Last Shelter Survival – Best Base Level Series (Part 1)

Last Shelter Survival – Best Base Level Series (Part 1)

alright alright guys this is ace of
spades team BLA state 268 we are number one and this video is called the last
shelter survival best base level series again this is a series this is going to
be a total of three videos in regards to this it’s super important and I just
wanted to go over exactly what everyone should be doing and what they should not
my humble opinion please take it as such but it is very
calculated and very well learned so videos pertaining to things mentioned in
this video are just going to be in the description below I’m gonna make it
short as I possibly can but like and subscribe share it on your discord your
line or just in your state in general so let’s get started the longer you play
last shelter survival the bigger the game gets currently you can grow all the
way up to base level 25 and that very well may change in the future so hurry
up developers that would be cool it’s easy to get stuck on a level though or
at least one or another and not knowing exactly how to balance your resource
expenditure between troops tech and buildings so I’ve designed this series
to shed some light on the top three base levels to take a break and maximize in
this video we will be talking about the first major base level and why it’s
important and it is clearly the one that is in this video right now
that’s base level 19 so we’re gonna go over what to do here before moving
forward and what to ignore entirely while you’re here so there are a dozen
reasons why this is the case I will only highlight a few major ones to save us as
much time as possible because this is a youtube video anyway you unlock your
fourth APC at level 19 I have not built the barracks in this one but I would
just go down here and go to barracks and go ahead and build it and that will give
me my fourth APC and this is especially important if you are a young Raider or
you’re just wanting to grow really fast n8p 10 or 15 state so you can now Scout
way more effectively and efficiently and you can still attack when needed using
your class a PC so that saves you a lot of time here’s what not to do for now at
this level I need you to completely ignore the research APC – in research
APC 1 Tech ok you what you’re gonna want to do is ignore the technologies in ABC
3 & 4 and to make a long story short if you don’t do that you’re going to spend
way too much RSS that will be better used in other more important
technologies and we’re gonna go over that in a second but the second major
difference when it gets to level 19 and why you need to sit here and maximize is
that you get t7 troops this is truly a game changer it makes you from a small
base that’s just growing to a bigger very powerful ready-to-work ke base in
last shelter survival so if you attack or raid anything then you know vehicles
are twice as fast as the other troop types I’ll have my vehicle speed guide
in the description below but they also gather more and they get every job that
they do done way faster I recommend that vehicles being your first t7 unit and
what you’re gonna want to do guys is you’re gonna want to quickly move down
the vehicle list to get to this one right here vehicle enhancement you’re
gonna have to meet those minimum requirements but at that point you can
enhance your t7 vehicles and the faster you do that the faster you’re going to
have an edge over everyone else who is not watching this video also you’re
gonna make sure you want to stop at the suspension system here and make sure
that that is fully maxed out because if you do that it’s going to give you a 100
percent increase or double the speed of your vehicles marching speed you’re
flying across the state if you’ve ever seen anybody’s vehicles or APC moving
faster than yours in a growing state it’s because of a suspension system you
need to do that at level 19 do not rush to t8 do not rush to 22 because
as I will show you in my t9 vehicle tech vid also in description you can easily
beat t8 troops with enhanced t7 vehicles all day long so there’s no reason to
rush to that you’re wasting your RSS in your time and you can better put it in
different places so now let’s go directly into what exactly you should be
doing first things first leave fighters and shooters alone and
focus your levels on vehicle and tech you want your vehicles to be fast and
you want your vehicles to be efficient so we’re gonna focus on that constantly
make chips but do not make missiles you will make anti missiles only and the
reason for this is because you’re not gonna have a real purpose until doomsday
starts to have any type of missiles and even then you really yourself may not
need that you have other teammates that are doing it different anyway you don’t
necessarily have to do that however you’re gonna constantly make chips and
you’re going to continue to do your upgrades on all the missile buildings
and chip facilities only on building day coz so that’s only on Tuesdays if you’re
in my time and that being said link to my building day tips will be in
description as well next if you have not done so bring your garrison Hall which
is this fancy building right here bring your garrison Hall to level 17 at the
very least because then you will unlock the war rooms its the buildings under
the strategy tab underneath military right here in the other section these
war rooms will specifically enhance your vehicle’s fighters and shooters and as
we just talked about you specifically are going to focus on the vehicle war
room for now and again only on building day bring your commercial hub at least
to level 16 it’s good at 15 14 13 all that’s fine but at round level 15 or 16
year 15 shown in the video you’re going to have the ability to get a massive
amount of income from your commercial hub each and every day and you’re going
to need money this one happens to be a trader
account but that’s because this is one of my farm accounts but if you’re a
raider money is still scarce and you got a lot of upgrading to do
you’re gonna need cash the commercial hub will help with that spectacularly
that video also in a description so here’s what not to do guys do not
overshoot your chests this is huge GO PURPLE every possible possible hour and
what you’re going to want to try to do is find three easy to get gold chests
this particular tech right now at this level if you’re on level 19 might be
very difficult to get because you might not have enough resource feed ups to
make it worth it and your tech isn’t worth enough points to maybe get to that
10 million but if you got it the reason why you’d want to at least try to get 3
gold chests is because it does contain hero tokens and advance teleports in a
lot of these gold chests it is very very difficult to proceed in a game without
both of those things in abundance so what’s going to happen is you can max
out at 60 hero tokens per day if you did not know that that means you want to max
out at a maximum of around 3 gold chests a day at this level
ok that’s super important to understand after this higher levels and the other
base levels we’re going to talk about in future and further in the series you can
go ahead and max that out and get gold all day long if you can do it meanwhile
stay purple take your time do your calculations and do it right next do not
spread your technology I’m going to assume that you have maxed out the top
row no matter what before you get to base level 19 that is definite I hope so
guys but what you’re going to want to do is focus specifically on these your
class a PC you want to get as close to max as possible your basic military you
want to get that as high as humanly possible you’re a vehicle tech to
enhancement only like we talked about earlier and the most important tech in
this entire game is zone commemoration the zone commemoration video will be in
the description below as well as my tech day tips video if you need help with
that but zone is everything next do not focus on medical
tech under any circumstances do not focus on shooter or fighter tech here at
the bottom and do not touch zone conflict with a ten-foot pole it happens
a lot it will happen in many different cases don’t do it you need every single
courage medal you can for zone commemoration only any tech below
enhancement in vehicle training will cost courage medals any Tech in zone
conflict will cost courage medals courage medals are one of the hardest
resources to get in the game again I say do not spend them on anything else other
than zone commemoration you will know when to leave base level 19 when you
start all the way at the bottom this second and final arms expert that is in
zone commemoration that is your cue to watch the next video in this series and
quickly get to that base level that we will talk about when that video comes
out so my final thoughts and one of the things I’m sure is burning in your minds
while you’re watching this why not base level 20 base 20 offers one major
headache that every person goes through and you don’t know it until you get
there but out this video the fact is that every single daily challenge and
coz costs way more and a daily gold chest will literally cost millions more
in some cases so I took the liberty get some screenshots I’ll pull those up so
on the base we were just looking at you notice very quickly that we had 10
million points to get to that gold chest which is already difficult enough and in
some cases you’ll probably like saying yourself at level 19 how am I even gonna
ever get there but you will eventually here’s what it looks like on base level
20 just one easy level over you go from 10 to 13 million for the same chest and
even that purple chest literally doubles and cost to get if you don’t have your
zone in the proper placement and you aren’t swimming in a whole bunch of
resource and money you’re not getting there on
this chest and even the normal chests that end at around what a normal level
19 we’ll see maybe 3.4 3.9 8 million to get there well you’re going to be well
in the high 4 million point range on base level 20 it’s very very difficult I
think it’s even less than that I think it’s like 2.9 I can’t remember I
apologize guys but when we get to one of those hours maybe I’ll show you but the
point is these chests are already difficult enough to get if you are
bringing yourself to base level 20 and trying to finish zone you’re not gonna
be able to achieve the resources that you can at base level 19 it is just too
difficult that way so since diamonds and gold chests are the fastest way to grow
in last shelter use base level 19 build those skills and do coz the easy way
expand faster easy with the gold chest as you can get them so this is all just
my calculated opinion as I said before guys but if you trust it you will
prosper also before those who will state shooters are the best in the comments
section rest assured I absolutely agree with you and please do look forward to
my shooters guide that will come out with the t9 shooters video um that being
said I want everyone to feel free to play the game the way you see fit
and if money is involved guys you can pretty much do whatever you want however
this is for players with limited to no funds for the game looking for an edge I
hope this helps that being said guys as usual this is your boy ace or spades
and I’m signing up

