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  1. Heard of DIVORCE, bitch? You know, hire a lawyer and file for divorce. You can leave LEGALLY. Beats PRISON, you fucking deranged psycho.

  2. Hiding who she really is behind that fuking badge like half of them do. Good for her, get off the streets no telling what she would’ve done next hiding behind that badge.

  3. When cops kill unarmed black people the police union always comes out of the woodwork to defend the cops. In light of the “overwhelming evidence” in this case, where’s the Union now? Cops have a tough job but let’s stop pretending that some cops, (many, a few. Who knows) don’t behave as if they’re above the law. Like our president.

  4. This story always ends with someone going to jail doesn't she watch TV True Crimes 48 Hours anyting how dumb is she

  5. Now the guy that she hired is going to write a book and get a lifetime special , probably a 30 minutes show and make more than $7,000 only in America

  6. How are psychopaths allowed to be cops in this country? Is there no thorough psychiatric examination before allowing them to "protect us"? Like, she literally LOOKS like she has anger issues, no wonder she's had issues at home and at work. Need proper vetting of these "officials" that are allowed to patrol us.

  7. From small house to the BIG house. Get that POS off our streets. Another corrupt cop in the NYPD. Disgusting!

  8. Are we really shocked. Nope. Seem's as law enforcement officers makes the news/trending in a unfavorable way every other day. BTW she's the worst kind too.

  9. probably just a "drop" in the bucket too-they should go backwards on her history.I'll bet she has a private graveyard somewheres.

  10. I would definitely trust the “street gangs” before I would ever call and trust the “boys in blue gang”
    These cowards must be stopped!
    Cop vs Citizen

  11. Thank God they fired her see cops getting caught murder for hire they will always get caught now killing or murder is against the law no matter who you are they need to start doing the death penalty if anyone with a police badge or fed or CIA agent are involved with murder to hire they should all get the death penalty they will kill again

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