Migration Last Shelter Survival

Migration Last Shelter Survival

alright alright guys this is Acer spades
team BLA state 268 we are number one this video is all about lash up to
survival immigration or as it’s normally called
migration this video took me forever guys because I’ve never personally
migrated I’ve been born and raised right here in state 268 proud of it and I love
it but I finally believe I have enough information to share with all of you on
the subject but please feel free to use the comment section below to mention
anything I miss and asked any questions you can also share your personal
experience with migration below as well so to get started let’s talk about why
anyone would migrate people of all kinds play last shelter survival guys and we
all know horrible people in real life so bullies are everywhere and that includes
this game that being said migration is a permanent solution to this um second
reason if you’re looking for a new home you’re good friends quit the game or
your Alliance merged and you were somehow left out or you simply liked the
state or don’t like the state that you’re in for that matter join some of
the many groups on Facebook or reddit Twitter etc especially the triple holux
gaming channels and hint and meet new people more than you would ever before
and of course move to their state if you want to get a nice fresh start so if
you’ve already migrated guys put your reason in the comment section below and
if you have a story put that down there as well even place your tips in that
comment section so let’s get into how we actually migrated first migration has to
become an option so unless up to survival the game rolls out each of its
phases in a very predictable order migration is the last phase and
typically follows doomsday after season one the game will give you the usual
mail letting you know that the option is open and to start the game will allow
you to migrate to all states older than yours
then as time passes you can go through more and more seasons of doomsday and
you can eventually migrate to Neuer states that have experienced the
Domesday seasons that you have experienced so this is a really really
huge change because prior to a super strong prior to this rather a super
strong base with let’s say s for Heroes fully unlocked could just go ahead and
migrate to your state if they pay enough money with barely s1 Heroes unlocked and
basically dominate all the charts so it’s good that the game fixed that if
you ask me next you need migration tickets so even now if I go to my events
and I click migration it will tell you at the top here for the low low price of
$4.99 I can get this little package it gives me a thousand diamonds some speed
ups a little RSS a small Alliance gift for all my friends and an immigration
permit so you can go ahead and purchase this in migrate to any state that’s open
for migration in your state sounds like a great savings until you realize that
your base requires way more than just one ticket but no problem though so you
know any smart person will say eh ok so math tells me 10 tickets is give or take
50 bucks and that’s not the worst investment you can you know personally
decide to go through but the fact is that you’re entirely wrong
you can only buy one ticket a month at that price a second ticket if you
purchase that right now would cost you $100 USD United States Dollars that’s
obviously even worse if you’re in a different country in some cases or
better in other cases now this is completely based on the calendar month
meaning if I were to buy a ticket right now which is September 30th
today hypothetically in October meaning October 1st tomorrow it should cost the
same five dollars but then you still have to wait the entire calendar month
so I’d have to wait till November to get another one for $5.00 now that all being
said how much will it exactly cost me so there are now two major factors
that adjust the personal cost of migration your base power which mine is
seventeen thousand nine hundred or seventeen million whatever nine hundred
ten thousand and of course the power slice population of the state that you
would like to migrate to so let’s go ahead and start with a personal power if
your base total power in which you see at the top of the middle of screen like
you can see mine is below three million then your migration cost is one ticket
the old rule of thumb was that each additional million would cost one extra
ticket so for example three million is one power and three million in one power
is two tickets and four million 999,999 is three tickets so on and so forth
nothing in between matter it would just be get to that million marker of course
in the past players would simply kill off all their troops and migrate for the
Jeep and things have clearly changed the math that would support my migration
cost that my current power would be a total of sixteen tickets to migrate just
about anywhere this is now adjusted for more by the second factor so for example
if I were to migrate to stay 27 which I’ll do right now instead of 268 where I
am can I go to state 27 at any time and I click the button it would cost me only
ten tickets despite all my power that I currently have now the issue with that
is I have Alliance members that are at sixteen million power that only cost
eight tickets and then I have Alliance members at 29 and 30 million power that
experience eleven and twelve tickets to go to the same state this begs to say
that I could gain ten million power and still only pay one additional ticket now
that’s a huge difference from that old adage that you might find on a reddit or
on another YouTube it’s way way different nowadays so let’s use the
example – let’s say instead I want to go visit
the amazing state of 315 this is a little newer and a little above me now
if I want to go to state migration on the top right of the menu I click on any
area of the plot it will tell me that my own base would take me 19 tickets now
that’s huge because it’s very different based on the power or population that
state twenty-seven haves see my cost being at nineteen tickets is very
different than the twenty four my twenty nine million power teammate and
seventeen for my other teammate that is a little lower so the exact factor is
the difference is costing nine tickets between the two states the lower person
that tried to go to state 27 only used eight tickets to get there so there’s a
two ticket difference from seventeen and nineteen still a to ticket difference
whatever power or population that state 315 has makes all the difference in that
matter my conclusion on all this is I believe that the power manipulation
still plays a part but to a lesser extent if anyone out there can confirm
this current system can be manipulated please write it in the comment section
below meaning if I can just wipe myself down to three million power and still
move to 315 for one ticket let me know but rumor has it guys and you will want
to confirm or deny this that if you have ever had say 20 million power then your
ticket costs wolve Retro based on what your base is capable of I don’t know if
this is true but guys writing in the comments section below tell me what you
found out so with all of this I have two recommendations if your Alliance a group
of friends or just yourself is going to migrate start buying tickets early and
once per month collectively next know your destination and make friends there
before you even attempt to migrate have a bed made before you lay in it make a
forum join their state for at least a month and know the issues
that state folk has and focus on being involved in their line or discord in or
around one of the top alliances so I have personally surrounded full shells
to newcomers to 268 I’ve literally given them full alliance with like level 7
tech and I’ve also been given shelves with level 9 tech and you know what
that’s because I build great relationships you can certainly find out
in a state that you choose as well but you can also finally consider just not
migrating sometimes the grass is greener where you water it guys I mean I was
born and raised to state 268 and I plan on staying right here and if you want to
consider 268 joined triple helix Instagram or triple O’s gaming Facebook
and contact me personally even better last shelter survival triple hauless
gaming comm will have my blog where it breaks down all the newcomer information
um you can join that leave a comment or send me an email from there as well
either way I want to let this video stand as an open forum so let’s go ahead
and talk below about migration guys any comments any details that I left out
like and subscribe either that or keep building your $5 or stay home either way
Acer Speights and I’m signing out

