Message to the female prisoners of the FARC-EP

Message to the female prisoners of the FARC-EP

Silence! Comrades of arms and of ideas Of dreams and of hopes The peace process Will open the doors to freedom The situation of female prisoners In Colombian prisons Is part of the humanitarian crisis Of the vulnerability suffered by all prisoners With one aggravating factor All rights of the women are violated Because for the prisons, there is no specific Policy with a gender perspective The policy for the prisons completely ignore The particular characteristics of women Healt service is poor, not to say non-existent There is no service of gynecology or pediatrics Guerrilla mothers don’t get the minimal benefits As the other female prisoners who are mothers They aren’t even allowed to have their children In the prison kindergartens Our prisoners are tortured, not only physically, But also psycologically, they are pressured in different ways To make them give up their principles Dear comrades, like you I have also suffered torture Inside the prison Those humiliations don’t defeat us All the contrary, they oblige us to be stronger You dared to think and fight for your rights No bars or chains will be able to reduce your dignity You are also part of the Havana Agreement You are always with us Your strength in situations of adversity Is for us something to be proud of And motivates us to continue with courage In our mission here And we are sure that our dream of freedom Will come true Without walls and without obstacles Your rebel hearts are committed to the emancipating struggle The light of freedom will shine The walls of injustice will fall And reason will be imposed Then, the butterflies will fly… We are with you Forward, comrades Freedom for all political and war prisoners

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