Non-Partisan Hacks | The Facepalm Five: November 11, 2019

Non-Partisan Hacks | The Facepalm Five: November 11, 2019

It’s November 11, 2019 and it’s time to
review five of the most outrageous, infuriating, or just plain baffling things that have happened
lately. It’s your Facepalm Five. Let’s count ‘em up! 1. Trump and allies push to expose and intimidate
whistleblower. We have officially reached the “let’s
just try to scare our enemies into leaving us alone” phase of the Trump team’s response
to the impeachment inquiry. For the past few weeks, Trump and his various
surrogates and cheerleaders have become increasingly insistent that the Democratic members of Congress
pursuing the impeachment investigation should reveal the identity of the whistleblower whose
concerns about Trump’s phone call with the President of Ukraine started this ball rolling
in the first place. And, so these Trumpers demand, if the Democrats
refuse to make the whistleblower’s identity public, the media should do it themselves. Not because once the whistleblower’s identity
is confirmed and made public they’ll be easier to harass and intimidate and discredit
through attacks to their character, that’s silly, why would you even say that?! It’s just that people want to know, okay? Is the President not allowed to face his accuser? I mean, yeah, the whistleblower is protected
by laws which were written for situations similar to this one, but come on! Tell us who it is who we can destroy them! Wait, no, not that last part. Does it matter at all to these dipshits that
the cat is out of the bag now, and even if the whistleblower were to mysteriously vanish,
the impeachment inquiry would continue? Probably not. Trump says the whistleblower should be outted
because they gave an inaccurate accounting of his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky,
but a) no, they didn’t, and b) even if they did, numerous other witnesses, not to mention
the summary of the call released by the White House itself, establish that Trump did attempt
to pressure Zelensky into investigating Joe Biden, and other witnesses have established
that effort extended well beyond that one phone call. Senator Rand Paul spoke at a Trump rally in
Kentucky where he demanded that the media expose the identity of the whistleblower. Several Trump defenders, including Donald
Trump Jr., retweeted articles from such reputable sources as Breitbart which claim, without
confirmation, to reveal the identity of the whistleblower, thereby endangering that person
whether they happen to actually be the whistleblower or not. But let’s put Donald Trump Jr. to the side
for the moment. We’re gonna come back to him. First, speaking of Breitbart: 2. In shocking twist, it turns out Richard Spencer
is super racist. Former Breitbart editor and current person
who can’t sleep in anymore because of the crowing of all of his chickens that have come
home to roost, Milo Yiannopolous, seems determined to drag as many people as possible down with
him as he sinks into richly deserved obscurity. Last week, Yiannopolous released an audio
recording of a person he claims is white supremacist Richard Spencer, going off on a racist, anti-semitic
tirade, using slurs to refer to Jewish people and Black people, and declaring “My ancestors
fucking enslaved those little pieces of fucking shit . . . They get ruled by people like me.” The recording was apparently made following
the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, where counterprotestor Heather Heyer
was murdered by white supremacists. Why is it news that a famous racist like Richard
Spencer is caught on tape saying a bunch of racist shit? Because Spencer’s been working his David
Duke 2.0 gimmick, pretending to be the handsome, nonthreatening white supremacist, for so long,
and has gotten so many people to fall for it, that apparently it’s surprising to some
people that Richard Spencer, the guy who invented the term alt-right in a deliberate effort
to make white nationalism more acceptable to the mainstream, holds some ugly, racist
opinions, and expresses those opinions in gross, overtly bigoted language when he thinks
the normies can’t hear him. The only reason “Richard Spencer caught
on tape saying racist shit” is news at all is because so many people have taken this
neo-Nazi piece of garbage at his word that he’s not such a bad guy. He says racist shit all the time, he’s said
it in print, on podcasts, on TV, but because he doesn’t use the n-word or the k-word,
he gets away with being described as “racially charged” or “controversial” rather than
“a white nationalist who supports genocide.” It’s a disgrace. To hell with Richard Spencer, to hell with
Milo Yiannopolous getting attention for himself by telling us all what we already knew, and
to hell with everyone who cried foul when poor, innocent Richard got punched in the
face a couple of years ago. How many times do people like Richard Spencer
