Last Shelter Survival – BEST Base Level Series (Part 2)

Last Shelter Survival – BEST Base Level Series (Part 2)

alright alright guys this is a sort of
spades team BLA state 268 we are number one and this is part two of last shelter
survival best base level so long story short guys this is the second entry in
the base best base series and this video will surely be a game-changer so watch
part 1 in the description if you have not seen it already and watch this till
the end so you can maximize your game so the next base level that is absolutely
best in this game to hang out and maximize this base level 23 this base
level significantly changes your rewards and gives a major advantage so let’s go
ahead and get started and get right into it
bursting is first here is why not base level 22 so I once saw a comment in one
of my videos on my YouTube that was talking about taking their time and not
rushing while they were at base 22 this is unfortunately a very fundamental flaw
that particular player is absolutely incredible but I think they were missing
one very important piece of information and that’s why this video is so
important for so many people so why people stop at actually 22 here’s why
people stop at base level 22 a lot of people think that ta is super important
and you get T 8 when you get to base level 22 unfortunately this is the area
where the game gets a little confusing and the developers if you follow that
mentality are going to take advantage of you dramatically so here’s what’s going
on t8 and t7 virtually have no difference if you watch my t9 vehicle
technology breakdown I’ll put in the description you’re going to see the
exact differences in that video between t7 vehicles enhanced and t8 and that the
difference is almost nothing now there is a significant difference between t8
and t 9 so you’ll also see that in that video but at 22
it is really tempting to go ahead and start getting your TA vehicles and th
shooters and things like that and unfortunately that’s not going to work
out as I previously discussed enhance t7 can beat t8 and under deform
underperforming basis meaning well people that don’t watch my videos in
some cases they think they’re doing the best and they’re spending a lot of money
but ultimately that’s not going to work out so this means the road to t8 will
only end up being a waste of time and resources at first if you really want to
have a hard time in lasts shelter spread your tech out and spread your building
upgrades cuz that’s the fastest way to fall behind since you are watching this
video though and I’m sure you want to win here are my recommendations skip t8
until you get to base level 23 since you finished zone come that means you can go
ahead and finish medical and basic military I’m sure those are done as well
about this time it’s now time to get as close to max on vehicle technology and
zone conflict and on your other a pcs as possible
23 is all about preparation for a level 25 and that’s the fastest way to do that
and you’re also going to need them all 49 if you truly want to crush it become
a Raider now if you were trained up course prior this of course is dependent
on your play style there’s nothing wrong with taking traitor all the way up if
you want to base level 25 a lot of people actually enjoy ke and want to do
a lot of damage ice highly suggest Raider and if you have built your farms
up like I always suggest then Raiders really going to be the way to go
so what exactly is the big deal the big deal between 19 20 21 22 and base level
23 where you need to hang out is super tickets at base level 23 you get an
amazing amazing opportunity and that will potentially get you 14 super
tickets per week this is huge and I’m often asked hey when is the best time to
stop doing your hero trick and actually focus on your heroes well base 23 is in
I took the time out to show you guys a couple screenshots what you’re gonna see
is each time your State wins class of zones Caitlyn and your little if you go
to menu and you go to your envelope here and you go to system Caitlyn’s gonna
send you guys a mail that says victory and classes owns right so you go ahead
and hit that and everybody in the state gets this this is the rewards that base
level 21 and 22 looks like you’re gonna give a few diamonds you’re gonna give 5
advanced tickets courage medals and a whole lot of other goodies nothing wrong
with that however if you are base level 23 these 5 advanced recruitment tickets
turn into super tickets let me show you here is this direct screenshot taken
from a nice base level 23 where you’re going to trade in those 5 advanced
tickets for two super recruitment tickets so shout outs to my good good
friend and subscriber that was hanging out in a base 22 but if you were there
for three weeks and hypothetically if you’re an excellent state in your state
wins clash of zones every day which is entirely possible by the way that means
you’re missing out on these two super tickets each and every day in the same
three week period you’d be missing out on 42 super tickets and if that’s not
significant I don’t know what to tell you not to mention a significant
difference between coz 9 chests rewards and the increase of Courage medals that
you’re going to get out of your coz chests alright so now that we know what the big
deal is between 22 and 23 here is what you do not do at base level 23 to
streamline your success and go up to 25 do not work on your fighters at this
point I love fighters I worked on fighters I’m
telling you now it was a big mistake at the time I could have done things way
faster so I’m coming back to tell you guys this instead use all your excess
food to upgrade the chip plants and the buildings that go with it like the RSS
for iron depots and use all the foods you can on that you’re going to want to
do that of course on building day look at the building day tips do that
next thing you do not want to do a base level 23 is do not upgrade your bunks or
your hospitals past level 20 you won’t need it
they cost way too much iron and you need that iron for other significant upgrades
because remember guys the goal is being subtle 25 and finally do not upgrade to
your t8 shooters yet this one is just my opinion I need you to I’m gonna make
this very clear because I already know what some people gonna say look guys
shooters are the best best heroes excuse me units in the game they’re the
strongest they’re gonna do the most damage I’m simply telling you that the
it’s still more important to get to base level 25 it’s fast as humanly possible
and base level 23 is that gateway this is just again my opinion but you can use
all that iron that you’re gonna try to use on your shooter factory to do your
base upgrades anyway the whole point is to grow as fast as humanly possible and
do all you can and you guys can argue it all you would like and I do completely
understand that so get to base 25 ASAP and then immediately hit those teen on
shooters in my personal opinion because shooters are gonna be the way to go
so why vehicles first and why not the other way around why not just evenly do
it or why not just get your shooters first
the reason being guys is because in order to increase to base level 25 it is
a requirement to have your vehicle factory at level 24 so if you wanted to
know which unit to raise first outside of all the many benefits that vehicles
give you anyway it must be vehicle factory 24 you want to do vehicles first
because if you get to vehicle factory 24 and then you get to base level 25
obviously you’re not only closest to t9 at that point with them which should
only be a few stages away but more importantly you’ll now have all the RSS
and everything you need to just go ahead and blow right through the shooters it’s
the fastest way to do it all day long that being said guys hopefully this
video shed a little bit of light on the differences between 22 and 23 and why
you’re gonna hang out at 23 again it’s the super tickets you’re gonna get all
kinds of stuff in that and that’s the way to really go for guys
if this information is even remotely helpful you know what to do like and
subscribe stay tuned for the next exciting episode of this series where we
go over base 25 the difference is and why we skip 24 entirely if we can we’ll
go into what you should do there and what you shouldn’t do and how to
maximize alright guys this is another episode from Ace of Spades and I’m
signing up

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  1. I'm going to fail to get 10,000 points in DD season 1. I switched alliances a week ago and totally forgot earn my points back. I'm so sad. Off topic I know but just crying out loud.

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