Mayor Pete Buttigieg interviews for the Oval Office

Mayor Pete Buttigieg interviews for the Oval Office

How did you how did you hear about the
position? I guess in the paper. What can you offer us that someone else cannot? Well I’m definitely the only left-handed, Maltese-American, Episcopalian, gay, war
veteran, millennial running. So if you’re interested in a unique background I’ve
got that. What’s your biggest strength? I’d like to think it’s a sense of calm.
Not that I don’t get fired up or passionate about things, but it takes a
lot to get under my skin and I think for a job like the presidency, you need to be
able to stay as level as possible. Are you comfortable with lots of work travel? I’m definitely used to traveling. I think in the last week we’ve been to
California, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia – Boston was part of that trip too, oh my God – and New York. Yeah definitely used to travel. It’s nice to sleep in my own bed
but I’m ready to hit the road in order to get my job done. What would be your
biggest challenge in this role? I do enjoy the fact that as a mayor, even
though I’m a very visible elected official in my community, I also have a
fairly normal life. At least I used to. Get my own groceries, walk the
dog, take out the trash – and it’ll be a little hard to get used to that. What
would you look to accomplish in the first 30, 60, or 90 days on the job? Good
question. First thing I’d try to do is get a bunch of Democratic reforms going. Some things that’ll take years, but getting the ball rolling on something like
popular vote so that we actually just pick our president by counting up all
the votes and giving it to the person who won. I’d start working right away on a climate action plan, implementing
everything from carbon pricing to quadrupling of the research and
development dollars going into renewables. We don’t have a moment to
lose. Who’s your mentor? I benefited from a lot
of great mentors over the years, from teachers like my English teacher
and economics teacher in high school that sent me on the right path, to
political leaders like Joe Kernan. He was the mayor of South Bend like I am and
then he was the governor of Indiana. He was a war hero. He got shot down in
Vietnam. I learned so much from the people who came before me, especially
when you’re my age and you’re running for high office you need to spend as
much time as you can learning from from people who’ve been

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  1. Senior citizens love Pete because we remember Kennedy and we see the same excellence in Pete. A great leader inspires and lifts the Country's spirit.

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