LAUGHING UNTIL IT HURTS | A Way Out – Part 1 w/ Robin

LAUGHING UNTIL IT HURTS |  A Way Out – Part 1 w/ Robin

*WHAPSSH* Jack: Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to “A Way Out.” It’s a two-player game where you escape prison together, I think. And Robin is laughing because there’s double voices, listen. *two Robins talking at the same time, incomprehensible* Jack: Oh no, now you’re delayed, it’s not even doubled. Robin: Oh no, what do we do? Jack: Oh wait, no, now it’s back. J: That’s fuckin’–it’s so bizarre! R: And there’s no option to change it, we don’t know what to do! HELP! J: Yeah, there’s no option in the audio options to actually turn off in-game voice, so we might have to just drop Discord. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but we’re gonna start the new game. R: Yeah let’s try and start the game and see if there is an option when we–oh… no it just starts. J: Oh shit. *laughs* R: Okay this is special, the game is coming through my headphones but your voice only is coming through the speakers. J: I love this game, it’s off to a great start! R: Connected! J: Ayyy, we fixed it! R: We did it! We won the game! That’s the challenge. J: Double-voice? Nuh-uh! Not today! R: Now we gotta listen to this again… J: Oh, mine just went straight into it. I’m not even watching the cutscene anymore, I’m on picking my character. R: How do you not do this?! I had to!
J: Yes, ’cause you left the lobby! You shouldn’t leave the lobby. R: Help! J: You stay in the lobby!
R: I’m watching movies! J: Well, it’s okay. They’re just gonna get a little jivey, they’re gonna get a little sassy with each other, and then you’re gonna watch Betty White flying the airplane in the background again. R: But I’m–*laughs* But I’m bored. J: Okay, I’m Vincent Merreti. I have fraud, embezzlement and murder. Okay, tell us–tell us your background. What’s your backstory? What’s your deep lore? R: Well my deep lore is I’m a vest salesman, but I couldn’t get any jobs in the States so I’m traveling to prison because I figured, you know, in prison you need vests. That’s the high fashion. That’s–that’s, well that’s what I that’s what I heard.
J: How much money you makin’ off that? Robin: Four! *both laugh* J: Four! I made four! J: Okay, wait–you’re about to serve six months out of eight years? Why are you doing any of this shit? I’m about to- I’m about to serve 14 years.
R: I know, right? J: Oh.
R: What did you do?
J: I murdered someone. R: Oh yeah, you were, you were. I forgot, I was selling–I was selling fake vests and you murdered someone. J: I was too busy killing someone. Well, he didn’t give me my SpaghettiO’s, so…
R: Ohh I see.
J: Stab. R: I feel like that should hold up in court, like, “ah, sir, I didn’t get my SpagettiO’s” dead It’s another movie! Finally! J: I love movie games! “Hitchhiking prohibited.” At the fucking prison. *laughter* Don’t escape, but don’t hitchhike away from here either. R: Please, please if you do escape please don’t hitchhike. It’s against the rules. J: Against the prison! R: Like a prisoner should escape and then see that sign and be like, “ah shit, how am I supposed to get out of here?” J: I have to walk home. R: I don’t want to walk all this way! I’ll go back to prison. J: Do you think we’re gonna put a football team together? R: Yeah, I hope so! J: That’s me! Frecko-face. R: Where am I…? J: Call me by my code name: Beauty Spot. R: Huh, why do you get to be in frame? Where’s uh? Where am I at? J: You’re player–you’re player 2, you don’t care. R: Dang it! J: So, for anyone for everyone who hasn’t seen this game, it’s basically an entirely co-op game where we both have to work together to do various scenarios. Step one prison, step two, stealing! R: To get out of prison. J: Step three, We have to live our life together R: Step 4… J: Oh, oh there you are! R: Oh yeah, here I go, showing off my sideburns. J: Sideburns big-nose. R: Oh shit. J: Straight into it! R: Yeah, I’m gonna run this way. J: Aw, you have lots of friends, all I have is a guy with a shotgun. R: What’s the sit down and smoke button?–whoa, can you see me zooming in? J: Yeah! *random noises by Jack and Robin* J: Oh, is that where we’re going? Oh friend! R: Can’t see you, where are you? J: Come to the end, to the dome end at the at the back, around the way. R: Okay, I’m tryin’ to. There’s no option for me to look there though. I have to stand over here, wait. There you go. J: There I am! There I am! Look, hi. R: *boos Jack* J: Awww. R: Take your shirt off! I–I mean– J: Everyone’s mean in prison I don’t like it. Hi, new best friends. We’re gonna share a jail together. R: I’m just gonna–I’m just gonna leave now bye. J: Bye R: I got out of prison, how’s–how you doin’? J: Oh, you’re watching someone get beat up. I’m waiting in line for processing. R: You get the fun part J: You’re watching more movies. R: Yeah, I’ll come process you in a minute. J: Ah, magnifying glass to cancel. R: Don’t talk to that guy! J: Stay strong or nothing. R: Can I choose? What do you say, no? J: Nothing. J: *evil chuckle* Got ’em! J: Bye bitch!