need to tell us who they are before we finally realize that no matter what happens to them
we should never, ever be on their side? 3. Hand-wringing over Trump getting booed at
World Series. Speaking of fence-sitting shitheads who need
to shut the hell up, I bet a lot of those who needed smelling salts after they saw Richard
Spencer get punched were similarly offended by the sight and the sound of President Trump
getting booed at the World Series a couple of weeks ago. Even Nate Silver was on Twitter wondering
why Trump couldn’t even be allowed “one good day” after announcing the killing of
the leader of ISIS. I don’t know Nate, maybe because he’s
a horrifying disaster of a human being and a leader? Should we give the guy who refers to immigrants
and people of color and people living in poverty using words like “infested” and “vermin”
a break for a day? Should we ease up on the guy who tried to
ban Muslims from the country and has arbitrarily kicked trans people out of the military and
just let him have his moment in the sun over the dead terrorist? It’s only fair, right? What the fuck is wrong with you? Personally, I found Trump getting booed at
the Series one of the most encouraging things to happen in a long time. It’s nice to be reminded that most people
in the country are in agreement that Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment and needs
to go. But some people didn’t like the sound of
those boos, or the chant of “Lock him up!” that accompanied them. One of those people, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough,
called the “lock him up” chant “un-American.” Democratic Senator Chris Coons said something
similar, insisting that “the office of the president deserves respect.” Right, which is why Donald Trump shouldn’t
be in it. Look, I get the comparison being made here,
and superficially it makes sense: if it’s not okay for Trump supporters to chant “lock
her up” about Hillary Clinton, why is it okay for people to chant “lock him up”
about Trump? The thing is, Hillary Clinton was investigated
ad nauseum and repeatedly cleared of wrongdoing – there’s nothing to lock her up for,
the chants are about hatred and paranoia, they are the result of a fascist and his base
publicly wishing to see the persecution of their enemies. Trump, on the other hand, is a criminal. Were he not the current President of the United
States he would have been indicted already, but because the U.S., beacon of democracy
and rule of law that we are, has a tradition of not holding sitting presidents legally
accountable for their crimes, he’s safe for the moment. When people chant “lock him up” at Trump,
it’s because we know he’s actually committed crimes that deserve to be prosecuted and punished. You wanna talk about respect for the office? Booing and chanting “lock him up” at Donald
Trump is the greatest show of respect for the office of the presidency I can imagine. Other than removing Donald Trump from the
office, that is. 4. “Non-partisan” shows welcome Trump Jr.
to shill his book. So let’s talk about Donald Trump Jr., his
new book, and why Steve can’t have nice things. Trump Jr., the president’s shitwitted number
one son, the guy who was born on third base and thought he invented baseball, wrote a
book – a book which, in a move indicative of what an original thinker he is, Trump Jr.
titled “Triggered.” I mean, how the hell does a person named Donald
Trump Jr. wind up even less impressive than Donald Trump Sr.? That is quite an accomplishment. Trump Jr.’s only accomplishment. Anyway, despite the fact that Trump Jr. is
not only one of his father’s biggest defenders but is also a huge piece of shit in his own
right, having been implicated in several of his father’s crimes – including inviting
Russian interference in the 2016 election and the charity fraud involving the Trump
Foundation for which a judge recently levied a $2 million fine – Trump Jr. is seemingly
having no trouble finding people willing to help him promote his book. And I’m not just talking about the usual
suspects on Fox News Channel or right-wing talk radio – I mean, like, The View. Or – and this one hurts me personally – pro
wrestler, best-selling author and kinda/sorta rock star Chris Jericho, who welcomed Trump
Jr. onto his podcast for a talk that was so much fun Trump Jr. tweeted about what a great
time he had and what a cool guy Jericho is! When many of Jericho’s fans expressed their
dismay and disappointment that he would have Trump the Lesser on his show, Jericho brushed
them off, tweeting “Calm down, I’m non-partisan.” Two things: first, fuck you, Chris. Second, if I had Donald Trump Jr. on my podcast
– I would never have Trump Jr. on my podcast, I’d tell his people to lose my contact info,
fuck off, and die, in that order – but if I did have Trump Jr. on my podcast, and he
left thinking the appearance had gone so well that he cheerfully tweeted about what a cool
