MAX SECURITY PRISON ESCAPE | Roblox Jailbreak & Bank Heist

MAX SECURITY PRISON ESCAPE | Roblox Jailbreak & Bank Heist

So this is where
I’m going to spend the rest of my life [Sad piano music]
Inside this jail cell [Sad piano music]
There’s nothing I can do about it Oh! Well, the door’s open.. okay! [Intense drum and wind instrument music]
Maybe that’s my path to freedom! [Intense drum and wind instrument music]
Let’s get ouf of this freakin’ jail finally! Also, it’s my very first time playing Roblox That hair, though, is majestic [Oh you touch my talala]
Look at that wiggle..look at that wiggle Anyway, so what I can do
is follow the rules of the prison [Guitar solo]
Infiltrate it from inside and try to get out So when they say “sleep time” I’ve got to sleep
When they say “workout time” I’ve got to work out [Guitar music]
But screw all of that! We’re gonna do it old school
and just try to escape without planning anything [Guitar music]
Oh, and I can also catch bounties, look at this! Three thousand dollar bounty on this guy?! [Guitar music]
bedst24? Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Yes, we’re gonna do that! – [Roblox guy] Hey, my head doesn’t look weird
– [Tony] Did my Roblox guy just talk back to me? – [Roblox guy] Yeah, I’m talking back to you
What do you care? – [Tony] Yeah, I care.. wha?.. [Confused Tony upside down] Wha?.. [Confusion 25%] Who?.. [Confusion 50%] Who are you? [Confusion 57%] Samurai? [Confusion 99%] I can pickpocket him!
Pickpocket him, my guy! Pickpocket him, Roblox guy! [Success tune]
Yes, I got a gun! And now I’m gonna kill him! *shoots the samurai* [Sad trombone tune]
You’ve got to be joking! – [Roblox guy] Naahhhh.. Look at what you did now! – [Roblox guy] I got arrested – [Roblox guy] I was living a normal life in prison – [Tony] Well, sorry, my dude, sorry! I guess we just got to do it all over again What is up, guys!
My name is Tony! And welcome back.. to..
[dial-up connection sounds] To TCTN Gaming!
I was gonna say Roblox But no, this is the very first time I’m playing it Alright, this time I’m not gonna follow
the weird-looking samurai dude – [Roblox guy] Yeah, that is probably
a smart idea! [Soft music]
Yeah, it is a good idea, my dude So I’ve got to find the keycard
I don’t think that’s the only way to escape, though [Soft music]
But hey look, it’s the samurai guy [Soft music]
Ah, you’re.. You’re the police?! [Is you da police?!]
You’re the police? I stole a gun for a police officer,
yeah, no wonder he killed me How could’ve I known that he was a police officer?!
He has two freakin’ samurai swords! – [Roblox guy] Ah, why did you not ask me?
I’ve been in the prison for years! – [Tony] Yeaaahhh.. you’re right [Music intensifies]
This guy is not messing around, okay? Wait, what is this?
It’s a giant X [Music intensifies]
Uuuhhh.. the samurai guy is not there anymore And this giant X is..
We can just h.. explode wall?!! [Intense instrumental music]
What? Is this really gonna.. *the wall explodes*
OH, NO WAY! OH, NO WAY!!! [Intense instrumental music]
I’M OUT!1! [Intense instrumental music]
I ESCAPED!1! This might’ve been one of the easiest
prison escapes I’ve had in a video game Uh, well.. [You escaped! You are now a criminal. Run, hide,
rob banks, check out the city, find other criminals] Wait, so, I wasn’t a criminal before?
[Don’t get caught] [Some wau-wau-wau-wau song]
[Run, hide, rob banks, but don’t get caught!] Well, that’s easy to say! Not easy to do.
I didn’t get the keycard, might’ve been useful later I don’t know Well, from the tutorial I watched – [Roblox guy] Are you watching tutorials now?
You don’t need tutorials, you have me! – [Roblox guy] I know everything, okay? – [Tony] Okay, dude, chill, Jesus! Guys’re gonna catch us! Alright. From the tutorials I watched,
take the car, follow the middle road But in the tutorial he actually
escaped with a keycard thingy He didn’t actually escape like me
I escaped in style, in big fashion But I think I just found my true calling in Roblox [Tpff-pff]
I just spit all over myself [Intense instrumental music]
MY CALLING [Intense instrumental music]
MY CALLING IS TO BE [Intense instrumental music]
MY CALLING IS TO BE A STUNTMAN! [Intense instrumental music]
AND THIS IS MY FIRST STU-U-U-U-UNT!1!1 Tya… That was so lame! That was so lame! Look at what you did, Roblox guy!
You just.. now we don’t have any change to survive! Come on, flip the car! Flip it!
How do I flip it? There’s got to be a flip button!
Okay, no flip button. I’m gonna on foot then, I guess Follow the middle road! [Upbeat instrumental music]
ONWARDS WE GO!!11! Three Three hours Three hours later I’m just another criminal
walking down the street Minding my own business
Don’t worry about the orange jumpsuit *chuckles*
Just don’t call the cops! Alright.. the city..
the city should be somewhere around here Yeah, I know, the city is in the other direction So what is..
Wait, who are you?! Oh, it’s the police! It’s on officer!
It’s a police officer, uhm, NO! Nope-nope-nope!
A-a-a-nd.. he’s gone Okay.. I see a car in front! Ah, that might be our chance, here we go, guys! [Upbeat instrumental music]
Where the heck did the police officer go? – [Roblox guy] *Says something indistinctly in jail language* [Upbeat instrumental music]
– [Roblox guy] I don’t want to go back there, okay? – [Tony] Roblox guy, just shut