R: What do I get, oh, here we go. Hey now I’m going to talk to a guy as well J: Sorry, that was my arthritis. R: Last to get my pad snap-ins. Shut up! I’m talking to a guy J: Yeah, why are we allowed to talk over each other? Blah blah blah blah blah! R: Wait, how do I do this? Oh, I see? J: You’re not on vacation, get used to it.
R: I don’t know what you said, but you get used to it J: [laughs] Aww, duuude, this guy wants my autograph! R: Are you at PAX? J: There you go, this guy’s taking me off to the picture area. R: What, you are at PAX, no fair! I would have come! J: You just teleport. Why do you think all those gamers were out at the gates? R: Oh shit– This guy’s in the way!
J: This is basically like VidCon. J: They all just stand at the gate looking at you like, “FRIEEEND!”
R: [laughs] R: Hey it’s all right, can I get out? I know a guy out there. Aw dang it, alright.
J: Ah I see you! You’re gettin’ patted down.
R: I’m getting touched all over. J: That looks sexy. R: Yeah, do you want to come up and do it? It’s pretty fun. J: Oh, oh wait, I’m about to read out our privileges. “You are entitled to food, shelter, clothing, and medical care.” Okay, that’s pretty good. I’m glad we’re allowed clothes. R: What is happening here, what–what am I doing?
J: I don’t know, maybe you should read your privileges Anything else, I–
R: I don’t have any privileges, you check yours! J: “Anything else that you get is a privilege, welcome to your new home.” This place sucks. J: Hi friends.
R: It is prison. J: Ahh, I have to get undressed! Oh no!
R: No, wait for me! J: Wait, wait no, my privileges said that I was entitled to clothing! Why do I have to get undressed!? Awww, do I have to get the touched all over then after? R: I’m gonna come there.
J: Oh no, this is–
R: Ah shit! J: Oh no!
R: Help! Help! J: I’m gettin’ undressed and you’re getting beat up! R: Aww! Can we switch? Aw…
J: Dude, you have an unfortunately big nose to be able to get punched in. R: [laughs] I know, it’s a big target. It’s hard to miss it.
J: Am I naked yet? Ooh!! Look, it’s my butt! Check out my butt!
R: Whoa! Get over here, I can’t see it! I just see these two guys. They’re not you! J: Awww, that–ohhh yeah!!! Ohhh baby! R: Do it a bit lower– J: Oh, wait, oh, God, I actually have a fully formed… like, modeled penis. R: Do you!?
J: Yeah!
R: Oh I can see that. Oh there it is!
J: I have a big ol’ donger! R: Nice!
J: Oh check out my frank ‘n’ beans!
R: Where are you? J: I don’t know.
R: Would you come out here please? R: I can’t see you…
J: Robin, edit that out! R: No, I’m gonna zoom.
J: Hey, hey, put a picture of the guy’s nose on my penis. J: I’m out, I’m out, here I am!
