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  1. Seriously though, it wasn't the people that voted for him that got him elected, he didn't even win the majority. So, perhaps the US should really take a look at the outdated and retarded Electoral College and change that shit. How is it a democratic vote, if the person that the majority voted for doesn't get into office? fucking retarded system.

  2. Trump reminds me of hitler in spending $700 billion on the military. who is he going to invade?
    Too many stupid people in the US.

  3. So Obama didn’t increase the defence budget, start 5 new wars, and kill a bunch of innocent children, too? Obama was definitely a better president but better doesn’t make you a great president!

  4. Whatever you do for the rest of your life, NEVER,EVER,EVA buy a pair of horn rimmed glasses. It will be too painful to connect your face to that you have just broadcast. Never, OK? I wore a pair once to work and I didn't think twice about it. A coworker of mine who didn't like me and hardly ever spoke to me looked at me very long and carefully and said "You look like Harry Potter".I thought I was gonna pee all over the floor.

  5. President Trump will resign by summer of 2019 with fines! but, he and his family will be pardoned for their many crimes

  6. The clips of President Trump repeating his $716 Billion military budget after tweeting that it was crazy? Yes, we know. He's crazy!

  7. 4:48 – 5:14 you know its always a mistake of standing in front of a Blue Screen.
    I mean some People with Video Editing skills and with the help of "Chroma Key" they could make some crazy shit out of this. 😀

  8. Right now what would be so amazing is if our Friend, David Letterman, would join Stephen right about soon, and think his thoughts too.

  9. The talk of "finest and cleanest product in the world" Immediately made me think "Since when did cocaine become a US export to China"

  10. "Why did he put "President Trump" in quotes?" Ow it hurts to laugh so hard….. that was great. Here's some morsels from a few days ago on this subject…… check out the vague but blatant detours, double-talk, fatiguing chaos…… punctuated as spoken. One of my favorite is:

     "…..a project which was ESSENTIALLY I GUESS MORE OR LESS of an option that we were looking at in moscow everybody knew about it it was written about in newspapers it was a well-known project it was during the early part of '16 and I guess even before that it was for a short period of time (glitch) DIDN'T DO IT so we're not talking about DOING A PROJECT we're talking about NOT DOING A PROJECT."
    Another segment of flotsam, jetsam, detritus, and …… well, how about some Frank Zappa words "terpsichorean ejectamenta"?

    "……….I don't know exactly but uh he was convicted of things UNRELATED to US, he was given a fairly long uh JAIL SENTENCE and he's a WEAK person and by being weak UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE THAT YOU WATCH he's a WEAK PERSON and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about I mean we were very open with it we were thinkin' about building a building I guess we had in a form that was an option I don't know what you'd call it uh we decided I decided ultimately NOT TO DO IT. There would've been nothing wrong if I DID do it if I DID do it there would've been nothing wrong this was my BUSINESS…… so he's lying very simply to get a reduced sentence."

  11. Mueller needs to interview Trump against Cohen and Flynn and Manafort to add to all their crimes. All crooks, all will testify against each other.

  12. It’s Mueller Time… 🍻

  13. Notice that Trump frequently refers to himself in third person, especially when talking about his businesses and legal liabilities. Especially when he's being held accountable, he then talks about himself as if he's talking about another person and then defending that person. This is a symptom of narcissism and insanity.

  14. It was funny for a while reading those “dot dot dot dot dot dot” in Trumps tweets but it’s seriously getting boring/annoying. Just read the tweet Stephen

  15. $716B for the military, so what about Education, health care and housing? I guess those don't matter anymore; I think tribal politics blinds people to the truth.

  16. So…Michael Cohen paying silence money to Trump's sexual liaisons somehow ripped the election away from Hillary? And it was all Russia's fault? Huh? I guess I'm still confused.

  17. IMPEACH this guy! he hasn't done anything for the public only his already very very rich friends. He's brought so much hate out of people besides all the illegal stuff thats been done. I don't understand how people still back him. he gave the rich 1.9 trillion in tax breaks now they can afford to give us a tax break. the one year tax break for us is supposed to appease us?. Now to get the debt down old, sick and poor will pay for it. America looks so stoopid around the world now. I don't care who would win the next election Dem or Rep just as long as they aren't another little family mob boss.

