NELK IS IN JAIL.. (message from the filmer)

NELK IS IN JAIL.. (message from the filmer)

Sup you guys this is 905 Shooter Nelk’s filmer, just want to give you an update basically we were filming for the Microsoft video and We got a call from one of the officers saying that Kyle and Jessi needs to go to the police station So they go inside I wait outside I get a call from one of the officers, and they say that Kyle and Jessi are gonna be put in jail overnight And I don’t know how long they’re gonna be there for So basically I can’t disclose anything of the situation Nothing at all but basically They told me that they couldn’t that they couldn’t upload any videos or go on any social media So as far as right now any updates go on snapchat at Nelkfilmz And I’ll keep you up-to-date if anything else happens So just pray for the guys. Hope for the best and see you soon

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  1. Finally he’s gone he was so awkward and miserable, he ruined every video and tried WAY too hard to be funny with his “okay buddy” and he ugly af

  2. This is absolutely a great marketing strategy uses 2 year old video to fool the internet into him leaving only ogs remember this

  3. Where can I view the full boxing match between 905 and another guy that I saw at the end of one of the 9-0 videos circulating now?

  4. Everyone: 9-0 sucks and hes unfunny get rid of him

    Everyone after he gets kicked out: we love you 9-0 come back to nelk you were the best nelk member😭😭😭

  5. Legend has it immediately after this video he filmed himself jerking off and sent it to every girl that followed him on ig

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