guy I was, I think I’d step into a scalding hot shower and just kinda stay there forever
because I’d never feel clean again. If you welcome a racist, misogynist, homophobic,
transphobic criminal onto your show so he can sell his book and show everyone what a
fun dude he can be, you don’t get to wash your hands of that. You’re enabling an evil person, you’re
giving him a platform to sell his book and try and convince people that he’s not as
bad as people think. You’re not non-partisan, Chris, you’re
complicit. It must be nice to feel so insulated from
the very real harm being caused in the world by people like Donald Trump Jr. that you can
hang out with the asshole for your podcast, and when people call you out for platforming
a fascist bigot, you can shrug it off by saying “Relax, we didn’t talk about politics.” Chris Jericho is a fanastic pro wrestler who
has entertained me for years playing a scumbag heel. It’s disappointing to learn that he wasn’t
actually playing. Now it’s time for the segment devoted to
some of the other things Donald Trump has done recently to disgrace the presidency and
embarrass and/or endanger the United States and the rest of the world: 5. The Further Misadventures of Lord Dampnut. Please keep in mind as always: the following
is not a complete list. Trump held a rally in Kentucky in support
of that state’s Republican governor, Matt Bevin, ahead of last week’s gubernatorial
election. At the rally, Trump said that if Bevin lost,
“they are going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world.” Trump then pleaded, “You can’t let that
happen to me!” That’s how he campaigns for someone? “If you lose, it’ll make me look bad,
so don’t do that to me!” I guess it makes sense if your remaining supporters
are basically a cult. Anyway, the next day was election day and
Bevin lost. Whaaaaaat? Yes! The Republican lost the governor’s race! In Kentucky! So, how did Trump try to save face after that? He tweeted, “Our big Kentucky Rally on Monday
night had a massive impact on all of the races. The increase in Governors race was at least
15 points, and maybe 20!” In other words, sure, he lost, but without
me he would have lost by twenty points! Except that according to polls, the governor’s
race was either a tie or showed a slight lead for Bevin heading into election day. Bevin embraced Trump as heedlessly and wholeheartedldy
as possible, and it didn’t work, he lost. Moving on, as I mentioned earlier, a New York
state judge ordered Trump to pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit which alleged that the
Trump Foundation improperly coordinated with Trump’s presidential campaign. In the decision, the judge found that in January
2016 Trump held a fundraiser supposedly for the foundation, only to redirect the money
to his presidential campaign. Another word for that is “fraud.” Trump responded to the decision by complaining
that he’s the only person who can give to charity and get attacked for it. Actually, Donald, lots of shitty people give
to charity or organize fundraisers for charities, and then try to use that as a shield for their
shittiness, apparently ignorant of the fact that it only makes them look shittier, because
how big of a piece of shit do you have to be to use a charity to try and make yourself
look good? One last thing about Trump ripping people
off under false pretenses before we wrap this up: Trump’s campaign recently held a contest
to drive up donations, with the promise that the winner would get to have breakfast with
Donald Trump. Let’s leave aside any thoughts of how utterly
broken and wretched a human being would have to be in order to want to have breakfast with
Donald Trump – the fact remains, lots of people did enter this contest, and one person,
Joanna Kamis, won. The only thing is, she didn’t have breakfast
one-on-one with Trump, despite the campaign repeatedly implying that a personal breakfast
with Trump was the prize. In fact, Kamis didn’t have breakfast with
Trump at all – she was invited to an event where she got to meet Donald Trump Jr., and
she eventually was allowed to take a photo with Trump himself, but the prize of “breakfast
with Trump” just never happened at all. And Kamis is not the only person to win a
contest put on by the Trump campaign only to discover that the promised prize doesn’t
exist. Judd Legum conducted an investigation into
the Trump campaign’s contests for his newsletter Popular Information and found fifteen contests
held since 2018 where the top prize was a meal with Trump, and found no evidence that
any of the contest winners ever shared a meal with Trump. There’s another word for that: “fraud.” Shit, I’ve said that twice now. Well, you know, that’s really one of the
only honest slogans his campaign could have: “Trump: There’s Another Word for That:
Fraud.” Okay, that’s three times. I’m outta here. That’s five. Speak out, act out, resist, look after each

