Neal Katyal: Here’s Why President Donald Trump Isn’t In Jail | All In | MSNBC

Neal Katyal: Here’s Why President Donald Trump Isn’t In Jail | All In | MSNBC

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  1. He's not being impeached, because he did not break the law. It's not a crime to try to protect your personal brand by paying someone off, with your own money, who could make embarrassing revelations about you. Nor is it a crime to ask someone to make the payment on your behalf, nor to wish to conceal that you're making such a payment. The Trump brand existed before, during, and after the Presidential campaign, and he has not broken any laws by seeking to protect it. Prosecutors however, may be guilty of malfeasance.

  2. Rule by Law is slow at best. A sitting president should not get out of jail frew, part of today's trouble is Nixon and Reagan were not jailed.

  3. If Trump would have no problems, was doing great, have billions of $$ on his bank-account as he wants us to believe, why would he than run for president ?
    I know I wouldn't. Too much exposure, to much quicksand, too much scrutiny. Unless he's convinced the people really want him to. That seems hard to believe.
    Cheers !

  4. The Russian mafia runs the most powerful country in the world, through and illiterate, corrupt, obese and orange, puppet-president.

  5. There is now blood in the water…sharks sharks sharks…lol… bye bye trump🤣🖕👇🙊🤡🤯😡🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  6. My concern is Mr. Pense, who deflected, denied and covered on collusion, and payments to hide infidelity. This makes him an accessory.

  7. This is figuratively the tip of the iceberg !!! For real though. This is just beginning… Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha I'm definitely having fun !

  8. trump is not going to resign. He loves the trappings of the presidency too much and he has his cult following who are faithful.

  9. Hmmm… So can I commit a felony and quit my job and just get a different job? Criminals belong in jail. Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes all got away with crimes. Is the country really going to accept Trump and company getting away too?

  10. mr president should put in jail no matter how much big he is or billions dollar he ows but he should be punished no 1n above law bigger than that y only common man face mr president is lied lier need to be punish

  11. The first crime he committed is when first ran for president and second biggest crime when he became president. And all the rest if his crimes can be added!

  12. All of this corruption should surely end Trumps Presidency, but here is the problem. The DEMOCRATIC are SOFT and they fear moving to articles of impeachment because they know that his base will riot worst than the YELLOW VESTS in France. This could get real ugly folks.

  13. How come you haven't touched on Trump being over and impeached yet???? Don't want to put your hands in the dook???
    MSNBC and CNN have just confirmed that a meeting took place between president Donald J. Trump and a Russian official….. The Russian official may have used a White House toilet stall…… Ham Hawker Corey Booker has claimed eyewitness testimony that the toilet paper holder was indeed possibly empty……. Leading to the question,,, did the Russian official take a dump,,, ,, ,,,, and did he wipe his butt??????? Nancy Pelosi has begun an ongoing investigation of the matter that will come to be known as "Toilet Gate"!!!!! President Trump has denied any involvement within the matter and is on the golf course….

  14. Trump will never go to jail or convicted,he will resign and Pence pardon him before that happens, if he resigns he knows his supporters will believe him and he will still be rich.


  16. Have given up on the impeachment saga…one thing I have learned since watching American politics over the last two years is this, if you are the President of the USA you can do anything you want without fear of recriminations.

  17. Because he is a malignantly narcissistic megalomaniac who will most very likely make even the best judge in America/the world pay DIRE consequences for even daring to attempt to jail him, that's why he isn't in jail.

  18. Even the serious Lewinsky scandal under Bill Clinton administration, led to charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and the impeachment of Bill Clinton, but Bill Clinton was never removed from office under any impeachment process. Instead, he paid an $850,000 fine and his law license got suspended. As a result, all the allegations against Trump during his presidential campaign (before his presidency) won't reach any level of impeachment offenses. David Axelrod, formerly the chief strategist for President Barack Obama, wrote on Twitter, “Dems should NOT commit to impeachment unless & until there’s a demonstrable case for one.” He continued, “It is not just a matter of politics. It’s a matter of principle. If we ‘normalize’ impeachment as a political tool, it will be another hammer blow to our democracy.”

  19. Donald Trump is a felonious president in many more ways than one. Smocking guns are loaded and ready. Get him out of office NOW!

  20. The irony isn't lost on us.

    It's turning out Trump has done nearly everything he accused Hillary of. He's not even creative enough to make up crimes, but instead attempted to accuse her of his own. You can't make this stuff up, not even in a movie script.

  21. My money is on resignation. Whether it’s hour before his term is over with a pledged pardon by Pence, sworn in as the POTUS for the interim, or much sooner will depend on how tough the squeeze gets. Meaning, if or when and who among his children and son-in-law will be indicted, etc.

    The longer this drip drip goes on while Turtle Boy McConnell and the GOP controlled Senate stands by Trump saying ‘nothing to see here’ the more calamitous the disaster will be politically for the entire GOP. They will be known as craven accomplices not in defense of the Constitution but accomplices to the crime, the degradation of their offices, the institutions and the Constitution. They must and will be destroyed.

  22. This is just the tip of the iceberg for#45.Way more serious items to come….he is in deep.Fraud, hateful, corrupt individual.hurt many people.

  23. Not a single Democrat is going to commit to ANYTHING before the new session of Congress begins next month. So it's kind of pointless for the press to be pushing them right now. Patience, people.

