NC 4-H Camp Scholarship Stories 2019

NC 4-H Camp Scholarship Stories 2019

Each one of these children has a story.
Each one of them is overcoming something in their own right. Each one of them is
special and deserves the right to grow up and have some normalcy. Um, I thought it was going to be scary.
There was gonna be wolves and stuff. so on TV there’s like a lot of movies where
camp is like a horrible place because like no technology. It’s
awful. I was just afraid to be away from my
family. I was extremely hesitant. I was afraid of
not making friends or the counselors would be scarier. I thought it’s gonna be
really hot and a lot of walking. I thought it was gonna be like kind of
boring. I thought I wasn’t gonna be like. Yeah, I thought it was gonna be hard to
make new friends. They may be a little bit hesitant in the beginning to come
but once they get here, the smiling faces that just says it all to me. I’ve had so much fun I want to do this
again. Like it’s been amazing. I’ve made so many friends. I’ve done so
many new things that I never thought I would have done without the support of
everybody else. Camp has been fun and exciting and I even forgot about my
parents. because I was having so much fun.
It’s all about those soft skills and life skills that trying to get these
kids to feel positive about themselves so they make some great decisions,
positive decisions later on in life. It carries through for a lifetime. When you
stay in a cabin full of girls for a week. You get to know them better. They’re like
family. We got kind of close, cuz, they’re like me. They like got the same
experience as me. At first I was really shy and quiet and everything but
they slowly brought me out of my shell the counselors really helped with that. I
mean, yes I made new friends. When I got here I entered a cabin, I sort of
felt alone cause don’t know those people. And now I know everybody in my
cabins name and my counselors. So suddenly you have a whole new sense
of reasoning skills, coping skills, problem-solving skills, from being at
camp, and that’s huge. I want to come back to camp next year cuz it’s fun. And canoeing.
I always like to say about 4-H we’re teaching kids, they are accidentally
learning while we’re having fun, and that’s definitely the case at camp. We
are definitely having fun and they are accidentally learning along the way.
What I’ve really really learned the most is actually, yeah, to be brave and try new
things. It was best time I’ve had in a long time.

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