Nerd Survival Stealth Tent

Nerd Survival Stealth Tent

Hello and welcome to episode 2 of Nerd
Survival my name’s Joe this is my puppy Dog Meat. Dog Meat, say hello
DM:”yeah hi how’s it going?”… DM:”For the love of god, please like and subscribe” there you go so that wasn’t in your head and I’m
gonna show you guys today how we’re gonna build a camp pretty basic stuff
and what I actually use and carry so stay tuned and welcome to episode 2…. That was good right? DM:”you’re joking right?”…. Well what do you know, you’re a dog! DM:”more than you and everyone knows it”
stay tuned DM:”simpleton” *Banging intro song* so no doubt some of you are wondering
about this guy right here Mr.Dog Meat yeah actually we got him as
a puppy and unfortunately it turned out he had a thyroid condition and everybody
thought he was gonna pass away including all the vets but luckily we were able to
get him back to health and fortunately he did lose a lot of hair under his
belly but it’s nothing really bad nothing that you know is gonna harm him
it’s just cosmetic for him but looks like he’s been through a lot of stuff
hence the nickname Dog Meat DM:”thanks for stating the obvious” and also a big fan
of some video games too you know what they are cuz I’m a nerd. Okay so here we
go we have camera 1 camera 2 and camera 3 right there number three is down
F*&%$#@ battery’s dead alright close-ups will be done with the other one Here we go so we got two cameras one of
our cameras died shit happens here we go so we got camera one and
camera two so here we go we’re gonna build a tent now how do I do this how do
I do this with my own pack how do I do this on a slope like we’re on currently
this is the Catskill Mountains friends so yeah everything is like this so if
you do bushwhacking you’re gonna see a lot of this type of camping in the woods
here now we have a choice we can set up a hot tent for those cold nights or we
could set up a stealth camp I’m opting for the latter
we’re gonna set up a stealth camp today so without further ado here we go now some of you guys are wondering what
kind of tent I use army poncho pretty simple style tent it’s fast efficient
and it’s a raincoat, with a hood, the reason why I wear this and I use this is to, A: not to
get wet and B: it is super lightweight efficient blends in with the background
excellent for stealth camping or just the regular camp as you know ounces equal pound s eventually and yeah
something lightweight like this is fantastic I’m going to show you the
proper way how to set one of these up pretty quickly a lot of people mistake
this DM: “god help us” they make a lot of problems with this they usually uh…DM: “fail at this moron”… don’t do too good with it okay so here we go pretty simple DM:”If I had thumbs, I’d be
showing you up right now” first off we’re gonna clear all the
brush from around here okay so we did a little bit of camera move there try to
get things a little different change some lenses out so that autofocus works
a little easier now okay so yeah we clean this area out pretty well DM:”the best
laid plans of mice and men” now remember this is a stealth camp so we don’t want to do a
lot of damage to the area otherwise it’s obviously gonna be seen so we want to do
a minimal amount of moving of everything we want to get the tent down we want to
get it so he can be warm and we also want to get it so we can be concealed
this is what I use for quick expedient tent pegs I want to make these lighter
so you might see a blacksmithing episode or me working these in the shop and
making them a little cooler than what they are got some ideas got some ways to
make these better and also science the hell out of them it’s gonna be fun
second thing I’d like to add to my pack it’s one of these guys you can find
these guys just about anywhere nowadays super cheap and super lightweight but
super effective this is a reflecting ground cloth or
tent you could use this as a tent but obviously if I want to use blaze orange
for a stealth camp, use blaze orange for a stealth camp and you’re not
stealth camping you’re now gonna be found by whoever this is pretty bright it’s
meant to be that way from rescue but this is the side we’re looking to use
and we’re gonna use this as a ground cloth so it can reflect the heat back
into our bodies so you don’t get cold in the middle of the night. Don’t hurt the little tree there
keep that guy alive okay so now, the fun part! now you’re like oh my god this is not
very stealthy wait and see… Now, you’ll notice, that I put this down
and both tents are almost the exact same size so I got the base cover down on the
bottom the reflective pad and then I have this
nice big raincoat okay so that’s pretty much the easy setup now put in the last
two stakes here easy peasy DM:”Steaks, I could go for some
steaks right now, but without subscribers I starve” then we’re gonna need one of
these bad boys one of these guys I’m gonna use to go collect leaves in a
little bit this is just a again really cheap tarp
this is made out of like ripstop nylon we’re gonna use it to gather some leaves
and bring them over, here we go who wants to carry tent stakes when you got
a bunch of them in the woods here and you could always improvise him and make