R: Oh, there you are, there you are. J: Get a good angle.
R: I’m gonna come down and look at you.
J: Get a good angle on my dangle. R: There you are… Sup! R: Can you move your shoes a bit??
J: It’s like a rating from left to right of who’s more buff. I want to get an angle of my dangle again. How do I zoom in on my butt crack?
R: I saw it I saw it! Mean am I changing my Cyprus. Where’s your exciting don’t care? No more words. I guarantee I can assure you By Wait am I taking the game of thrones shame Hey guard, I would hey you’re next to me hi good dress, let’s just saw you Do the thing we’ll talk to the wall Movie I have a Jesus in mind. What’s in yours I have a pen? Okay, we should combine them together like we got you for make a bomb. Yeah. We’ll make a pen Jesus Jesus pen oh you should have had a pineapple I think better when I’m fully clothed do it oh No, oh yeah, you just vanished. Yep. I’m not important anymore You creep oh I guess we could mention as well. Let’s say you don’t actually Need to buy this game twice to play it yeah in person if one person owns it then two people can play it Yeah, so I see handsome. I only had to buy it that Robin was able to play the whole whole entire game with me It’s awesome. I just I downloaded like a friend pass or something that’s pretty cool. Hey That’s why you can take that as singles cuz you’re just friends It’s my nose can move it Oh shit, are we gonna meet? Show me your butt I need to identify you Here yeah, I see you hey Hey hi, and this one I’m the one that’s not acting like a regular human. I’m the ones on this one See you living in circles wait. You want to see some cool, or this. What’s what I can do Wow Is actually counting one are you Brea? Yeah look it I’m bringing the escapists Oh, Oh help me Debating I’m fighting the mountain oh No, you have an unfortunate big and he’s gonna squeeze my eyes out Look everyone’s so friendly in prison they don’t freeze any new guys out here come on motherfucker oh You get to join me to beat me up, too, whoa oh, shit yes Dude you’re so black aren’t you supposed to be four oh nice in town sure yeah, you’re doing what am I doing? I’m doing it Nice okay, I’m good look amigo amigo, amigo Dude, we could just commit crimes after this. We’ve all we do so well in prison We sure would you respond big-nose together at last sweet cheeks and sideburns I? like that one better… Sweets and burns don’t do it Before they hit us yeah, right we fight each other around Because we have matrix powers I Know Oh shit, I need to do stop WWE WrestleMania you take over for this for a second I’m tired okay? Okay, the game’s gonna take over horse. Okay? Oh? shit ninjas Order Break it up before I put you all in sauce he’s gonna start stripping what I? Know who orders? Hey, sexy favor Someone is costing a cowboy shot Hey, I helped you sideburns What now he breaks it up after we won, yeah, we were we were about to kill those guys Everyone at home is like I wish they’d take this picture this I Mean it’s more fun. When you don’t oh, wow. This is our stuff. This is how we play games yeah? We gonna have to push buttons to eat dinner. I hope so Two seconds come on take it already. I don’t got all day. I’m cookie D Okay, next one do it Hey look at this Oh cauliflower head my nose enters screen like five minutes before I Hey Guys can you move I’m trying to get lunch Do you want some I thought you two lovebirds have a chat somewhere else how about you two lovebirds Hey? I’m walking no Help them here wait, I’m coming around you here Man in prison that means they’re bitches You’re so handsome, what did you get my beads would your mom make you could we trade I? Give you my pudding Cup all right now is an empty coffins This is a goddamn restaurant Punch just knows it’s my home hoping you my face is helping you right beautiful glorious golden face Okay, that’s when my nose is so big. He’s just foolin Did you never stop fucking fighting apparently oh? No, the rat packs after me. This is cool. Look the Raptors are gonna show up any time now Lance pays this knife first in his eye, oh We’re about to die together, I don’t know if we failed or not, I mean Mike white and my guy said I don’t think he’s getting out on parole Well I mean they’re on our side, so go yeah, I only see him though Damn maybe he’s a ninja too and secret There’s ninjas can see other ninjas right isn’t