your mouth for a second! I can’t even think of you! I can’t even think because of you, see?!
They’ve got me twisting my words! Just get to the car! Yeah, I’m back at the jail. See? See where your freakin’ rambling
and stunting gets us, little Roblox guy? Yeah, good thing he’s in the car,
and I have a point of view outside So he can’t actually talk back to me – [Roblox guy] Do you think I can’t?
I can do whatever I want! [Epic upbeat instrumental music]
– [Tony] NITRO-O-O-O-O-O-O! Oh my God, this is so cool! Yeah, you can actually drive cars Hey, look, it’s two more criminals! How.. How is this guy going this fast?! He’s using hacks! This guy is using hacks! Okay, I’ll just follow the guy using hacks..
But the bank is in this direction! Ah, it’s a.. It’s a police chopper.. man
Oh my God! She has a shotgun Just shot off my tires?!
Gotta be freakin’ kidding me!!!!1!11 Anyway.. Well, I successfully escaped the jail
Oh my God! That almost killed me *Giggles*
Yea-ha-ha-ha-ha! Can I run over people? Why are the criminals are all after each other?! I’m gonna run over this guy
[farting sound] No! I wasn’t able to do it [Upbeat instrumental music] [Upbeat instrumental music]
Wait, this is the bank, yeah! I’m just gonna wait for the bank to reopen [Upbeat instrumental music]
And I might be able to do a heist I can drive better cars,
I can have more weapons And he just shot off all my tires again! [Electro music with piano]
Get out of here, Gorikss! Ah.. Where do you want me to go, Gorikss? [Electro music with piano]
I don’t know! [Electro music with piano]
I don’t know this city! I don’t know anything! First you shoot my tires, and now.. now what?!
Now you wanna roll with me? Wait.. waaaait! Can I.. can I.. uh, no, I can’t 🙁
[a bummer!] [Electro and piano music]
The vehicle is locked [Electro and piano music]
Look, everyone’s waiting for the bank! Ha-ha! [Electro and piano music]
Me too! [Electro and piano music]
Alright, guys, let’s rob the bank together! Well, I guess we’re just gonna
wait for the bank to open up And then we have the ultimate
prison escape/bank heist [Electro and piano music]
All in one video! And it’s Roblox [Intense music]
Tha.. I.. never played Roblox [Music intensifies]
Gotta say, it’s more fun that I thought [Music intensifies]
Okay, the thing’s opening That.. [sound of breaking glass]
Oh, nice! NI-I-I-I-I-I-I-CE!
[Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance] [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
Oh, boyyyyy! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
Watch out for the laserrrrrs!!! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance] [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
WATCH OUT FOR THE LASERRRRSSS!!1!1 [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance] [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
This is not a bank! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance] Oh my God, I got five hundred dollars!
Alright, break it, break it, break it! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
A thousand! I think that’s the limit for me [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
I need a bigger duffle bag for more [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
No, we don’t. Okay, I hold up to five thousand [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance] Alright, just got to make it quick,
before the police comes That’s it, I don’t want to get too greedy!
Come on, let me in, let me in, let me in!11! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
I want to also get in, I want to get in! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
Okay, I’m in! DRI-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-VE!!!!!1 [Engine roars] How is he going through buildings?! I don’t know!!1 OH MY GOD, I JUST PULLED OFF A HEIST!!1! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance] Where are we going?!!!11 How is he going through buildings?!
This guy’s totally hacking! [Engine roars] Why are you hacking?! I don’t care that he’s hacking,
*CHEERING* WEEEEEEE DID IT!11! [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
Ah, man… [Alarm is ringing, siren wails in distance]
Come on, hacker, get out of there! Alright, let’s see what I can buy with this money.
I have two thousand two hundred dollars! Guess I can buy a blue safe? I don’t know what that does,
but I just bought it! There you go, we’ve got a safe! What are we gonna get from the safe?
I have no idea what I’m doing!!! Yeaaaaah, I just got a award! Badge awarded
[RealTCTN won Badimo’s “Smooth Criminal” award!] Smooth criminal! *laughs* AH, BOY! I just got the “Smooth Criminal” award Ah, that is so c.. HeY!
What?! What just happened?! I don’t know! And I don’t care!
I pulled off what I wanted to pull off! That’s it! Thank you guys for watching this video,
if you enjoyed it and want more Roblox Don’t forget to let me know
in the comments section down below And also, you probably saw
that comments are going on down here Down.. there.. actually! If you want to be featured
in one of those comments Be sure to leave a witty,
funny, or even a stupid comment But as long as it’s funny,
it’s all good in neighbourhood And you might be featured down there But my name is Tony and I’ll check you next time! Bye-bye.. Stay awesome!

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