Monsters vs. Aliens Prisoner of the Dark Dimension Episode 27 – Toby Abbott

Monsters vs. Aliens Prisoner of the Dark Dimension Episode 27 – Toby Abbott

Thank you very much! This is all that’s left of old Betty And they call us monsters You aliens got a reel in your critter he’s out of control, yeah remember what he did in the Situation Room that was a situation and the rec room totally wreck and the mess hall an absence that Slobbering mongrel will finally be getting what he deserves the isolation zone, which is help me up What exactly just what it sounds like a zone of? Isolation I spent some time in there I Just loaded in that we’re lonely space wouldn’t seem like forever Fun fun, you know like Bob ah Nothing like that can be fun fun. If you’re you know, tough stuff like This compound should be perfect I Told you too easy the piste I prepared means all cornichons nutritional needs. I do not understand why he doesn’t like it you Know you should have tried to the paste I’m sure We’ll be on best behavior now right vornicarn Hmm. I warned you aliens what would happen if that boots got loose? I am sending Hornet corn into the isolation zone Okay, there’s that word again, what’s the Buddy you are my everything my Baby that’s what Warren needs little buddy and I will be that buddy Just uh checking on the zone ah, gotcha, go ahead Should have just asked in the first place This is what I get for trying to be the nice guy duly noted The tamed vornicarn’s savage spirit his need to hunt a helpless creature Oh chocolate is there anything you can’t do? Nice om bling here’s your body Hey, how’d you get this back? Let’s just say it all came out in the end. Do you easy? Never had a Child In I’m going to pass out You may get a different nurse moisten the feverish Hallucination way before that new horse mayor’s in the name of sound rules. Skewer your bones for me mustard I’m afraid they’re gonna have to come out I surrender. I’m sorry I ever infected you And the rash Hey coverton want to go lick some doorknobs Alien biology, it is possible. You may experience minor side effects Well, there is a Wisconsin sized meteor on a collision course with earth, this is Armageddon And Armageddon hungry over here Basically means anybody can just stroll in whenever they please on this Yes sqweep is a busy bee modifying one of your missiles to blast them into space now Here’s a super-dense amalgamation of minerals I win again You sir? Forget we monsters have defeated aliens in the past must’ve been beginner’s luck Again about the sandwich sandwich was the least important part of the story Bob not if you skip lunch, which I did Skip lunch. It’s 10:00 a.m Dandy bar with a ringtone. I thought it was a really cool candy bar I’m What do you think you are doing? It completed my modifications It is now time to analyze the meteors flight path and plot the Rockets trajectory We will have sweep sweep revenge against Overton for his cruelty unless he really hates pizza This does not seem like much big pranks exactly advance the cause of getting on the president’s good side We don’t get blamed If we don’t get caught indeed and with Bob preoccupied the odds of in inventing disaster are greatly reduced Yeah, that usually guarantees disaster. Maybe Bob picked a completely harmless place to hide Don’t sugarcoat it or anything Hey, I lose stuff all the time last week lost my phone dialed it hamper rang phone found That would not work since Bob swallowed your folks. I’m holding Susan’s phone. Okay Look, you’re using Susan’s phone, but you’re not Susan, right? Yeah, we’re going so I’m not using Susan’s phone, but I am Susan Would you care to do the honors mr. President you bet we are go for launch No, he’s not doomed as long as he has friends like us and How about a swim teacher? Are you an alien killing machine? Great things bug head you wish the challenge Bobby if only my dear To save the planet For the moment he did whack that cockroach put in his own coordinates Susan nice landing all part of the prevented him from seeing his mistake Key beginners to help I am NOT through here Of course As part of my earth studies research I have made some interesting observations Great. Hey be nice incredible and then had a beautiful baby. That baby would be called x.25 That’s two ferns Still the top brass one the x.25 full of checked out. So I need a guinea pain test driver of the nonhuman Variety subjects the Carlist alien technology. I am the logical choice for this pass you Your tiny feet wouldn’t even reach the bear two days she likes to make an inference I already made my road trip max so Missy you just opened up a can a carbonated link whoever proves they’ve got the right stuff Pilots the car you will eat failure now while these gills suck air The youth and their sense of entitlement, right? Next to five candidates the stress test begins show me agility Sense of whimsy You’re okay on land but Aguas Mikasa Means I live in the water or technically that my house is the water anyway Hmm now braggy he was I thought link would be less drowning. He usually is he’s a natural For surfing the swamp monkey would do a Swim like So stop he gets to drive the world’s fastest car. So what Okay. Okay, forget I said that Which if you think about it, it’s just swimming down The x.25 is one grassy piece of hardware last thing we want us to end up parking it in the side of a mountain So just lighter up dab, you might wipe out and crash the x-25 Explosions balls of flame you wouldn’t want to miss that really you think that might happen. There’s a chance it will General might I make wrongs of gestural notes, but I’ve got a feeling it ain’t gonna stop you I am merely demonstrating the best candidate for the staff is o Star B. Looks just like sqweep, aren’t you listening sqweep? You are not authorized for this mission power down I said, Latching onto the vehicle with my telekinetic powers as simply Got the wrong alien. Thank you regardless The kid’s life is on the line slingshot me Their sticks, well these gills suck air. I Feel your pain What was the point of me cheating for snobby if you were just going to take the car? Anyway, I’m some of that child say that again I must avenge their past and future honor Well said you

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