Waddup humans. Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the support hero Angela. Most of the time, people ignore support heroes. Until, Angela came into the scene. Our Bunnylove, Angela, is a support hero. I’ve been using Angela for almost 600 games
now. So, let me share some tips on how to use Angela
based on my experience. But before that, let me explain her skills
one by one for further understanding. Angela’s passive comes in handy in times of
danger. Her passive skill gives her movement speed
boost every time she uses a skill. The speed boost also applies to the ally that
Angela uses her ultimate skill. This speed boost can really help her either
escape enemies or respond faster to allies. As you noticed, all support heroes have skills
that either slows, stuns, or control enemies. In terms of slowing enemies down, Angela might
be the best pick as a support. Her first skill doesn’t just slow down enemies
but also heals allies that were hit. Each time the skill hits, a Lover’s Mark is
attached to the enemy. Lover’s Mark can stack up to 5 times. Make sure to reach as many charges as possible
since it increases the damage output by 20% for each Lover’s Mark. And it increases the slow effect by 10% for
each Lover’s Mark. Spamming this skill gives her massive damage
output and slowing the hell out of the enemies. This is pretty useful during team fights since
enemies and allies clash directly during team fights, making this skill pretty explosive and supportive at those times. In terms of stun and disable, Angela’s second
skill might help you on that. Her second skill slows down the enemy during
the duration within a certain range. It also gives damage upon casting and a final
damage at the end of the 3 seconds attachment to the enemy. After 3 seconds, the 1.5 seconds stun effect
will trigger if the enemy is still attached to the string. The final damage depends on how many Lover’s
Mark are attached to the enemy. So make sure you spam your first skill to
have the maximum damage output of your second skill The enemy will break free from the string
if he is not within the skill range. Well, don’t ever blame an Angela user if she
gets the kill because of her 2nd skill’s final damage The damage just pops out after 3 seconds. At least your team got the kill. Angela’s ultimate skill gives an ally a shield
that blocks certain amount of damage during the duration. The good thing with her ultimate skill is
she can basically cast this skill to an ally hero anywhere in the map. Using this skill attaches Angela to the target
ally, literally. You can use her ultimate skill to help on
ganks, and also support dying allies. On an advance note, you can also use her ultimate
skill to escape your own death. Like this. There are so many items that you can buy for
Angela. In my opinion, buying tank and cooldown items
in the early game will help you survive team fights and use more skills. Buying magic items on the mid and late game
will further increase your skill damage, healing, and shield. Are you asking why did I suggest these items? Because, Angela’s damage is stronger when
you survive longer in team fights since the Lover’s Mark stacks. The best ability to be used on Angela is flicker. It can either help you blink out of danger,
or blink in to strengthen team fights. Using flicker on the right timing can make
or break the match specially you are the support player In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Support Emblem set. Custom Support Emblem could provide extra
stats according to your needs as a support. Set Agility to its Max level because it can
give you extra movespeed. Higher movespeed will give you higher mobility
to either escape or chase enemies. Setting Gift to max level will provide additional
healing effect on your first skill. Higher healing effect means higher healing
points dealt. That means, your team will be more durable
with your healing in team fights Get Focusing Mark to support your allies on
ganks and team fight. The Focusing Mark will give your allies 6%
extra damage to the enemy. For me, it’s the best thing to get since I
usually use my ultimate skill for ganking and supporting team fight. The 6% additional damage dealt to enemies
is a great thing to kill ganked enemies faster than usual. Make sure you max the first skill first since
it will give you a higher damage and heal for a better support. Prioritize the 2nd skill less since the 1st
skill is what brings damage and healing support to the team. I am an agressive Angela user since I always
have faith on my team and on Angela. I don’t suggest being too agressive if you
do not trust your allies. You have to sharpen your awareness on the
map specially on your allies’ health bar. It is because Angela’s ultimate skill can
be used to any ally hero on the map. It’s best to save someone’s life in the nick
of time. Be wary of your surroundings specially the
bushes. Surprise attacks may come out from bushes specially if you see on the map that some enemies are missing. Being a support means you don’t have to tank
for your allies as much as possible. So be sure to stay at the back of the team
fight, unless you are using your ultimate skill The good thing about Angela is her ultimate
skill. It makes you being inside the team fight without
being hit by enemies. You can easily support allies while being
safe from enemy damage. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Angela. This video just guides you on how to use Angela,
the Kurumi way. Soooo… Once again, this is Kurumi and that’s how
you use Angela. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to my channel for more contents
by clicking on the subscribe button below. Cheers!

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    Proud of you bromio, it's been a pleasure to watch you grow as a player and turn our passion into something beneficial 🙂

  2. I like the Mana boots, Fleeting time Oracle and Ice Queen wand better. And i recommend to get blue buff. I know it sounds stupid but u will give 15% more shield to the ally u carry and u also increase healing rate. Holy crystal is great item 😁 .
    (Oracle for shields and heal + Buff makes it give the ally shield that can be worth his whole hp sometimes this way.
    Ice queen wand for extra slow and 10% spell vamp
    Fleeting time for Fast ulti cooldown
    Mana boots cuz i struggle rlly hard with mana and lvl 13 Support emblem xd
    So I decided to use Mistery Shop with mage emblem 😊
    Other items usually depend on enemy)

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