Ohio State Reformatory – Q+A

Ohio State Reformatory – Q+A

^- Hello and welcome to another edition ^of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem, ^a show where we answer your most pressing questions about the most recent episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, which was Ohio State Reformatory, all the questions we’re answering today ^came from you guys via our Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page ^and our Buzzfeed Unsolved Instagram page ^You ready to go? – Oh, yeah. (Ryan laughs) This is a good episode of a good show. Let’s get into some of these Q’s. – Yeah, let’s go to Facebook first. ^- Okay, fine. ^- Adriana Verdaguer, she says Ryan, ^are you okay pal? ^You were acting a little mean to Shane. ^Perhaps you were scared? ^When I’m scared, I start to sing September. ^Maybe that’ll help you. ^Great song, Earth, Wind and Fire, one of my favorite bands. – Okay. – Yeah, you know, a lot of people were Tweeting at me and asking me this whole weekend are we okay, am I angry at him, do we hate each other? No. That’s just how we talk to each other, that’s just our rapport. – You know what, sometimes we’re mean to each other and sometimes that makes me very sad (Ryan laughs) No, listen to me, you haven’t been ghost hunting. You don’t know what it’s like man. It’s stressful. Sometimes
– No it’s not. – Yeah it is! It’s weighing on our souls. Heavy is the burden of ghoul catching. And sometimes you get short with each other, that’s just how it works. Also, we had been in Ohio for a very long time. – That’s true, we had been in Ohio for a long time. – Your nerves are sort of, hot. Let’s take it on over to Graham town. ^Here’s from Youkahndoit, ^Hey Shane, why was the camera so close to your face ^when you went off on your own? My name’s Shane, and I’d like to talk to you. It was very close, it was a bad angle. I think you even warned me. You were like, that camera’s pretty close to your face. – Yeah I said it made you look like Mr. Potato Head. And you said, I don’t care. – I said I don’t care, but – It was also almost 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning at that point. I think it was 4:00 in the morning. – Yeah I did not care. – He did not care. – It’s a particularly invasive shot, I guess in the future I’ll try to keep it out a little more. – Or lean into it, get it as close as you possibly can. – Oh, just really just full nostril – Just one eyeball, or just two nostrils and that’s it. – Full disclosure, our ghost cam rigs aren’t – The best.
– The best. – No they’re pretty bad. – They’re very cobbled together. Sometimes we tie a little rope around them to keep them from bouncing around too much. – To keep them up. – Do they have actual rigs? – I’m sure they have professional rigs, but – Maybe we look into that next season. – We’re not professional. ^- No we’re certainly not. ^- Cassie Hall, uh Facebook. ^I don’t know why the cadence of that was so weird. ^Cassie Hall ^Facebook
– Facebook ^- For post-mortem, there were two comments ^from the spirit box that I heard something different ^that honestly makes a little more sense, ^first when Ryan hears psycho, ^I heard Michael. ^Is that who was trying to contact you? ^Second, the board at dusk sounded more like, ^we’re good boys, just trust ^(static and voices through static) – Crank march sore that. – What? – What does it say? – It sounds to me like it’s saying ^we first board at dusk. ^Especially when it follows the word good, ^it’s like they tried saying it first ^and couldn’t get through, ^so they tried it again. – I like that as our, maybe that’s our opening line with ghosts from now on. Spirits, we’re good boys, just trust.
– Just trust. ^(static and voice over static) Psycho? Yeah I think that actually kind of sounds like Michael. – Okay, yeah, sounds like either of them, sure. – It sounds like either of them, sure. But yeah, you can go either way, both of them kinda make sense in context with the conversation. – Yeah. – Okay. – I don’t care about this. (laughter) – I know that’s why I’m putting you through it. The second one is the board at dusk sentence, that’s a full sentence, by the way, on the spirit box. – Full sentence. – It’s a full sentence! – Absolutely. – Of the same voice, it’s pretty cool. – It’s pretty neat. ^Lily_is_fabulous, Shane, sweetie ^please don’t invite ghosts to latch onto you, ^that’s very dangerous. ^Also, you guys should come to Michigan. ^We have a couple of haunted locations too. ^Uh, don’t tell me how to do my job! (Ryan laughs) If I want a ghost to latch onto me, I will invite it. – He’s invited many. – Other ghost shows are always like, you can’t do that, that’s dangerous, the ghosts are gonna pull out your eyeballs. Whatever, I don’t give a shit. That’s what makes me, me. And I’m not gonna stop doing it. – Until one of them does eventually pull your eyeballs out. – Great, whatever, then we’ve got some proof. – That’s true. ^- And we’ll be all the happier for it. ^- This comes from Audie Borowski. ^Ryan, when you were doing the spirit box in James’ cell ^my mom and I both clearly heard a woman’s voice saying, ^don’t laugh at me, ^which Shane thought was, Thermopylae. ^(spirit box static and voice) ^- [Shane] Thermopylae? ^- Did you hear it and not want to say anything? ^Or did you just not hear it? ^P.S. Mom and I both love the show. ^Heart emoji, half Boogara half Shaniac, ^#pickingsidesisforsquares. – Hate to break it to you, but it’s not. – It’s not. We’ve drawn the line in the sand. – Yeah. – Now you must choose which side you stand on. – You can’t stand on top of the line – Because then you’re making it dirty. – You’re dirtying the line if it’s in the sand
– and I’d have to do it again – It gets all – It gets all muddled.
