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  1. Sterling got in the police officers face and refused to obey simple safety procedures. Sterling escalated the situation.

  2. You just had to say it Ms. Myklebe. Dontre Hamilton was armed with officer Manney's baton that he grabbed from him and was beating officer Manney with it. Tell the truth for a change. Another thing. Brown is suing the city and the police and Chief Morales' name is on the the lawsuit. The police chief on January 26th was still Ed Flynn. You freaking local repoters suck. Just because you say something you expect everyone to think it's the truth. Bad Kathy. Go sit in a corner. Why don't you mention the paper targets with bullet holes in them in the back seat of Brown's car or the fact that some of the officers feared Brown was armed. It's in the police reports.

  3. These lawsuits are all fine and dandy, but we need to start approaching these LEOs the way they approach us. Only then will things start to change.

  4. This is exactly racist . and they are scared that one day they will get the same treatment they wouldn't be scared for retaliation on less they had did something to be retaliated against . they know what they are doing to us but if they knew who it was that they were touching they would run and apologize and make it right . but just as it is written they think that they will be the lady of kingdoms forever and that they will never see the loss of children but in one moment all of this will fall upon them and they will not be able to stop it . and the one to do it is our redeemer and elohim the holy one of yahsharal and he will not meet you as a man . in one hour comes Thu judgement in one hour this who country this Babylon we call America is gonna be totally and utterly destroyed and not one of you will escape the most highs recompense he is gonna repay you for everything you did to his chosen people like feeding their new born babies to alligators for alligator bait as well as everything you are still doing to this very day . and you will do even more than that but woe unto you

  5. The cops had complete advantage. Most cops are delusional and dumb. Please raise the minimum IQ to become a cop to 60!

  6. So why didn’t they write him a ticket and let it be. A little aggressive I would say, just for handclap parking. Write him a ticket idiots, not even a reason for any words.

  7. sue the cops to pay for there own mistakes not taxpayers paying out settlement nothing is ever gonna change they pay settlement with taxpayers money then go write double tickets to reimburse the lawsuit the pigs get 2-weeks Payed vacation by guess who Taxpayers

  8. Why not just issue a ticket,,,,,, because just ticket doesn't show people your manhood. And it doesn't get you on YouTube.

  9. If the gun went off it would have been okay. The stupid perp did not follow request for him to take his hands out of his pockets.

  10. 8 cop. For a parking ticket.. the One Cop whining on the tape went to go be a janitor probably couldn't even do that f**** cry baby stop abusing people… as as soon as they put their gloves on the auction have been fired… they're all looking to f*** somebody up

  11. Why would you pull your gun when you have that many cops .What if someone one slammed a car door he would of shot him

  12. When they do this to people with money and influence they always get in trouble when they do this to the poor they get promotions welcome to the pig Nation

  13. Thing will never change wit police till gov. Changes way police on ther own do thing people we vote office need b held responsible or get out office

  14. Sterling Brown Parked Ilegally in across handicapped parking . Easy to see in the video .Parked like he did not care …

  15. Chinese peoples say sorry and apologies is mowyong ngaaa meaning useless my brother and sister don't ever trust their tick tactics

  16. Oh they are going to say we are racist just because we surround a guy and pull our gun out just to give him a handicap parking ticket. Is that how they give all handicap tickets? In most cities they just put handicap tickets on your windshield with no contact.

  17. (WE'RE TRYING TO PROTECT OURSELVES). Psycho murderer says. Not the public. I saw the rebuilding of Berlin the other day.
    1946. They told their new policemen, (YOU ARE OUR HELPERS). Not our (OVERLORDS)!
    But nearly half Century ago, HILLARY with ORIN HATCH said, (I'LL PUT MORE PLOPP ON THE STREET.)…And so they did.

  18. The Deflection Argument: “When Cops kill {unarmed} African-Americans, the rebuttal is Black on Black Crime”.

    It’s a pathetic, weak and insulting response to use “Blacks kill Blacks” or “Black on Black Crime” what does either have to do with the way the police are trained or just decide to deal with African-Americans…. that’s rhetorical because it’s just a way to side-step the issue being brought up directly.

    Yes, African-Americans are responsible for the most killing amongst other African-Americans as are Whites, Hispanics , Asians, Italians, French, Irish, Haitians, etc., amongst their own respective ethnic groups,it’s called PROXIMITY KILLINGS.

