Nametfest 2017: tents, starfall and mehndi / Наметфест глазами мастера мехенди

Nametfest 2017: tents, starfall and mehndi / Наметфест глазами мастера мехенди

People in tents, shout: “A-a-a-a!” Hello to all! This is Nametfest, the very beginning. I just arrived, did not even have time to do the selfie near the station “Zmiev”: we immediately met a bus that brought us here. There are dogs, horses, a river, bonfires … I have already been given a chair. I do not yet know where I will live next night, but I already know where I’ll draw mehndi. This is very strange, because I came here yesterday afternoon, I’m here, in fact, a day, and most of this time I was drawing mehndi. . Because near me there were a lot of people who wanted to get a drawing. For me, the festival looks something like this. All these charming guys and girls came to me to draw mehndi, and I think that we will see them all painted, beautiful and, I hope, happy. Many tryed mehndi for the first time and they were very interesting. Therefore, as a matter of fact, I did not see much of the festival. But, strangely enough, I do not feel tired. It was an amazing two days, thanks to which I made several discoveries. First. This is what, it turns out, you can work all day, live and spend the night in the wild, and yet not feel tired. Yes! I saw falling stars! And it was magical! I managed to make a wish! If you need a telescope, then it is in that direction. There now, the astronomer himself watches the stars. You can join him! Most likely, it was the comet Hale-Bopp. I was a student at thet time. And I worked in Odessa on the market. I sold gumshoes there. I came for the first time. . I was offered, and I agreed. I’m standing, selling gumshoes, and here is a comet … I stand and look at the comet! What gumshoes! The buses drive up, grandmothers pop up, the people stop. They look at the gumshoes, at me, and then at the sky, where I look. What is it? I say “Comet”. Yes? Wow! Cool! And the people stops .. Everyone looks at the comet … Then they turn around: how much are the gumshoes? In general, I sold all these gumshoes … The girls sold out of the container, and I stood alone. Has come for the first time. No experience in trading … In general, I sold all these gumshoes once. I ran to the container, took more boxes. Again I sold … In general, by the morning I come to the container again, and the girls say to me: “Sanya, have a conscience, let us make money also!” I sold almost all the gumshoes. A whole container of gumshoes? Yes! This is what is worth seeing. Because in a big city you’ll never see such a sky and so many stars. And at this time of year, you can see a starfall here. It’s worth it to see, so come next year. I think that you will not regret in any case, because nature, the river and a good company, is, in any case, a recipe for a good rest! Another discovery is that those photos of the cosmos that we see on the Internet … beautiful, bright … in fact, they are painted, because the satellite sends them in black and white. But they are painted in the right colors. This was explained to us by the astronomer yesterday. We talked with him for a long time yesterday. Astronomer! Astronomer! I froze again. There is such a feature here: : in August it is very hot in the daytime, and it is cold in the evening and at night. Very noticeable temperature difference, because of this I was very cold. I really liked the story with the gumshoes. Unfortunately, I could not shoot yesterday’s conversation with the astronomer. Because everyone was looking at the starry sky, someone wanted to look through the telescope, and darkness was needed. And shooting at night without a flashlight did not make any sense. Other amazing things are that I came here without water, practically without food … and yes, almost without money. But … But all these days I was full. I had water … I had everything I needed. The organizers who invited me here invited me to their own tent. It’s about two o’clock in the morning. This is my first night in the tent. Well, since the festival is called “Nametfest”, it is logical that I am in a tent. I was invited by the organizers. There will be two more people with me here. You see, they have not even go to sleep yet, because there are many cases. Here, by the way … It was an amazing day. And yes, I saw the stars … how they fall … I saw a stellar fall and I managed to make a wish. Good night. I did not have to spend the night in the open. Well yes. Good, thank you. Good morning. The night passed somehow fast and cold … But, despite everything, there was a feeling of absolute freshness, I was absolutely rested, pleased with life and happy. Maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s the atmosphere: there are wonderful people … Now we are waiting for tea. We were promised tea. I already managed to do Surya Namaskar, take two interviews … I already have a mehndi queue since last night. And in general, a lot of thoughts, a lot of impressions from yesterday’s stargazing, and from people and from what is happening here … True, I saw almost nothing because of the fact that I’m drawing. But those people who were shooting something, people promised to share with me the video. Therefore, I still hope that I will have something to show you. But I also will try to shoot what I have time. You see? Here the forest .. There is a river … people bathe in the late evening and early in the morning. And a very cheerful, friendly atmosphere … Yesterday there was a fire show. I think you’ll see it. SPA ritual “The power of the elements” begins! Approach the scene. And now will be the results of the quest! The total part of the solar eclipse will last approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds. A relatively recently comet C2017O1 was discovered. Here is a map where you can find this comet. I could shoot only late at night, when it was already impossible to drow because of the lighting … The moon … Why is the moon so far? And the sun … Good The people I painted mehndi … Even for those who I have not yet painted, they just waited for their turn … They brought me water. Some of them, at my request, filmed some episodes of what was happening here. Some have promised me to share their photos and videos. So I think that thanks to my new friends, I will show you more than I could do it alone. Yes, I met many wonderful people here. The first place on the results of two days in spite of everything is taken by the Kharkov shooting instructor from the traditional bow Kristina Kapustina! The first place is occupied by a charming young man who has been practicing archery for many years … 20 yards … … This is the supplier of all components throughout Ukraine and not only … Anton Boyko! Smile! Another discovery is something that I had known only theoretically before, now I was convinced of this from my own experience, partly from the experience of the people I met here .. This is what, in fact, you can travel almost without money . But it is important to have a desire. Wonderful atmosphere! I want more! I know why I’m not tired. Because, despite the fact that most of this time I worked, most people left me with a smile. And it was very nice when you give joy to other people. Then really do not feel tired, because you understand that you did what someone needs. Because you did a good deed, which brings joy and happiness to people.

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