that how it works, otherwise. They’d run into each other yeah Oh, yeah, take this heroin don’t have worse things to worry about it here also He’s an extra on Star Trek, that’s what they do Have you seen that clip from Star Trek where a guy’s just like turning a thing on the walls hurting the wall, yeah Yeah, it’s amazingly oh Hi, leo We’ll have incentives Don’t mention it Thanks for being in my vicinity. Thanks for being in the same constant meeting man What’s your beef with that guy anyway? Let’s just say it’s awesome be fun Hey, you got some beef say yeah, I do exactly here some person fillet Really had like a selection of different cuts, so what’s your beef with that guy ah? You know so I stole some beef from him once back Myself I also like how we got like blood up in our faces here, and what we thought was a shot in the arm Okay, are you like paralyzed from the neck down? What do you do? Retrieve tool I’m over here oh Shit I have to do it. Oh, yeah, cuz you’re paralyzed it for me, Shh I’m sneaking out. Oh, what’s up? Oh no paper? underneath mark I’m sorry You go punch the carriage miss me all the women that Works to nurse they got a pee-pee Can I just like Assassin’s Creed take takedown hurt now. Let’s close the door now from here wouldn’t nurse You know robot mode mannequin mode activated oh shit, Shh Pass the water, dude dragon a sore throat Can I have some water? Please wait? What do we do here? Though? There’s a there’s a coppers? Oh? oh He’s going back to work. He’s done with this coffee is fine He was like fuck nothing came out Of course it’s my job. Oh shit visit me to do something about that guard you need to assist me, please so What about that guard? Going okay, I don’t know how go man oh And my best friend Feeling this – oh shit You go miss Dumore dude do things that take more time Peter. What’s your bed -? Dang it damn coffee all shit. Gonna need soap better head to the bathroom So it’s just gonna go wash his pants now With soap and steadily just like dry them off, man. It’s fun. It’s a black uniform anyway. Yeah Turn to bed be careful of that sentient coffee machine Wait, but I love that seeing it from this perspective make it an MPC you realize how fucking stupid all of this looks You mean you can see me, but I’m being still Keith. I’m trying Anything else I am in pain I am really hungry get into bed you may have just Oh get into butt oh, I see you take handsome Really hard least of all sticky there you go. There you go Good job team I did job. Oh Yeah para. I’m paralyzed – oh no oh no, I’m House and pants doing did you get it so Pat hey yourself My guys like oh, I know that guy yeah, I want to get touchable hey, what are you up to love? I just ate nature is sure just action some – uh Wait wait wait wait wait why don’t you have a uniform? I? Don’t know I’m too cool. Oh, it doesn’t fit over. My nose. Let me just file this away here. Uh-huh. That’s that’s a chisel All right Let me just chisel this it wait All right now my notes I Horseshit hiding Tries to cheat this is how I wish my nose really looked Busy you see these dog signs for a plastic surgery. We’re gonna get that Well my plan is to get a new nose, I know what you’re up to shave my sideburns, I don’t know what you’re talking about Come on now I know you’re drawing Pokemon Well I want to sell more vests so Me and my dad look But you need to back off Yeah, come on man what I’m sure you have good reasons to bust out of here But I need to get out to have you yeah Not my problem. I Love recess yeah, yeah like you so I saw that rule you’re stashing Cannot can I get in on that? No, I’m not Listen I’m pretty much in on this just trying to make you understand that you could really use my help Skills I can have it myself you’ve got really pretty eyes what about Harvey they’re like leopard eyes. Yeah, oh shit dent Harvey Dent The walls are standing here. I look like believe Marines. Let’s just say that brother you have something in common big-nosed brother want him dead Looks like somebody got the liquify tool and dried your face a little bit Like this you just start screening Mario 64 you’re gonna find it around but Harvey kill someone very close to me I’m going who is Harvey. I don’t know Damn sure yeah, this would be a lot better if we work together and you know that Yeah, all right With the alright yes Where’s the kiss but first tab the