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. "My ancestors used to own people like you!" cries the racist.

    "My ancestors used to kill your ancestors for abusing us," replies anyone with African ancestry.

    Does he want those times to come back? I'm not black (I'm very, very White English) but I'd gladly help kill slave owners if they really want to go back to those days. Fuck that shit. Racist idiots need to be removed from society (not necessarily lethally, more like telling racists to all fuck off and live far away from society and make their own hellish communities of hate and bigotry).

  2. 1. This is purely Mafia boss behavior, insofar as I can tell. Holding to Constitutional principles or considerations of safety of participants (including whistleblowers) is unsurprisingly out the window. TL;DR version: typical Trump behavior.

    2. Richard Spencer is super racist? NOOOOOO! And Water is WET!!!! Film at 11! [do we even USE film anymore?]

    3. This was MONEY. Trump thought he could go to a ball game In Washington DC and get a positive welcome. He probably should have gone to Houston, though it could have been just as bad there. And while I'm at it, Congrats, Nats!!!

    4. "Triggered." Ohhhhhhh, there are SO many different directions I could go with that … but they'd be naughty and inappropriate and possibly get me the attention of the Secret Service if I did so … let's just NOT this time around, eh?

    5. That Kentucky election was a bust for Donnie … and I LOVED IT! That the Trump Foundation is as corrupt as its namesake regarding the donor business is just more SSDD [yawn]. Ditto the contest. Trump stiffing contestants who vied for breakfast with the mango meshugeneh remains SOP. C'mon, you guys, no one learning from previous mistakes?

  3. I hate it when folks chant anti-Trump stuff at ball games. Wait! No I don't! Let's all sing this one together then, "Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up, lock Trump up, lock Trump up! Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up! He's…a…traitor!"

  4. I mean the Jericho thing sucks but did you really expect more from him? He's always been pretty candid about being a "look after number 1" kinda guy.

  5. We've got our in shit in the UK, as I'm sure you're well aware. But most of us here are sending our support over the pond during the shitty times you're all having to deal with. Keep up the fight.

  6. Hey Steve great Video as always in the hope that Trump is removed from office, not reelected or God forbid someone takes a shot at him can we have a whole video dedicated to his misadventures

  7. I entered one of those contests to have breakfast with Trump. In really tiny print in their emails, they have a way where you can enter without donating any money. I was hoping to get a chance to give him a piece of my mind.

  8. Have you by chance seen the new campaign banners trump has put out? There are several variations on this but they all have the slogan "no more BS", with BS spell out. Can't wait to hear them start chanting that one at his campaign rallies.

  9. I'm having to force myself to NOT flip off my screen whenever 45 or one of his cronies or offspring appears because I'm at work and that action might be misinterpreted as being aimed at someone else in the room. However, understand I am doing it in my mind.

  10. I always get more than something out these segments. Never give up the fight, brother.
    And much congratulations to you on hitting 100K subs. Much love to you.

  11. Steve, have you changed you mic/room/compression on this? Sounds like you have more reverb than normal? Were you just doing the narration while taking a shit/shower?

  12. Why are white collar crime so nice sounding. "Miscoordinated with the campaign". And you got poor people crimes like stealing a car called "Grand Theft" like, how is stealing a car so grand when you got people out here "miscoordinating" millions of dollars?

  13. Vis-à-vis outing the whistleblower. Do people not remember Richard Jewell? Or Sunil Tripathi?

    I suppose this is a little adjacent, but these people were threatened for THINGS THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO! Imagine what might happen if the general public got hold of the whistleblower's name.

  14. This isn't a criminal trial. It's a job hearing. Trump has no right to face his accuser, nor the right to an attorney, because, again, this is not a fucking criminal trial.

  15. Trump is an embarrassment to the US and to the rest of the world. We are supposed to be continually evolving as a species, not devolving into chaos.