  18. I am or I should say im attempting to stay enrolled in school using my GI BILL which I've used off and on for various classes and certifications since I got out of the Army in 06. In all of those years and every time I used it I never had problem one. This guy took the ONLY VA related entity that in my opinion wasn't fucked up and for some reason or maybe because of that reason went ahead and FUBARED it. Would Canada let a prior service American soldier enlist?

  19. No joke!!! We NEED, NEED, NEED better access to college and other ways of learning. All of our problems stem from lack of knowledge, of education, open minds are shrinking faster than Trump’s penis around Putin!! Americans NEED education! We absolutely need to put that ban back in place, where the news can not make up stories or slant information in anyway. Regan did Away with it.

  20. Thanks The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.☺ Why is He always appealing to his right? Shouldn't Stephie always appeal to his left, towards Jon…Frikin Catholics, amirite??😀

  21. Is Trump even sane?! I mean that as an honest factual enquiry, not in any rhetorical sense. How else can you explain these all-too-frequent bizarre and self-contradictory statements? 😮😮😮😮

  22. *How My Brain Works*

    *See's Trump Tweet:
    "Farmers, I LOVE YOU!"

    *And My Brain Replies With:
    All You Farmers, Run Run Run Run Run Run Run.

    Now….Who Got It? X.D

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  24. Insane clown president is the inevitable result of an ignorant and uneducated (and thus easily duped) electorate. Two generations of Republican attacks on public education have brought us to this. Having a political party which, since Reagan, is against government, against the public interest, against public funding of schools, hospitals and infrastructure and which represents the interests of the wealthy only is turning the US into a third world country.

  25. How has no one begun proofreading his tweets after nearly two years of these absurd, embarrassing, completely cringeworthy incoherent messages?! Like, out of all the easiest fires to put out first?

  26. Worst education, healthcare and public transportation of the first world, but great army. We're going to give very uneducated young men all the guns and best arsenal in the world, because what could go wrong? .

  27. I know this is small and of no great meaning for a few of you guys. But I want America to know Sweden loves America, and wants great trade relations. No matter what Trump says. We are by no means perfect but we love progress and cooperation. We may be different but we are good allies who want to see great nations cooperate.

  28. 716 billion dollars down the drain. we don't need more military crap.
    What country is ever going to try to invade america ???
    I'll wait…

  29. Stephen, can u have Cohen on the Late Show before he goes to jail….. please, please, please ?? He’s a good guy now.

  30. These tweets by Trump don't even seem real. They seem like someone doing a parody of Trump.

    Also military wankers, you do know people are starving to death in the world, right? Could that money maybe go to food or water or- oh no? Just going to build more bombs, gotchya, right, 'sall good.

  31. There has been an organization/movement called "Thai Federation" that is
    trying to educate Thai people who have been brainwashed by Thai
    monarchy's propaganda for almost 100 years that We, the people have more
    power than the monarchy. The purpose of the organization is to totally
    abolish the monarchy regime and establish true democracy regime similar
    to the USA. They have even adopted the USA's constitution into theirs.
    The written constitution is ready to be used once the revolution is
    succeed. Thai monarchy has been behind the killings of the innocent
    people who are trying to change the country into a better place for
    everyone and the world democracy. Please help the organization and
    spread the information to your colleagues.

  32. Jesus, Trump walked out during the G20 summit. Imagine if he did that as he was being arrested by the cops or as he was in court.

  33. the USA needs universal healthcare, universal education and steady, but sustainable military. It has been demonstrated clearly that the more educated and healthy a population is, the happier and more productive they become.

  34. My main takeaway: Trump doesn't know how devastating China's last leap forward was. Not surprised.

  35. Was Michael Cohen planning to ran a cab business???!! Taxis??🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂😂

  36. Yes. All made in America and yet in 1987 Toshiba screwed the US by selling propeller milling machines and our technology from Japan to Russia. Drumph don't know any actual facts.

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