Mongolian Yurt – Sleeping 13 nights in a Ger camp

Mongolian Yurt – Sleeping 13 nights in a Ger camp

13 13 nights 13 nights in a yurt In Mongolia, everyone who’s living outside the city are dwelling in these small white tent like apartments. We traveled around Mongolia for two weeks and slept in Gers every single night. So I guess that makes us more or less Ger experts. Gers can be easily moved around according to seasons and to follow cattle pastures. These nomadic huts can be set up in less than an hour and dismantled in about 15 minutes. Gers are built up with wooden boards and tightened together with rope made from horse hair. Lambs wool on the walls are used for insulation and put together as volunteer work with neighbors. Pillars in the center prop up all Gers and they symbolize strength. All wooden parts are hand painted with psychedelic decorative ornaments When we visited nomadic families we were offered steaming Yaks or Camels milk tee from small cups. Sometimes even cookies, pancake or cheese. Thomas: Are you filming? Titta: Show us what you got. I have dried milk and cream made out of horse milk. You mean cows milk. So what does it taste like? It felt so nice to sit inside a warm Ger and to taste the interesting treats. In exchange we offered families Finnish lollies. In the middle of Gers is a stove that works on wood and dung. Also where food is cooked and where dairy products are produced for sale. Your not allowed to throw rubbish in the stove, otherwise.. THE FIRE GODS MIGHT GET ANGRY! There is not electricity. But you might find some car batteries that will charge a ceiling lamp. In some Gers the only light is from a candle. One night we witnessed how famous Mongolian Rock Pot is prepared. Burning hot stones are added to the pot with raw pieces of meat. After one hour this delicious stew is served with potatoes and carrots. Mmmm-m! 😋 Gers are furnished very ascetically. Each families valuables are stored at the north end and narrow beds everywhere else. It’s possible that in one Ger there can sleep up to 20 people! We would always sleep with our warmest clothes and woolly hats on. Because the autumn weather could often drop near zero during the nights. ..winter 😅 ..winter 😅 what the heck We both agreed to continue our nomadic journey towards warmer climates.

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