them pretty simple that’s a pretty sturdy one should be all I need, somewhere about that height, if I was
laying in my tent let’s see I might even be able to get
lower than that that’s it right there I don’t know how I managed that one, that was incredible! I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna cinch
that up Looking at about yay tall, around there, and I get it a little… yeah, that looks good I think that ain’t bad at all okay so we got a
little breathing vent here cuz you don’t want to asphyxiate we roll this
stuff back kind of like that so we get a little bit of a port hole this is very
important has to stay open you need air I also recommend cracking open one of
the sides I always like to do one of the sides either here or here sometimes even in
the direction of the wind it gets you hot but then from this point on the fun
begins now I’m only gathering some of the stuff
that I have moved around earlier the kind of cover the edges and blend the
sides quite a bit because I don’t want to go ahead and make these large areas
that are missing leaves and look like they had leaves brushed away. Yeah I just feather things out a bit, kind of a blending and then
I’ll go off in the woods we’ll get some real loads of leaves so let’s go ahead and
do that. How you doing there Dog Meat? Hanging in there? DM: “I’m hungry” Don’t worry, we’ll give you a nice good meal when we get back to the house maybe go for a swim
would you like that? …DM: “That’s it, I’m leaving” okay so I came here to gather some leaves Dog Meat is gonna
help here we go pretty easy take the ground
cloth you don’t need to make this huge I don’t need to bring it out the whole
distance but pretty simple that’s up yeah just kind of like that we don’t want to take too much from one
area again feather it out make it look like you know it’s kind of a natural
thing it’s not people gathering leaves everywhere there you go and then we take this guy and bring it back to camp, here we go Queue upbeat montage music…. …. Beep beep boop boop, badababada di di…. Shananananana Nını Doo dooo doodaleedoooo bop boop beep bop buhnahnahnah Add a little embellishment…. a little too high of an embellishment… there you go Come on Dog Meat! Come here Dog Meat, come here pup, come here daddy’s boy! I got the house built, want to see if you can come inside with me, Fen? Now this is an integral part right here, we can go ahead and use our backpack the flat top surface of it to give us some
elevation in there and also to store our stuff! so here we go… a little bit of height That ain’t too bad try to camo that a little bit now the hard part is getting in it
without destroying it that’s always a given you will get a little dirty doing
this just part of the game that’s it now this does create a thermal mass you
could even add more leaves on to this if you really want to get a good thermal
mass going on but again you get really careful that you don’t overheat you have to
be really careful that you don’t asphyxiate so you always have to leave
this huge hole opening in the top very very very very important
and this one will also keep you warm I don’t use a sleeping bag because I wear
warm clothes and on top of wearing warm clothes I sleep on the thermal mat and
then I also use what nature provides and we’ll show you that in more videos again
I like lightweight backpack packing light weight or ultra light
so anything 15 pounds and under I don’t like carrying a lot of stuff in the woods I
don’t think it’s necessary they didn’t do it the Revolutionary War and do it
times before that so why should we know it’s fieldcraft, you have to know the fieldcraft
so have a great night I hope you enjoyed the episode this is
Nerd Survival enjoy also I wanted to point out how easy it
is to go ahead and actually clean this guy up! One tent peg… two tent pegs, three, four, five, six.. and seven. Then I grab the middle take the stick out, get rid of this guy I got this guy *zip….zip… zip* so again just to go ahead and show you
guys reason why I put carabiners on my leashes it’s again I can lock Dog Meat
down to my side if I need to I don’t like doing it very much
you know everything should be free you know to pursue liberty and happiness
especially Dog Meat here he’s been through a lot okay so I hope you enjoyed
this episode of Nerd Survival again this is Dog Meat
my name’s Joe and hope you enjoyed Time to go swimming? That’s what I thought…Alright, goodbye to all…Let’s do it, Fen! Alright, ready? Give dad a hug! *whistling* Come on Bud! Come on!…. No NO NO Over here!…..Not there! Nope nope nope not on the top… come here Bud! Alright, come on in *Laughing* yeah, I know, it was a good idea to bring you!

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  1. “I could go for some steaks right now but without subscribers I starve” lol you’ll get there Joe💪
    cool info on the reflector to keep warm, never knew that

  2. Thank you to my wife Bri for doing a fun version of the closed captions for a different experience that the hearing impaired will enjoy very much.

  3. This was an awesome video I enjoyed, the whole concept of having Dogmeat in there is just great. Sweet camp set up as well nice work brotha.

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