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  1. I just started playing this game a month ago or so, and I just have to say thank you for your videos. They are very educational and informative!

  2. Mhmm I don’t really see the reason to stay that long onto 19? Build day and tech day can be very difficult to do after a short time if you don’t got the courages there for tech at least …
    And once u got towards 21, 23 isn’t that far away and it’s gonna rain superreqruitment tickets 🤔 + obviously better rewards from the CoZ chests for having to do more points

  3. Pretty sure you get the 4th apc at B18. Also, you should really level up chip plants on building day on all accounts, they are my MVP building for easy points in the lower levels (and still awesome later on!)

  4. In my state. The president ordered the safe zone all bases which is located in dark forest and in the middle should not be attacked now mojority of the players are in safe zone. I have only 2 farm accounts and my troops are very hungry now. Can you make a vidoe expalining the nap or these safe zone?

  5. love your videos, they always help me because a month and a half ago I was a total NOOB and now I am level 19 thanks to you and i know because of you i will be able to reach level 25 with ease.

  6. I've been at level 22 for 3 weeks now. Ive run into some level 24s that couldn't handle my APCs. Tech is everything 😁😁 in no rush to upgrade. I don't spend real money in the game so these tips have helped loads in terms of calculating daily and coz chests hits. I've learnt a lot and am now handing out tips to my crew as well. Keep up the good work. You helped me to where I am today and now I can go out and crush. Cheers dude👍

  7. I stayed at base 19 for quite some time, the benefits for your hourly events is definitely there.

    I am in the rushers camp though. I made some new enemies from other states and one of them killed over 1million of my units in just 1 KE weekend… so I got a little hellbent on my revenge 😛

    I have 16 farms, so I think I'm slightly better equipped than the average player to make the quick climb. I will have gone from 19 to 22 base in just over a week and should be able to start 23 next week if these additional recruitment tickets are as worth it as people claim. This increase in the diamonds per gold box after reaching base 20 has helped me substantially with speedups – for it is time which I'm fighting against not resource gain.

    I only started in july but my state has players with much more than double my gametime and they are almost all concentrated in to one hostile alliance. So I have to tweak the formula a bit, so I can thrive rather than just survive.

    While I try to criticise where I think it helps, you have been a massive help for me and the people I play with. I will help to see this channel continue to grow. Thanks Acer

  8. Hey dude sorry to trouble you, I should probably be heading to a dd related video to ask this but I am having a really hard time to find this answer anywhere on the internet.

    My state finished dd season 1 about a week ago, how long do we have to prepare until the new season starts? I would like to know when my advanced farms need to be ready

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