    PROXIMITY & Crime Definition:

    “The search for suitable crime opportunities takes place ‘near the criminal’s usual travel paths between major routine activity nodes’

    ‘People commit offences close to the central places (nodes) in their lives…People are also victimized close to the central places in their lives’

    ‘criminal events cluster near major traffic arteries and near major intersections … areas around edges often experience high crime rates … crimes cluster on the street near the subway station or bus stop … zones of anonymity often occur along or near arterial and collector roads’”

    That out of the way, has NOTHING to do with holding Rouge cops some (not all) of them being racist. We see white armed men threatening cops in regards to their 2nd Amendment rights :

    And Cops fighting with a white man trying to take his weapon yet he’s not tasered, beaten or shot to death:

    Yet we can see a clearly unarmed African-American who’s naked get murdered:

    Or cops commence a drive by shooting on a child Tamir Rice, to whom they did not EVEN try to establish dialog or assets the situation:

    Or Florida police shoot black man lying down with arms in air:

    Or cops choke out and murder Eric Garner with a banned police tactic by the NYPD:

    Yet, again when the issues of police brutality and unarmed murders are brought up, the deflection is the above mentioned “black on black crime”. I don’t GAF about any racist rants, responses or whatever…. I’ve provided NOTHING BUT FACTS and there’s soooo many more. Oh, yes more white People are killed by cops only based on the population of whites to African-Americans, that’s basic math… the difference in that based on the facts is it’s unlikely armed or unarmed will that white person die at the hands of the police compared to their “Unarmed African-American” fellow citizen.

    *Not ONCE did I say “armed African-Americans” I am solely and only speaking of those unarmed. Period

  19. And this fool pulled a gun for a parking violation! FIRE HIS DONKEY TOO. I trust the Racist mfer more than this idiot.

  20. The cops ALWAYS escalate the situation, like they want to stir you up to give them a reason to jack you up!!

  21. Right!!!??? Cause anybody that has ever shot a cop would have told the cop whether he had a gun or not if asked. How F’n stupid is this?…

  22. Bunch of virgins, when he called for back up the whole dam county showed up they were that desperate to ruin people's lives

  23. Why did he call for back up? He feared for his life because the man would shoot him on a parking ticket? Doe's he think everyone matches him in stupidity?

  24. Mr Brown first I Respect You as A Person and Integrity!! Plus I Like Your Game..Mr Brown Thank You For Standing Up to the ( Bullies) !!! My Uncle Got Beat down along time ago by( them) it has NOT Changed !!! Mr . Brown IAM on Board my first Cousin is a Mayor….IAM on Board ….Shalam Judah of Israel

  25. Chief Morales needs to take responsibility for his job and stop blaming the citizens for his incompetence.

  26. NBA having a hard time protecting there investment, can you imagine what they do to regular and low income individuals 😓 yup you guest it R.I.P To the anocent people murder by this evil entity’s.

  27. Ahhhhh haha haha "they're gonna say the Milwaukee police dept. is racist"… This joke is the problem, they think they're so unracist that don't see any reason to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they actually might be

  28. Did you hear the cops talking to each other at the end. They know they fucked up. Racist is Racist there’s no in between. A little bit of respect goes a long way. KEEP USING THE CAMERA PEOPLE EVENTUALLY THESE CORRUPT AMATEURS WILL GET THE MESSAGE.

  29. They were trying to do a cover up and protect themselves from black lash and a social media firestorm and that’s EXACTLY what they got!!!! 😂😂😂

  30. I love when the cops realize they fucked up, but the guy who mocked ask deserves to be fired, so I hope he got what he deserves.

  31. Those cops are so fake they didn’t care about no handicap parking. They just used it as an excuse to violate his rights.

  32. Boy! He was lucky. The murderer who pulled his weapon, had already murdered an unarmed Black American in 2014 and got away with it. What gets me, is, why are the – so called – good police officers not doing something to clear out the criminals they have to work with every day. They have the right to arrest a police officer breaking the law. Well, miracles don't happen in real life. That's for sure.

  33. No training only punishment. The advice is always training first but to me is more of an excuse a scapegoat. That like telling a super drunk person to drive home safe.

  34. Mr. Brown should hunt them and make sure all those pig lose everything that they have. Bring them to the ground.

  35. Officer should have given him a parking ticket and kept it moving. They wouldn’t allow him to get into his vehicle after he exited store. I.D was demanded and he was unnecessarily detained. When has illegal parking turned into a felony stop. Cops really need to look at themselves. Good thing Brown is somewhat noteworthy and has a couple of coins in his pocket to sue Milwaukee.

  36. If you want to hurt the cops even War do not pay them for one year after every incident if any complaints come forward in that one year that make it two years while pay enough time that you do it well paying them they will get the message

  37. I mean we pay cops everyday to do their jobs when they do their jobs right then they can get paid but how much do we have to pay them when they do something bad if they do something bad don't want to keep on paying them while they're saying at home they are all paid until their author mention no cop can be paid until their suspension is over do not pay them at all

  38. Let's call it what it is, white supremacist at work. For a ticket stop? Without video he would be dead. COWARDS! That's why always so many of them. For frickin simple traffic stops someone dies? A change is going to come.

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