  24. Trump sold our country out to PUTIN!
    The only deal this MFer should be offered is his RESIGNATION in exchange for leniency for his KID'S sentencing, not his own sentencing.
    A deal I bet he won't even take… because, Ivanka, Don Jr, Jarred, in the end, you'll see he don't care about none of you all neither.

  25. Trump and his family will be pardoned if Mike pence becomes president… but it still remains to be seen if pence will be implicated in Mueller’s final report for the his part in the campaign and transition with Flynn… there is no way pence is not somehow culpable, he was head of the transition team!!!

  26. Scum will never be in jail even for one day. On his last day he will pardon everyone then get Pence to pardon him as a final fk you to the American people.

  27. Hey!!! If I won that marathon last month, but yesterday a tape of me shooting steroids 2 hours before the race was made public, wouldn't I forfeit the medal and my entitlement to the benefits afforded me through the win be revoked? My "win" would be considered, illegitimate! So, with that established, every single thing Trump has done since January 20, 2017 should be reversed! Every appointment be nullified! Every order, dissolved! Every agreement, uncoupled! Then the total cost be assessed and seized from Trump's banks! He hijacked the American Government and committed fraud! If any Democrat, Independant, or Reformist had executed even the least of these criminal efforts, the Republicans would have already erected a stake and piled up a mountain of wood! He should not be entitled to any protections from being held accountable!
    OMG! It really was a WITCH HUNT!

  28. I don't know why Katyal mentioned that resigning might be one of Trump's options. I'm sure Trump has been told that if he resigns he won't have any protections. I think Trump might be considering quite the opposite. He must have at least some inkling that he will never win in 2020, so I wouldn't be surprised if he is thinking about pulling some kind of coup between now and then.

  29. How does resigning allow one to avoiding criminal charges? And why does it always seem to apply to whites only?

  30. Holy Smock, I think I like Neal Katyal, but why would resignation stop a criminal prosecution? If you commit a crime to get a job and quit that job, you are still liable for prosecution.

  31. Trump meets none of the criteria for being president, so therefore he isn't technically the Prez.
    If people didn't know after, what… 30 years of being an un-convicted felon that the trump crime family is just that, a crime family, then I want some of the same self denial drugs that the 46% of his supporters are taking. HEY I'm in construction & casinos Lol

  32. When Obama was the president all countries in the world were happy except Russia & Saudi Arabia…. When trump came just Russia & Saudi Arabia are happy and all other countries in the world are unhappy …
    Obama followed the laws and everybody were earning …. Trump has broken all laws and just he's earning money & his globalist friends then the others have stopped earning

  33. There the liberals go again with their antics. President Trump has done nothing wrong. Mueller hasn't had anything and that is why it has taken him the better part of two years throwing every conspiracy theory under the sun to try and impeach the president. President Trump keep making America great again, ignore the haters. They didn't throw Obama in jail for being illegally elected while not a citizen of the United States, they won't do it to President Trump for no crimes committed. #MAGA!!!!!!!!!

  34. Nowhere in our Constitution does it say the President is above the law. Its only a memo in the DoJ therefore considering the DoJ in NY have named him as a co-conspirator in a felony then he should be indicted. It's not a civil matter it's a felony matter. If nothing happens I believe the DoJ will lose the people's faith and trust. That's much more important than one person.

  35. … They have to impeach …. just the fact that individual #1 obtained the presidency in an unscrupulous, unlawful manner demands immediate removal… leaving individual #1 in office would likely set a precedence that obtaining office with false pretense is acceptable for at least one full term of office…and, potentially, pardonable by the next president. I'm sure that's not what the founders intended. The presidency is not meant to be an office where crimes can be committed and the law broken with impunity.

    There's no reason they can't continue Oversight, Intel and Judicial review of the Russian investigation after Trump is out.

  36. Democrats are the biggest enemies for America . DEMOCRATS= corrupt , liars , criminal manipulative , haters , agresive . OBAMA = THE BIGGEST IRONY , MISTAKE AMERICA EVER MADE . THE PLACE OF ALL DEMOCRATS IS IN JAIL OR OUT OF AMERICA .

  37. I imagine that there is some legal group out there ready to take on the issue of "Presidents cannot be tried while in office." That is only a policy. It is not a law and it certainly is not in the constitution. The policy is probably good so that the President (whoever he/she is) is not distracted from his duties by minor legal issues. But Trump is not facing "minor" legal issues. But the violation of the Constitution Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 8 (Emoluments clause) is. And so is conspiring with a foreign government (Treason). Nevertheless, violation of tax laws and/or campaign donation laws might not be worthy of a trial while he is still in office. Impeachment is a real option. But this is only my, nonlegal opinion.

  38. When the people acted to make the change in the US, by turning out in force for the midterms, we expected to see real action ! Not more of the same, talk, analyze, talk, do nothing–ENOUGH !! To our appointees: HANDLE IT !

  39. MSNBC still shouting TRUMP IN JAIL! This has been going before his inauguration. The left has lost their way, and all they know now is yell racist and put him in jail.

  40. 2 points
    1. Donald trump has basically committed treason against the rest of the US and should be impeached.
    2. If trump is impeached i dont think we will be ready for what pence and the rest of the administration has to offer. Trump is the media puppet pence has a more deep set evil.

  41. Thank you for the psychic and here we are, one year later. Looks like Donald Trump is sitting pretty high as far as politics go. You were dead wrong.

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