‘My 220lbs Leg Keeps Me Prisoner In My Own Home’

‘My 220lbs Leg Keeps Me Prisoner In My Own Home’

ARUN RAJASINGH: Only when I became immobile I came to know about the importance of actually
being outside. COMM: For the last 5 years, Arun Rajasingh from Chennai in Southern India has been virtually
housebound. He has a rare genetic condition which causes asymmetrical growth, and his
right leg is now more than five times its normal size, weighing around 100kg or 220lbs. ARUN RAJASINGH: My life right now is actually restricted to this room. It’s a 10/10 square
feet room, and I mostly lie on the bed because my body is an art made by God. COMM: His inability to leave the house is also affecting his business. ARUN RAJASINGH: I started my business in 2006. It’s a small IT firm and the name is Kenriche
Technologies Private Limited. When I was mobile, I was able to set up an office and have employees,
and I was able to go to the office every day and was able to manage everything. Due to
this health condition, I was not able to go to my office and work. So, I started working
from my home and slowly at one point of time it’s like I work only from my home. So this
makes me like I am not in control of the work that I am doing. RAJASINGH STEPHEN: From the time he was born, this type of variation
between the two legs were there but it was quite manageable. When he started attending
the school, he was walking with some special shoes to adjust the height of the other leg. ARUN RAJASINGH: Growing up I started walking which nobody actually thought that I would
be walking but I adapted myself and then I was walking. RAJASINGH STEPHEN: As a student, when he was young he was a very brilliant
child but now his mobility is very much restricted due to his physical problems. COMM: Doctors didn’t know what was causing his condition and decided to see how it might
develop. As Arun was still mobile, amputation of his leg was decided against. But now his
condition is desperate. Today, Arun is going to the hospital for a check-up. One of the
few times he gets to leave his house. ARUN RAJASINGH: It’s been about 5 years that I’ve been out of my 10/10 square feet
room, and now I’m actually going out. It feels like I’m excited, and I’m going
to see the doctors, and hope things for me will get better from now on. DOCTOR: How are you? ARUN RAJASINGH: I’m fine. How are you? DOCTOR: So, it’s been a year since I’ve seen you last. What things have changed and
how things are progressing. ARUN RAJASINGH: Leg: there is pain in the leg. DOCTOR: Okay. ARUN RAJASINGH: And with respect to mobility it is very less. DOCTOR: So, it’s less than what it was before. DOCTOR: What Arun has developed is a genetic problem meaning there is a mutation in the
genes which is predisposing him to have a very asymmetrical growth meaning one part
of the body is growing much more compared to the other part. We call it a Segmental
Overgrowth Syndrome. Having said this, it’s a very rare condition. As we can see here
that’s the right part of his lower limb which we can visibly see that’s very asymmetrical.
The right lower limb is much bigger compared to the left lower limb. Similarly, we do have
the other scanned pictures which confirmed, and here we can see not just his bones, but
also his soft tissue. So, we can clearly see that there is asymmetry as we can see in him
here. It’s the growth of the bone, the tissue underneath, everything together which is contributing
to the excess growth of the particular part of the body. As I said, the treatment is at
present very limited but research is going on worldwide, in particularly in one of the
universities in UK – Cambridge University. COMM: On the way home from the hospital, the ambulance makes a detour. ARUN RAJASINGH: It’s like 5 years after that I am actually seeing this beach. Now
I am feeling the breeze. It’s nice. I need a lot of people help and an ambulance to come
over here. 7 years ago, I used to ride my motorbike and used to come here and it was
not a big thing but now it has become great deal for me. COMM: Arun hopes that by getting his story out, doctors somewhere in the world might
be able to help him. He’s also launched an online appeal to raise funds for specialised
equipments to aid his mobility. EZEKIEL JAWAHAR: So, now here he is seeking the society’s help to
get back to his mobile condition again because the normal wheelchairs can’t even bear his
weight. So he is not able to go out. So that is worsening his condition more. So it is
a really big appeal from friends like us. ARUN RAJASINGH: Having a wheelchair and the van would actually change my life in a big
way. I could be mobile, I could have human interactions, I could just be like other people.
When I receive the wheelchair and van, the first place that I would be going is my mother’s
graveyard. So that is where I will start my journey again. My hopes for the future is
bright that I would be able to be a successful businessman as well as a good person, and
maybe I would be an inspiration to lot of people.

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  1. In the states we as children and teens get immunization shots,  against diseases and other health issues. I wonder if this is the same in other countries.

  2. Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Heavenly Father! You are made by god my friend. It’s amazing how you have handle your life. You have a business your done so much. God will answer yours prayers and you will be able to visit your mom soon . You deserve it. You an amazing person. Never give up okay 👌. Now I have to figure out how to send money from America my friend it’s not much but every dollar will help you to get closer to your dreams.😇

  3. God love this man please heal him so he can enjoy life not getting to leave your house for 5 yrs oh my I start trippen after 2 days so sad I hope the drs. can help him with the help from the good Lord above no more complaining about my life iam very grateful

  4. Господи откуда эти болезни,бедный человек до слез жалко,здоровья тебе.

  5. Arun, you are an inspiration to people! Never stop dreaming and praying that God will show you the way. You have inspired me in a way that you will never know. God Bless ❤

  6. I know you cant just amputate the limb all at once because its too large & could cause serious issues, but, what about removing it in sections over a period of sessions?

  7. So they won't amputate because they want to study him? Isn't that cruel, forcing him to continuously live with severe suffering? I feel like they don't really have his best interest at heart.

  8. I Know the doctor meant well by asking how are things progressing? But I would've yelled, PROGRESSING?? HAVE YOU SEEN MY FEET DOC!!!

  9. Omg!!!..I was planning an excuse not to attend duty,but this video has made me to rethink & I'm going to work with a 100% performance.

  10. I don't want to blame the parents cause it not their fault but at same time I blame them a lot since that child was born you knew there was some type of rare disease he had it would eventually grown on that child, why not taking care of it before it worse , somehow I blame the parents, they let the foot grown this huge , anyway why it always in india

  11. Pour quoi ya tellement d cas a linde !!!!!!!!!!! كل الامراض و الاشياء الغريبة فالهند ، اللهم الطف بالمسلمين

  12. Man I feel so bad for him and the size of the feet like damn i feel so bad nobody is going to talk about thta

  13. whenever you hear the phrase "rare genetic condition" 90% of the time it's in India. I just wanna know why … why?

  14. He is really smart i hope he gets the help he needs and be able to live his life and follow his dreams.

  15. Some of the comments are just down right RUDE!! This guy is so sweet just because he is different doesn’t mean he isn’t human!

  16. if i was in his place i will cut it off , there are no treatments for such things. it's genetic and also that kind of damage is irreversable. and if there is or will be , it does not worth the suffering

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