New store features furniture, clothing, more made by Hawaii prisoners

New store features furniture, clothing, more made by Hawaii prisoners

A new storefront officially opened in Honolulu today–where you can get everything from office furniture to koa boxes–all locally made… By Hawaii prisoners. Take a good look at the furniture in this room. It was all made by inmates incarcerated in Hawaii prisons. From desks and chairs to intricate lamps. They do it all. 22:22- 22:36 IF YOU CAN DREAM IT UP, WE CAN DO IT. WE’VE GOT 12 DIFFERENT SHOPS-INDUSTRIES in the PRISONS AROUND THE ISLANDS AND DO EVERHTING FROM BEDDING TO FURNITURE TO SPECIALTY ITEMS. Take a look at this chair: it includes a place to recharge your phones and plug in a light. It’s all part of Hawaii Correctional Industries. And now prospective clients can see it all in one place without having to go through security. 21:48- 22:03 BEFORE TODAY SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO GO INTO THE PRISON OFTEN TIMES TO TALK TO US ABOUT WHAT OUR OFFENDERS CAN DO IN THE VAREOUS SHOPS. NOW THERE’S A PLACE IN DOWNTOWN HONOLULU WHERE CUSTOMERS CAN COME AND TOIUCH AND FEEL THE PRODUCTS THAT WE MANUFACTUR E. AND MEET WITH OUR SALES STAFF Look at the carved tiki and canoe…. Even these wooden boxes. Everything made is sold at competitive prices. But not just anyone can purchase. 23:29-23:36 ANY STATE AGENCY OR CITY AND COUNTY AGENCY CAN PURCHASE FROM US AS WELL AS ANY NON PROFIT. That includes public schools and universities. Hawaii Correctional Industries can also partner with Hawaii’s small businesses. One of the growing areas is agriculture. Today members of the WCCC culinary program were there—- demonstrating the cooking skills they are learning from instructors from Kapiolani Community collage. Sharon smith says the program has taught her a lot of skills to prepare her for the future. 12;12-12″24 I WILL CONTINUE MY PROGRAM TO OBTAIN MY DEGREE AFTER LEAVING WCCC HOWEVER WHAT I DO WITH IT PERHAPS NOT THE COOKING PART. I’D LIKE TO DO MANAGEMENT OR JUST USE IT TO HELP PEOPE BUT DEFINITELY COOKING FOR THE FAMILY. There was a tree full of these ornaments there…. Proceeds going to help crime victims… Also made by the inmates. Tomorrow night on KITV4 news at 6 we’ll take you inside Halawa prison for an exclusive look at what offenders are making and hear how they feel about the program. Speaking of jobs- A California doctor says if

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