NAVI Esports Camp – Подведение итогов

NAVI Esports Camp – Подведение итогов

Overall, the project is great as it gives an opportunity for the youth and allows a new type of players to enter the scene. It helps the guys to switch from a casual hobby to a more professional format. Which is what esports lack now compared to traditional sport, and this project allows us to find and grow such players. We now have a ready-made concept of the camp that we can apply in other titles as well. It’s hard to be certain as esports is a dynamic industry – I can’t promise anything at this point, but maybe we will launch another CS camp in the summer. There’s a chance we’ll want to make our Junior lineup stronger by adding someone. As for other titles, it doesn’t make much sense for now as Dota is too random at the moment in terms of building a team/club and how players’ treat them. However, I can’t deny the possibility. We found a lot of talented guys, and in fact, we acquired the best young CIS players who didn’t have contracts. We picked 7 players and I’m happy with what we got. They sure have room for improvement though, and there’s a long way to go. However, we see the right direction we need to go, and I think we did a great job in those three months. I’m acquainted with all of the guys: I gave them a few lectures, we played football, I attended their yoga. Those guys are the new age gamers that I think have already felt the connection between physical activity and mental. I hope they will continue to improve those two aspects in their pro careers. The roster is great, the guys are ambitious and driven – this is the most important factor. I’m glad these guys have made it and I believe they have a bright future ahead of them. To be honest, the project surpassed my and the club’s expectations, we are very satisfied with the results and how some of the guys did. Clearly, this is just the beginning, but the guys have already have been invited to some tournaments. In particular, CIS ones but we also plan to qualify for more traditional international events that our main roster won’t participate in. Overall, we’re more than content with the results. All of them need to work on their understanding of the game. Their brain quickly processes information but in order to make right decisions, they gotta possess the right knowledge and experience. All they need is just to play more, analyze and break games down with their coach. They’ve got everything else: the desire, in-game skill and routine stuff like nade work, round strats and so on – these are the things that a lot of players, even pros, are lazy to do. For now, we’re planning to go with NAVI.Junior, and participate in every tournament we’ll get invited to or the ones that our main roster won’t take part in. I think this is the best way to be able to keep an eye on them and supervise their growth. Nevertheless, we’re not going to rule out any further options as we don’t know how things will unfold going forward. At least in terms of restrictions that the Junior roster abides by and how crucial it’ll be for the guys. So far it’s been acceptable as they understand they’re getting a lot from NAVI and are willing to sacrifice playing minors and majors. It doesn’t make sense to try and participate in every possible tournament because we mostly worked with individuals over the course of the summer camp. They learned certain in-game things but we didn’t set a team structure, which we’ll start doing only now. If bootcamps are necessary, we will have them, of course, but for now, we’re good without it. We’re going to participate in online leagues for the time being, but if they make it to a tournament, they’re welcome to bootcamp in Kyiv. For now, it’s only online. I’m glad the guys have already been invited to a couple of events, and frankly, I’m looking forward to seeing them in action myself. Their scrim results are quite optimistic, even though they were against mid-tier teams as we haven’t played top tier ones just yet. They win a lot of scrims and I hope they guys can do as well in a tournament-like environment. Although, we do realize it won’t be a big deal if they don’t do it right away as this is just the start of their journey, and the early stage of their establishment as players individually and as a single unit of a team. But I really want them to prove they’ve got potential at the very least.

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  1. Это просто бред, не брать Топу, но брать Аункера? Рип нави джуниор…

  2. Whitesmith , Topa, kapa4o, art1st , aunkere ( ili Poka )
    Должны были быть, это лучший состав.

  3. Я понимаю что это не в тему ну у кого-нибудь есть Хонор из линейки 20

  4. Если эти ребята сейчас будут сосредоточены на развитие себя как личностей, то они смогут прорваться к топовым коллективам. Я в этом уверен! Удачи! Born to win!

  5. Главное рано не выходить. Это самое важно что понимать надо

  6. Симпл в 18 в Нави
    Аункер в 18 в Нави Джуниор
    Импала/Руфаер в 21 играют квалы с 5яйцами

  7. Вы даете уже все знают кто будет играть в составе, мда чет задержали хлтв решает) ахаххах


  9. Сделайте как-нибудь стрим шоуматч bo3 Navi Junior VS Navi. Думаю будет интересно

  10. А PUBG добавить в кемп они не хотят? Было бы довольно круто

  11. все правильно сказали. главное для них это опыт. а если кто то будет ныть из за мажора то смело пиздите его а если продолжить то нахуй выгоняйте

  12. Продолжаю ставить дизы на этом канале, за рекламу на украинском..

  13. Возьмите Кейна тренером для состава, чтобы Блэйд только основным занимался.

  14. 5:00 очень зря. Если будут ехать 2 команды, то основной состав будет играть лучше дабы не упасть лицом в грязь

  15. Амиран это конечно пиздец, из таких ребят ты ничего не получишь, вам нужны реальные таланты к примеру ропз

  16. По мне так проект пока полностью провальный. Посмотрев первый матч, это полный зашквар, никакого результат команда не показала за пол года работы, миксу который собрался неделю назад. Как любит говорить Блейд "еще рано" делать выводы. Ну посмотрим. Прогноз команда не выиграет ничего(сугубо мое мнение).

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