Let’s Play Prison break The Conspiracy Chapter 6: Betreyal after betrayel. (Commentary)

Let’s Play Prison break The Conspiracy Chapter 6: Betreyal after betrayel. (Commentary)

Hey and welcome back to prison break the conspiracy. Last time we try to figure out why Turk was sent to kill me and burrows. since normal “asking around method” didin’t work we stole bunch of phone records and give them to Abruzzi to look in to. Did he find anything usefull? let’s find out. Its about time. Ominous. Secret agent. So no matter what i say i’m dead. So you know about the company too then? Or was it befor he join them. When? I never said i was a cop or denied it. You gonna die for this. You cut animals whit you fists? My card! Why not now? Its not like i can work to P.I now since Abruzzi knows my past. Common pretty boy. Unavoidable battles. Okey, let’s get this over with. Can i use this to avoid battle like last time? That did nothing. Common, stop trying hit me and hit me. make this entertaining. Yes.. Am i done? Thanks. Black SUV is allways bad. And just like that they have full access. Sh*t. Surprise. What is going on in here? When did this happen? With throat open there is a little amount of blood on hes shirt. Ou wait its sweat. Well no need to worry about him anymore. I think thats what they allways wanted. Only to die by the chair. No shi*t. Why i don’t have cell mate to explain all this? Naturally. Now where is my shiv? More company men? Stealing my hard earn money. YOU?! Mannix comming to fox river? Your company files was erase far as i remember and you are still aldo. I forget about thous. Okey so blueprint hunting. Bellick you down there? There you are. Can’t reach for this camera. Stop looking at me. You walk faster than i can sneak. Common stop noticing me. Um.. let’s wait here insted. Quickly now. Don’t. How far i need to go? Church. That dosen’t meant that ghosts dosen’t exist. I wonder what organist might say if he/she ever hear that one of the guards play theyr pipe organ. Not here. I have no idea where i am now. Don’t come any closer. Sometime i’m really lucky since they don’t notice me. Can’t do anything whit this. Wait can i? Aa the blueprints. *Yoink* And now i can hack this thing. That was weak. Yes here i am *Makes a run for it* *Or not* What are you doing? It was this prisoner in here. Just how fast are you walking? and where do you walk? What if i hug your back? Safe, for now. Anyone in here? All are over the wall or roof. Except that one in far back. I need to go up. Seriusly, you are putting ligh on thous ladders? thats unfair. Let’s run back. What happen? he didin’t notice me. I don’t want to run all the way up there, he will notice me anyway befor i get behind something. Okey let’s wait. Wheres the light? Its not there. There it is. Why this keeps happening? Am i even going the right way? Map does say up. Maybe i need to use that door. Yeap thats it. Idiot me strikes again. Aa, you didn’t stay there. First guard that can see my head. Nice job Bellick I go left this time. Don’t get caught by the camera. No need i have all the time in the world. Okey maybe not. And without body search. And thats the end of chapter 6. I hope you all enjoyed,
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