to you. If you are going through the trouble of learning kra magra, then you might as well learn how to use a weapon. While you're at it learn the laws in your state, especially about citizens arrest. This is all assuming you're not a criminal.

  12. I think that first grab of the weapon will cause the gunman to pull the trigger from the force and direction of the way you pulled. Bullet's gonna go somewhere you wouldn't want..

  13. Also another thing you can do if you didn't remember this is just to go limp, cuz it' hard to hold a hostage when they cease to use their legs.

  14. Stephen, the US are not teaching israel how to fight, they are only giving them money. israel are better fighters, and thats why US special units come to train here.

  15. Israel stands today because of the support the UK and US have given to them. We teach our own military our own combatives and it's proven to be very successful on the field.

    The only reason why you exist…is because of us.

  16. Israel's creation was a result of the British creating a all-Jewish police force in British Mandate Palestine. The Israelis took over when the surrounding Arab states did not agree to the "two-state solution" and vehemently opposed the idea of a Jewish state. That's when 1946 happened. So yes, I know how the Jew land came about.

  17. This guy in the video has no fucking idea what he's doing. Every law enforcement, soldier, martial artist I have shown this too calls crap.

    I'm sure you could find a good Krav Maga teacher here (albeit I'll bet they're rare)

  18. krav maga has nothing to do with British military training. It was invented in Hungry and developed in Israel.

  19. First, you chose someone that was your height. What if he was six inches taller? Second, you were pretty fast and accurately grabbed the gun. I'm not that fast and could miss grabbing the gun. Finally I'm not that strong. Even though you are using leverage, he can simple let go of the gun, pick me up and throw me to the ground. Your video, assumes the attacker doesn't use countermoves.

  20. You'll go to prison. That is NOT self defense. The law might be stupid but if you disregard it, you're fucked.

  21. it looks like a cool effective technique ,but still it require fast movement,so alot practice is required to be able to repeat it in real situation

  22. Let me guess. You're some libtard who thinks that the Jews 'invaded' the so-called Palestine when there already was a population there?

  23. What to do in a hostage situation – do what they tell you, don't argue and don't be a hero, and you might be out alive.

  24. That this technique is being offered on YouTube worries me. This technique requires a tremendous amount of speed, strength, practice, skill, and LUCK! I am worried that someone without tremendous skill will see this video, find themselves in this situation, try the technique, and end up dead. The gun is in the quickest, most immediate possible position for a kill shot and the technique depends on a low-reliability, blind grab. The technique requires moving the hand in one direction to accomplish the grab and in the other direction to take the gun off the line. The change in directions results in an inevitable pause in the movement that dangerously slows the technique. Even if you complete this rather complex, slow, and dodgy process, you end up in a very weak and vulnerable position. They have a much stronger grip on the gun until you get your second hand up and that is, again, a slow, complicated, and failure-prone process that depends on them not having reacted to your grab. The rest of the technique is probably fine. But let me respectfully suggest an alternative: The first movement needs to immediately get your head off the line of the bullet trajectory. This can be accomplished by rotating the body (including the head) rightward and throwing the right elbow into the gun arm and possibly through into the opponents head. This results in a position where you are behind the gun hand and the gun cannot easily be turned back toward you. You are then in a safe place, where you can see the opponent and the weapon. And you are in a strong position to avail yourself of several neutralizing strikes or armbars leading to a weapon take away. I hope you will try this approach and compare it to yours. Test both techniques by having the gunman say bang when they sense trouble. I hope you like my proposed alternative and I hope it convinces you to take this video down and replace it with something more practical for YouTube viewers who may not be training enough to make your technique work well. Just a few thoughts from a very old fellow martial artist. If you've taken the time to read this comment, please know that I appreciate it.

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