case? press f to pay respects oh I’m so stunned by your words, okay. He’s pretty. I’m gonna go draw him like felt through Eleanor’s yeah Like of course I can really see how pretty his eyes. Are you didn’t get an answer though? Come on me left. You have just mid conversation. I start breaking out of prison your guys like wait wait. I didn’t say anything shit, man I’m thinking it over though. Can he handle it. Oh well you’ve got sweet Hey, man That’s that’s what you get when you didn’t come over people come in It’s open just Open the door And I decide what goes down yeah, you hear that sure I decide you say I Mean it man. You fucked us up. I’ll kill you myself. You die. I’ll kill you so what’s your plan? Your nose is hidden behind the bars, but mine is sticking out oh Jesus the end it’s a horror game now, yeah Fuck me we found a way in now we can find a way out. Yeah, how do we get here? This is okay, they’re talking about it after work. I’ll give you that I got you out, didn’t I? Spoilers now we know they’re out we got out. It’s called a way out. You know now we’re out no I don’t you. It’s still be in there. Don’t forget. I saved your ass This is good. No because now that literally means were immortal my ass part Good point we were never a danger of the night little bit look at the end of it is the pilots gonna turn around It’s gonna be Stan Lee and this old song ha ha ha you just heard say it Celsius Is Stan Lee jerking off into a sink Excelsior and then he bolts with a parachute and we crash and die and then it turns out this is just equal to Captain America Yeah Asshole is this Harvey I need to get up on that roof. Can you make it happen? Yeah, it tossed me? It’s fine the nose will act as a as a sail you just give him a glittery charizard Cara Lee here That’ll cover. It. Just opens his pouch around his neck think happy thoughts spark off Here’s an ass up. Oh good. What do you want gotta come get up earlier? Just a shady cop Shit, and he’s standing in the shade symbolism. That’s a ninja I guess we could who are they talking to when did you get here when? Did you get here you just just showed up, dude. You’re not in on this. I’m getting up a roof Oh, they’re putting down tire. Yeah so I’m walking in it No Come join me Whoa you’re working, yeah Me work. Just working look at work work work. Oops you probably hit a little miss busted Well, don’t just stand there get a new one yes Jesus, I just broke that I mean Yeah, I mean it that made a sick turn It was up why do they help? Hey, what do you know about the guards up here? What do you mean? You know when they take breaks and stuff? they Do why does he swing both ways Well you were staring at my stolen We’re stirring up my voice a lot at the start, so yeah, I still do now look. We can get up here What are you doing? He’s on to you the music did a whole like yeah I’ll ask him for a noob roof Hey wait, am I smoking brushing animal wants to do it the guards won’t even got me a new Nimbus 2000 I want cocaine oh, dude. No this guy a way out of here, and he didn’t tell me the answer this again. Yo I’m ready here Are you working out, yeah, just give those squats faster that way Are you doing in prison you take what you get? Sorry I was just you know sitting here, but you fight step owning nothing. What’s the problem? Where’s the robber walk? I got your new broom come here. Thank you coming Rajaiah shizzle, I planted that god Damn, yak. I know I’m free. I’m jumping dude you want to go to cardboard town Look at it. Yes. We Could we could we could play pretend Godzilla there and just knock everything over. Oh big man small village yeah oh This way don’t worry, I got you Tap him on the shoulder thing huh got’em wait, which car was it as discard right? Yeah? Hey, hey, sup hey. No, maybe not look this way too. Hot as hell up here You’re telling me He said thing do you hear him he said he’s sweating like a pig Finn he’s a police okay? I get it Prez he’s a policeman. Why are you saying that say? What sweat like a pig pigs don’t sweat? They don’t huh? That’s why you see them roll around in the mud it closed them off Hey, hey come on don’t bring my nose into this You you brought your nose into everything. It’s kind of hard not to I Can’t open this door. It’s locked. Where are you? Where you were sweet building walrus ISM inmates out loud, I mean I’m what bike oh I see like what the