My Life After 44 Years In Prison

My Life After 44 Years In Prison

On the windows … I’ve never seen nothing like this before. Look !
On the windows ? You aint see nothing on the windows but people. Walking by.
Not on video ! I Told you I stand out here for a long time watching this crazy stuff [Laughing] Wow !!! Alright ! My name is Otis Johnson. I went to prison at the age of 25 years old and when I came out I was 69 years old. I went to prison – or jail for the crime of attempted murder
on a police officer. Assault on a police officer Prison affected me a lot. My re-entry was was a little bit hard at first because things have changed. I got off Times Square and I was looking at the atmosphere. The new things that was happening And I seen that everybody or majority of people were talking to themselves. Then I look closely and they seem to have things in there ears. I don’t know with those things? With the phone thing? I phones they called them or something like that? I thought to my mind “What everybody became CIA or agents and stuff like that ?” Because that’s the only thing I can think of ! somebody walking around with wires in the ears That’s what they had when I was out during the 60s and the 70s. And then some people are not even looking where they’re going ! So I’m trying to figure out how people do that. Control themselves to walk and talk on their phone without even looking where they’re going. That was amazing to me. [music]So what’s the next move Where do I go Where do I stay Where do I work Where do I rest Where do I play It feels as though I’ve been up in this gridlock for days Still I’m hoping that this shit stops, but hey [music] I remember this when I first got out. I was gonna make a call. Then I’ve seen the 1$ thing. It was what 25 cents when I was out? [laughs] I found out when I got on the street they don’t use these. Like I said I’m used to being by myself But majority of the time I like the buses because you see diferent things and you also communicate with less people. You know bumping into people when you’re riding the train and stuff because that thing’s packed. But the bus is not really that packed. Even if it is packed you know you still have room enough to You know maybe talk to somebody or listen to what’s happening with other families on the bus. [music] Already 20 years old, now that can’t be right Why do I feel like I’ve already lived half my life [music] Being in society is a good feeling. A very good feeling you know? Other than being inside the prison. You only can go outside at certain times. So I like being in the sun and also observing people. It’s nice. It’s nice to be free. I think in 1998 or something like that I lost contact with my family. Coming out of prison I was mainly alone. Like I said I had no birth certificate. Nothing like that. I had no family. No girlfriend. No sisters. No brothers. No people that I could communicate that I had years ago. Bothers me a lot because I really you know I really miss my family you know. I remember I had two nieces and they were twins. Everytime I’d come over they’run. They’d run to me and one of them used to get behind me and hide. And the other one would be looking for the other twin And so sometimes I’d just you know just moved to the side so the twin can see the other twin. And she’d say “you crossed me!” So I remember that still. I used to love children. and that’s one of the good memories I have. I eat different things now. Because I’m looking at all this crazy stuff they got. So I try it out. You know once in a while. The funny dinners. Different colored drinks. What do you call that ? The gator stuff. Pink. Blue. All these different colors so I started thinking that once in a while. Just because it looks funny. There’s so many things that you can eat ! So it’s a hard choice to pick out really the food that you want. For instance the peanut butter. It had jelly in it And I ain’t never seen nothing like that before Definitely wasn’t in the prison system you know. So peanut butter and jelly in the same place in a jar ? That that was strange. Still here! 1960’s skippy still around. When I don’t have nothing to do maybe a six o’clock at night you know I might Since it’s nice out I go out in the park. You know I might just meditate You know you gotta let things go because hold on to anger will only stagnate your growth and development. You know a lot of people say society owed me because I did all this time. Even though I did the crime. I don’t think like that. I don’t feel that society owes me anything. Everything happens for a reason I believe So I let that go and deal with the future instead of dealing with the past. I try not to go backward I try to go forward. That’s how I survive in society.