  16. 1)The entire idea is to hurt or kill the whistleblower. These people know what they are doing. 2) That footage with Richard Spencer and W Kamu Bell is YIIIIKKKKEEES. 3) Lock him up! 4) Ugh.
    Thank you!

  17. Honestly,two options:
    1) in the darkest corner of their minds, Trump & Co hope someone would at the very least threaten their lives. If a whistleblower and their families get threats and then , and thats what I believe Trump, Carlson etc. hope for, this would change their minds and maybe others would change their story too. .. Even if other witnesses are already publicly known. The message is: No one is safe, not in the public and not in hiding. That this is a poor man's mafia story. Even if the protagonists are as dumb and vicious as… Let's say King Joffrey. And Trump thinks like a mob boss.
    2) depending on who the whistleblower is, Trump would like to make their lives miserable. He does have power, he has connections, that's why the GOP is afraid of him. Just yesterday Last Week Tonight made a piece about "Slapp Suits", as an example they brought up Trump who stated that he sued someone just to make the person feel miserable.

  18. 14:30 I mean you knew the guy was a chiseler but damn. Why would you go to such great length to piss off people that support you?

  19. Fuck Chris Jericho. I was a fan of his for years but after this I’m done. How fucking out of touch is he if he thinks this shit is ok?

  20. OH come on, how difficult is it to fulfill a prize as simple as a meal!? It doesn't cost a lot and only takes a maximum of 1 hour of time. The assistant would spend just a little more time scheduling and preparing the event, but for Donny it would be no effort at all.
    What a cheap, lazy, scumbag, and FRAUD.

  21. Speaking as an anarcho-communist, I would want to have breakfast with Trump, just to experience it; the one thing he actually has the best of is insanely perplexing bizarreness. As an atheist, I want to cram as much of that into this one life as I can, because I also am a Situationist. Plus, I have aspergers, so I feel like I could hear all his bullshit in concentrated form without having a fucking panic attack, if I concentrated. Also, did I mention I'm a masochist? I feel like that might be an important detail. Additionally, I think I have a chemical burn on my face, any tips?

  22. Again, love your videos!! Although this doesn't apply to this video Steve, WTF happened to SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE???? Please in the future do a video about that!! Although I believe in something I still DO NOT BELIEVE religion should be any part of how are elected leaders decide on ANYTHING!! Thanks and I hope you have a GREAT DAY!

  23. Chris Jericho: I'm non-partisan

    news flash, no you're not, you just supported a nazi. That's a pretty clear 'I picked a side'.

  24. There is one reason and one reason only Trump and his followers want that Whisteblower's name made public, and that is to intimidate them and either make their life a living Hell, or in the hopes that one of their more unhinged follwoers ends said life.

  25. One of the funniest parts about Trump getting booed at events are some posting videos where the sound was edited into cheers. All the same he is no veteran so I don't think he has any business attending a veteran's day event, especially after the things he's done to vets.

  26. Trump saying "You can't let that happen to me" is just another part of the growing steaming pile that shows he does not give a single fuck about the country and cares even less that people who can, you know, DO the job they're campaigning for will do it well, he only cares that people who are loyal to him are in positions of power to get him what he wants.

  27. "I'm non-partisan" is such a nonsensical response to criticism for inviting Don, Jr. to shill his new book The Libs Hate Freedom and Eat Babies.

  28. Thanks for being the voice of reason on Jericho. I said something similar on my Twitter and had both Tr*mp supporters and AEW fanboys coming down on me pretty hard. (I like AEW just fine, but wow.)

  29. Best thing about Trump Jr's book called 'Triggered', is that he put his own face on the cover and right above the name. Second best, is him fleeing after being condemned by his supporters because he refused to answer any questions.

  30. I'm not a fan of baseball but I'll never forget the action of those Americans and how they represent true American values. Thank you sports fans you one more reason not vote for Trump. Vote him out!

  31. Another good one, Steve!
    However, words fail me in my disappointment in Chris Jericho-also one of mt favorite Wrestlers. Not sure what he's thinking.

  32. Love trek actually, glad I found this because of it. Trying to get more politically informed, but don’t have a great deal of time to do google it research. What news sites or channels do you recommend to help me focus?

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