hell teaches went places well Yeah, I got I am very special super brush Titanium and I’m gonna give it to Fred now. Thank come. Oh, give it to Fred now. Who’s your mate? Oh that guy? You just some LC ABS the compliment Fred no We were supposed to use that fret. We did it another successful mission Another Dane print. This is way easier than escapists another day another beer Alright is gonna. Give us a book. I hate that Come on Fred he just gives you the wrong things like Fred no Neil Scaping prison for dummies got some special for you to read Oh shit escape so keep looking do your what the fuck up your toilet? Yeah, dude, this is your Shawshank Redemption How’s the how’s it going out there, I mean I can just see what you’re seeing it’s not what yeah oh My guard wait stop looking to cancel cancel cancel cancel distracting destroy I’m just I’m just sitting I’m just I’m just here now. Let us tomorrow visiting day I’m distracting you sure and distracted. Yeah, go to sleep. Yeah, go to sleep. Okay. Okay staring at him Hey guard. Hi. What are you doing up this late? Walking in circles balls, man. I’m not doing anything another guys come you be careful Damn just pacing this is where I pace Right you over here hey pop can’t a man spin in peace That’s a crime even I doing it I Did it we’re being sneaky man? movement keys what the hell What what is this man? I’ll just make poopie noises. They won’t want to look in here. Maybe turn off your fucking light Guard hi a second. Yeah, shit, I can’t sleep sleep What do I look like a librarian? Scary Don’t do it don’t do it yet lino walk back the same way, right Sleep clutter you would Twitter follower ah Ah Oh, there’s other guys coming back I don’t care you want Tapani so why the prisoner every time he walks past is it visiting day. Oh? Did you escape prison yet, yeah, I’m out oh joy Can do it as well Oh mother in north sex hi I’m not distracting you this time. I’m not cold I’m not hungry, and I don’t know visiting day isn’t the mantra to give it to you when he’s here, so hey they say No you’ve got you guys Are you propositioning me man? Are we good no God dang it – mustaches back opt another guy I? Go to bed now I did it first no he’s gonna sell it to me. Oh yeah Receive it receive it receiving it ah now I got a peek Before you piss don’t tell me you are seen it’s pretty Yeah, there you go bitch tap that shit. You got so much more doing this time now that we know what’s going on. Yeah, right? Also, yes back that movement key things bullshit. Go to sleep. No get a haircut I don’t wanna draw your face cut No strip job God damn it This is the first thing they have to be calm at the same time. Yeah, this guy is slacking on the job snick Toilet now I can escape its club just like your day on hang on a minute. We moved the toilet and behind It was just a great does that mean that I swear the pool goes Well is this like Shawshank Redemption. Yeah, you’re gonna follow the poop pipes Right go to sleep, but the lights are on why okay right side you know our Doing do the Wayner ourselves out? She removed the toilets back dinner than I am Thanks We did it for exact twins of each other yes Scott Human Centipede go Okay wait oh, we can’t get closer. Oh Don’t look at my butt know What’s over here, no bye. No, oh no. I am the one who have found a way out vo. I need some help here Yeah, I’m only half of a one-hole. Where are you? Oh? Yes, it left one of the big yellows up high Okay, I see turn to do a pull-up. I’m just gone I did a pulldown instead. I’m sorry it just stopped a fan with oh That’s not gonna give us away Are you Thank at the other fucking direction. Oh, I see well. I don’t know why could we go this way then now you’re good Hey, are you how you doing? Oh my gosh? Is it is heavy? No Could you hand me the thing no What I’ll fix it don’t worry about it stop it you’re gonna break something Luckily according to that one fan is just right here All the friends the shit is gonna get backed up Shh don’t hold it in That’s what you’re doing this door no No All right That’s fine how you doing I mean I’m inside. No, you’re inside me Masaya look at that stronger hair. Yeah, look at that nose Look at that strong Oh, Sh It’s a door to nowhere Oh, I see Wait, what is this? It’s a long way down. Oh, yeah, I get that but what? What is this it’s a hole we do Not know, what do we do? It’s game law now