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  1. The reason this man is so quiet is because he’s been by himself for so long. He’s scared. That’s the man tho

  2. I wouldn't feel bad for him, but "attempted murder" on a police officer is usually just a lie police say because they don't like you. Guaruntee there was no evidence of attempted murder.

  3. Here's an idea. Quit trying to kill police officers. Not much as changed, as your black brothers regularly attempt to kill police officers to this day.

  4. Less than 99.99% of THE US prisoners Will find themself Charger and sentenced false. That dont stand in proportion how many People Hollywood has hounted as selfproclaimed justice warriors. Its just a dry fact then it comes to water crisis. Most People has comited more crimes than they are being sentenced to jail for. But as a natural law THE Semtic tribes turn facts uppside down. During THE past 50 years less than 20.000 inmates has Been sentenced to jail wrong. Its legal for the Semtic tribes to rewrite history based on false propaganda . And that is becuse gods choosen People think they have THE legal right to lie,fake history,steal.

  5. America is so funny to the rest of the world that it's just… funny. I just can't wrap my head around this stupid country

  6. The USSR was still a thing when he got arrested. The Berlin Wall was still up, computers were a very rare commodity, and the world population was around half the current, around 3.6 billion. Wow

  7. I pray that he’s okay, and I hope he’s got a job or money and can take care of himself good. I hope he’s truly free. I wish you joy, buddy!

  8. They need to stop releasing people straight onto the streets my father did 19years and he is so lost. Thank God help decided to go to the psych ward and then to a halfway house. He's be back in prison if not. He just wasn't ready to be released soon quickly. It's alot to adjust to when you've done such long periods of time. Last week was my husbands 2nd year home after 7years straight and even he is a little lost in the sauce sometimes. He's mentally been through alot these past 2years. I couldn't imagine if he did 40+

  9. I would pay milluons to soend a day with this guy. Imagine the amount of wisdom you can get just by takling to him through his experience

  10. Nobody can judge, everyone have a choice in life and live with they're bad side effects!!!!
    Good for you if learn from big mistakes.!!!😥😥😥

  11. Glad hes changed but I like how they put as little focus on his disgusting crimes as possible. Interesting perspective youre trying to show for some scum.

  12. There are many people are prisoners in their homes, houses, apartments, of course not like this man, but they sees the world from different prospective coz they chose to not get involve in the current world as much.

  13. But how come none of the droves of Catholic pedophile priests that everybody knows about, aren't serving a day of time?

  14. He didnt deserve all those years in prison, maybe like 8 or 9 years, but not 45 man. People today get 30 years for actually killing several people. He got put in jail for his color, not the crime.

  15. When you got 70 bucks to spend in your whole life and 44 had been taken away from you oh that's some what heart breaking to see

  16. Your never going to fit back into this society, the best you can do for yourself is volunteer work back in the joint, you'll be half way between two worlds, maybe the best of both.

  17. My only uncle on left now, has been incarcerated since Sept. 1973. Wash. State. Free Simon Dearbone. a.k.a. Vietnam Veteran Warrior.

  18. Maybe he avoided watching tv?
    Cause seeing the world change and knowing you can't be a part of heartbreaking.
    I don't know if i could watch would probably kill me!
    After all this man had been trough he seems peaceful.
    He is so strong. Its unbelievable.
    He made a mistake, yes.
    But 44 YEARS ? I'm speechless.
    It's beautiful that he still chooses to move on with his life in a positive way. Respect!
    It's a BIG PROOF that they should have let him out of jail earlier!! The truth is no matter how calm and smart he is after prison ..i doubt he will be truly happy again. 44 YEARS!!.. is the end of everything. It's great that he find a way to control his pain and anger. If he would make a motivation speech "how to get trough hard times", i would totally trust in this words!
    We are all the same. A human.
    God bless you. I really hope you found peace and your family. Maybe you can't make a connection to the world anymore that's totally ok but you can treat yourself good. Eat good food, sleep in a comfortable bed and just take a shower as long as you want. It's your choice now

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