*NEW* Visit ALL 7 Pirate Camps! (Fortnite Challenge)

*NEW* Visit ALL 7 Pirate Camps! (Fortnite Challenge)

Astro headset giveaway link in the description check it out the week 1 challenges for season 8 have been released and one of those challenges is to visit all seven of pirate camps so in this video I will be showing you guys all of the pirate camps as the title would suggest so if you guys do enjoy and if this video does help you definitely drop a like rating subscribe if you're new and other than that let's jump into it now if you don't know what the pirate camps look like they are basically these locations all there on the map that have pirate flags on them as shown here this one is located in near the lava flowing on the top right of the map where tomato temple used to be the second one we are showing is located a bit to the left of that next to a lazy lagoon which by the way is a fantastic name I definitely like that one following up that one is over by a pleasant park it's where the I guess haunted house used to be at least that's what I used to call it so it is right there on the map moving down into the winter biome well we have the next pirate camp here next to the frozen lake which is where Griesa Grove it used to be here it is on the map definitely a very obvious spot to go to following that one and we have the giant mountain next to fatal fields the house that was always there has now been transformed into a pirate camp so that is in the next location and the second to last one is at the very center of the map next to dusty divot it is just right where that broken-down house used to be so I'm sure you guys know where that is you've seen it a ton of times and lastly we are going towards the desert for the very last pirate camp here next to the bridge it is right there on the maps make sure you guys go to all of those different locations and claim your reward for the week one challenge if this video did help you guys get the challenge done I would appreciate it if you would up a like rating and if you guys are brand new to my channel definitely subscribe as it is free and we are on the road to 300,000 subs it's so every sub counts now without further ado I will talk to you all later have a nice day guys thank you all so much for watching peace out

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  1. Yay!!!! A get to the point video!!!!! thanks for not stretching to 10 minutes.
    Wow thanks for all the likes, the pin, and the heart! That's my biggest liked comment and first pinned! BTW I subbed!

  2. Haven't seen your videos in 2 years, but feels good to see you pulling these views. Keep going Justin.

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