Lifeples Playing GTA SA #42 | Saving my bro from prison + he already mad at me

Lifeples Playing GTA SA #42 | Saving my bro from prison + he already mad at me

I don’t care how, I care win as a now you
hear me Amen what the hello bus man taking care of business I see Torino
fuck you almost lost my life out there for you I got just one tiny little thing
for you to do and then I’m out of your life forever you know what I’m tired of
your fucking little jobs how will you stop this is pathetic come
on you’re embarrassing yourself can I put it down they’ll be ridiculous okay
hey I got a little surprise for you here you ready for this huh hello all right
you hold tight I’ll be right there all right
so what was that lo job he was talking about debris no I just want you to go
pick up your brother get out of here what’s up brah hey what’s up man hey
dobro I’m all right man hey man we are to our new spot
we got a matching suite we’ve been putting in work and shit a school well
we got a stake in a casino we got some insane shit
yeah ro beginning to the rap game hey man let me get you some new clothes come
on close nigga what the fuck is this bullshit what you mean man what’s mine
is yours and you know that you never did get a ditch car I need to go check out
things in the hood and that’s the problem you always a perpetrator running
from was real a man shit’s fucked up there you don’t want to be in a no
that’s exactly where I want to be what you done for our hood man what the hood
done for me always dragging me down ever since I got off the hood shipping
crack that’s everybody dream to get out the hood you sound just like smoke right
now all right man you heart i’ma show you what’s going on in the hood you
gotta understand shits all fucked up now do ya what you want
it ain’t around here no more just take me to mama’s house hey yeah well what about is Brenda it’s
really good it’s it’s not a word I what the fuck
that’s mouth women look like base his and took over the spot just go home this
is home man get these fuckers out of mom’s house you was born in there damn what what was you really taking over this town come on man
keep up Oh don’t push me alright man let’s get out of here and go
see Kendall Kendall you don’t see me right here at her old but it ain’t
nothing here no more rome wasn’t built in a day never my brother could be a
real pain in ass just a little bit of party I heard you was down so I got a
gift from beat-up come on now I can’t do that come on sweet come on make sure you
enjoy this this is a rich man’s high all the players are doing it I know you’re
gonna enjoy this it takes the pain away oh yeah Oh what the hell are you doing shit
everything is KKK and I just want to see what’s so good what’s wrong with you man
man this shit already destroyed the whole hood how much will they destroy me
too man you’ll need that shit sweet what do you know about this this is what it
boils out to now cool smoke I managed to steal your horn
you can’t see that this bitch talk nice to you and this but you home fuck you’re
gonna have to deal would be done what beat up by now is also ass out of here
bitch you all say something what were you thinking back there bro
entire bed I’m real tired tired of putting in the work and still shit don’t
get better tired of seeing my family fall apart male motto or some shit you
need your ear syringe dawg what the fuck sweet man you got more heart than that
sure things are spooled up man but we’ve been to turn a corner man the day is
coming when the Johnson family be at the top and it’s coming real soon
oh yeah you see J you’re there for us I know that hey feet up open up beat up hey open the
door Punk fool yo jump in here moved out a
while back where’d he go yo you messing up with
cats colors they Yahoo y’all got I got some a little Sun just will you no
wonder that shit no no you triple you trippin man
come on put the gun down he a face head man shit he wearing found me colors
that’s supposed to make him somebody look full
tell us where beat up is and be out of here he live over Glen Park away his
ball is there give a cat woody knees you lucky don’t push me oh man clamp or part of kilo trays
culture bucket I’m damned and that’s a kitchen team long we’ll take the whole
neighborhood of poor yeah that’s wrong hit those boys hard Jasin boys rolling
though and you say no baby powder homie it’s no Street now so get lop oh yeah that’s right I’m just some more
I’ll let that go shut what the family sees okay the neighborhood sewed up now no
sign of beat up dojo check the place over there say some hey hey no I a no choice I was
threatened she came from the boss homie hop this motherfucker man I’m tired of
heinous bullsh y’all man I’m sorry dude huh smokes
fucking crazy he paranoid just sitting house thinking other fools want his
business where it’s smoke I can’t tell you that I’ll smash your fucking tongue
out I ain’t saying nothing on me cuz I don’t
know only his lieutenants no way yet I don’t wet your shirt in foot bread hey
bear get the fuck out in what’s up your lordship kill these motherfuckers and
I’ll give you a whole quarter sack and a handle that shoot him the fuck is rolled
you you’re here with the fuck I said I’m here what the fuck you doing time come
on man and I’m tired of doing your fucking housework oh I’m free what the
fuck you do that for man CJ man come on put me back on the team
give me twenty bucks and I’m all yours man but that’s from the past hey let’s
take a ride homie I’m gonna shoot you somewhere you’re going June
I got Barry back man all right I’ll see you in a minute bear
where we goin sweet someplace we get old bear back all right I’m down for that don’t want to die

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