we hold on what there’s a letter No oh, yeah Go back into another toilet Go back into cell check this out. What are you thinking? I’m thinking sheets I’m thinking I’m tired. I’m taking sheets and pillows. Hey guys like a game show okay. I was like I’m thinking Jesus Say the first thing sneak in somehow yeah, but we’re gonna need to get a hold of a laundry cart, what’s on Already what we did or how whose eyes are these flying around. Oh wow That was a cool transition Yeah, what do you mean? They’re gonna expect? It. Don’t worry about it. They don’t look too Don’t worry about it as long as we’re some sheets. We should be and as long as macabre need some sheep It should be fine. I mean if we just kept crawling in the poo pipes. We should be good. We definitely be covered she Mad perpetually You look a little bit like as somewhat younger That guy what’s his face is he a fright? Oh? Yeah, not too, but I was thinking about oh wait. There’s their stuff here. There’s not Robert De Niro. Ah Danny’s gonna do laundry today night get your own card fine. I’m sorry You look like oh no, what’s that movie? Oh? The one that’s like easy But they’re really shitty knockoff version business ain’t doing any place Mike and me or something like that humor man. Why you Charlie the wheelchair That’s made up. That’s not a real mom. It looks like a what the fuck is the name of that movie Relax man, please go yeah, man. I’m sorry. It’s just uh What are you talking about me in a bad mood? Oh this guy yeah, it’s nothing personal. You know yeah Yeah, sure Mac and me not making me Mac and me Look on it Mac at me right now. We I’m gonna. Talk to this guy know. What does it look like? JC like the macaroni or any about I’m doing the boys look like for Mac and me Would you like to do this all day man image search the night and look at the alien the first shows home and what? Look at this guy That’s gross. It’s Me at least those sheets are clean. What why is this a mouse perpetually surprised oh? Yeah, I’m guessing a lot of people I mean there’s a tiny young yeah, yeah I’ve never seen that before well. He even does the finger like ouch Yeah, yeah, that’s it. That’s bad. Why do you know these bands? I’m ashamed of you hearts back there. Yeah Hey, you know? What you’d start well, thank you hey Dad can I so just do that are you handing out free money? I got it. I did it Sweet Thanks I Don’t think you actually need to be in this What are you doing I was riding around it’s fun we’re finding a way out Dang it by the way out of the cart powered us can’t do that you get in it Oh, you’re gonna need to fill it up with sheets now oh Geez Get in it. Okay get in she’s Kidding stop. Oh, I’m stuck too. No you’re not yeah. I can’t move oh. Oh there. Yeah, I Got the heat, man Get in What are you doing use the corner of shame? If I leave this here, can you get out? Finding a way out Good luck trying to escape with that nose on dang it Get in You get to be in the thing Stay hidden of course there’s nothing in it Stein man hide If I can’t see them they can’t see me They look at you. Just hate a tiny sheet over your head This is all just a ruse to give the biggest term scare than the guards Are you doing? Giving you a little ride man. See what we have here. It’s my Happy birthday Oh, No oh Wait wait wait they all can I get can I get in that get rid of that guard? Hey guard over here who said that? Hey look a 3-headed monkey What are you doing get the hell back to work – but I don’t wanna – or my job is entertaining There’s gonna be a fight. I think those two guys are just about to fight Where? Over there… Right there Know he’s gearing up for a fight, man. I’m telling you okay, I gotta need them. I gotta get them to fight no Yep next week is my last. That’s my Yeah, I don’t want to make him fight me, I’m just gonna provoke some dudes over here, okay? What’d you do that for man hey jackass Oh punch me in the head fuck you are man I’m sorry now. They’re definitely gonna fight break it. I don’t know what I’m doing you in here to help me stop Dude I need you to open the door Hold the door stop Hurry Help me The door you know I kick, okay Okay, okay Go go go I’m going Don’t don’t don’t don’t hike oh Well your missiles you drop some sheets I got it, okay Here you go. I found your sheet now. We need to put the sheets into it you go You go Put them there Oh, give me sheets