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  1. hey mate, i have some info if you like, i recently moved from 86, to 366, to join some friends. i was 61m power when i decided to move, 20 tickets needed. so i zeroed myself. down to 5.4m power, 6 tickets needed. killed off the troops in my hospital, dropped it another ticket.
    Then doomsshit started. i still had ALL of my specialist points, to use in the dd tree, which was awesome. but, the game reverted me back to my previous season 2 dd quests, so i wasnt able to gain any quests other then take a lv16 tile. so that hurt a lot, not being able to gain those tile cards you get for doing dd quests. so the only way ci was able to gain extra tiles was to buy the subsxription every week. if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up

  2. Hey trip! Alot of talk of More changes to migration now since it has stopped @400. Any idea might this Be correct?

  3. Go to 181…it a monster state….they are next level of stronger in definition…believe me….as least 10x or more stronger than your state….and almost the whole is all big guys B25, whole state Nap, lot of them got B25 farms….it is too peaceful and many got bored and quite the game. ..😁😁…

  4. Yo Acer, I hear 299 is kicking your ASS !! How can you claim to be no.1 when you aren't even able to beat your SvS opponents ? LOL

  5. 8:34 this is not rumor, this was a planned change that the devs sent out in game mail about. Alot of people complained because they thought the devs were getting too greedy using historical power when dd forces you to have alot of troops. They cancelled the implementation, you can still kill off troops to move for less tickets.

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