oh It’s like the picture of God Yeah sometime just throw Come on bring me some shoes mocchi, please Jimmy give me a sheet. Thank you. Okay. We’re done now Oh, oh, and now we’re just back here sir you guys remember from act one. Yeah, oh That’s just a handle on the whole I thought that would like a latch or like a ladder I Don’t know this is an elevator shot a fan of heights fever no Shit in here there’s like sheets in here Wait maybe that’s like cool shit, no, I’m trying I’m trying to deadlift You need some help with that Maybe got it Sorry There’s a cement mixer back there don’t be one of you Yeah, why don’t we Lutz like tape tool cabinet either light? I know fucking come on. I’m going by You okay? It’s really dirty smoke in here This is a chamber secret sounding you’re cool shit down here. Hey Easily very much, man. Yeah, shit is the only thing I can see you down here I’m not jump in the water Just like your mom oh shit dawg, I’m leaving without you for that one. Oh right go Come down join me wait. You got a light. I just slipped down a bit to the left. Oh wait You know I can’t turn this valve without seeing it properly go check it out Do they do the keyboard dance again? Yeah, I’m doing it See if you can find an au pair I need to see everything I do oh my god the shader las’ man Yes, it is a hide That’s why I ate the ball pastel face. Oh I’m sorry I I had the prison food Yeah Can we meet now how are we doing all of this just so you can get back to me give me a flashlight I? Don’t wanna give it okay for one nah no Have I ever told you the ghost story of the man in the woods with shallow very shallow nostrils No oh my god Can pop it where is he Oh Pennywise are you down to you leo? Oh dear? It’s me look I know What come over here fall inside my dice you gonna provide your shoulder out no Vincent is really hurt Amy out Well, I’m calling to you know the great. Um do it up God feel a bit woozy Ah Look out hi Vincent. It’s a shit Oh This should work. Oh don’t kill me No witnesses no It’s just like you’ve escaped Hey the head with this rock and do you think you’ve escaped Did you wanna you wanna try something fun? Okay? It used to call me tiny broad shoulders in college. Well. I mean we Trying to do scared of oh Hey, let’s do this Goldberg machine yeah Right is this what prisons are they are there this much wasted space to all I’m in for a CS Oh, I know what we need to lose go this shit. Yeah Emperor’s, New Groove man. Yeah Here, I don’t even have that never know we’re doing it cuz I’ve got an idea Whatever bag is mine. No someone’s watched Emperor’s. Are you kidding me? Just remember to push against my back To back me off Come on Pontius what you want Mario you should do this as a kid all the time You an are you doing a wall jump all the way up oh shit It’ll be much grow we go together at the same time. I’m pressing. It’s not working I’m going without you Mac come on. Oh oh shit! Whoa Whoa!!! Hey! (Jack Laughs) Okay, we have to time this on the next go back to say that go well you you need to go okay now. We’re even Oh You didn’t you didn’t go? hello, and go Okay, this is way off Oh is it? Okay, I guess we’ll just do like when we can. Oh, okay. You go one more, and then I’ll go too Okay, now go what? Poison for kuzco that dude, we’re doing it yeah, let’s go yes. We’re the best Escaping from prison is difficult. Yeah, don’t do it kids. Also. I didn’t make it This is the hard part let me high-five in the middle and Do you realize how hard you’ll have to press against each other’s backs to be able to do that would be nice I Don’t think it’s that easy now. There’s only one place. You can get that the workshop vacs Yeah, yeah right damn it! Well back down we go same way that way oh no No childhood tricks up your sleeve afraid not Shit. Yeah, oh good ball at well at least it’s gonna. Just skip us to here, but still See that’s why I said bring tools idiots they brought two of them themselves yeah, oh shit bird, huh Okay, I think that that is enough for one episode. It feels it feels like about that time. It’s about that time until next time the prison escaping will continueeeeeeeeee *Robin* Hurray! (Outro)- I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe – Thanks for Watching! I’m watching you closely watching. Your nose bends space and time. aww, I’m sad now

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