– You have to re-draw it. – And then you ruin it for everybody. – Thermopylae, did I think it was Thermopylae? – You said Thermopylae in the moment. Don’t laugh at me actually is possible. – Okay. – It’s good that I have a catalog of all these in my head. I’ve stared at them for so long I actually remember all of them. – So many questions are about the spirit box now. – Yeah I know, I love it. – I really don’t. – Also another thing with the spirit box, and any of you who’ve done a spirit box session or have watched raw spirit box sessions, which I don’t know – The raw stuff. – I’m imagining some of you out there have done this. Anyway. – You guys gotta stick around for the raw stuff. – (Shane laughs) Shut up. The point of the story (laughs) is that it’s very hard to make out what it’s saying, sometimes real time in the moment especially ’cause you’re in a location where it’s kind of echoing, you don’t have the microphone right next to you plugging, you know, with a direct line to your ears. So it’s a little hard to make out what it’s saying. A lot of times I won’t figure it out until later when I’m able to analyze the audio. Except for the ones that are very, very clear ^in the moment like ^(spirit box says spaghetti) But yeah, a lot of times it’s tough to hear what the spirit box is saying live. So that’s why I didn’t say anything in the moment. I heard that it had said something but I didn’t really know what it had said. Shane said Thermopylae. ^- Back to gram town, here’s form Kenny.when #fuckshane ^(Ryan laughs) Some context would be great. – That’s my burner account. That’s my Instagram burner account (Shane laughs) @Kenny.when ^This is from Facebook
– [Shane] Oh great. ^- From Cindy Bourgeois, Bor-jwa? ^- Bourgeoisie?
– Bourgeoisie? ^- Cindy Bourgeois, ^okay so I find it hard to believe that Helen Glattke ^died accidentally by a gunshot to the chest. ^Considering she lived at the prison. ^Don’t you guys think that’s odd? ^Great show guys, and Shane it was a good thing ^your nose was clean with that close up shot. ^- I shoved a few pipe cleaners up there beforehand. – We actually talked about that gunshot. – Did we? – The handgun hit the floor and discharged shooting Helen in the chest. So the gun dropped, discharged – Oh yeah.
– And the odds of that actually happening, despite what movies would have you believe, – Happens all the time in movies. – Yeah but it happens almost zero times in real life. It’s very, very slim odds and for that to discharge in a way that it hits her with a fatal wound, very, very, very, very slim odds. There was reports that there was maybe some marital disputes going on between her and her husband. There was an article that I read that I consider somewhat of a reliable source that said maybe the gunshot was a result of the dispute and not actually a gun falling out of a box and discharging. That’s what I read, I don’t know, I didn’t really wanna put it in the episode ’cause it kind of – Was the implication that a ghost shot her? Oh.
– No the implication is that her husband shot her.
– Okay. – I just didn’t wanna put it in the episode because it kind of derails the episode, it’s also kind of just like a claim. – Can you imagine if ghosts had guns? – Sure I guess, yeah, would they have physical guns, like in our world? Or would they have spirit guns? – They would have a ghost gun. – Which would shoot ghost bullets? – Yeah I think so. – Like the haunted mansion? – I think so, yeah. – Would they have any effect on us? Would it be kind of like West World where we could feel the impact of the bullet but it doesn’t really do anything, we’re just like, oh! – I feel like it would turn you into a ghost. – Okay that’s a completely different – I guess regular guns can do that. – That’s true, a regular gun could turn you into a ghost. – Yeah. – So then a ghost gun would bring you back to life? – Turn a ghost back into a human. – Into a human. So if a ghost shot you, another ghost with its ghost gun, that person would suddenly wake up in a now physical body – Yeah. Fascinating. Well great, that’s all the questions. Ryan did you enjoy this episode? Did you have a lot of fun there? – No I didn’t. – Oh okay.
– I also think that’s funny that people thought I was particularly brave this episode because this place rattled me the most, I would say, of the early half. – You did seem like you had a little bee in your bonnet I’ll tell you. – If anything, I was so scared maybe I was putting on my big boy pants to kind of like puff out my chest a little bit. – I’m not afraid! – I’m not fucking afraid. – Eat shit. (Ryan laughs) What’s coming up in this week on the show? – I think, oh this week is a very fun episode. We discuss a phenomenon that happened in a desert. – Oh! – And it’s, you know I’m just gonna say it, it’s an alien episode. Which we always do at least one or two of these. – With – And there is a very special guest in this episode that I think you’re all gonna very much enjoy – I will say, it was an honor – It was. – To be in the company of this particular person. – Well anyways, that does it for this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem. Make sure you watch the next episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved on Friday, ^and then send your questions into ^the Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page ^and the Buzzfeed Unsolved Instagram page, ^and maybe you’ll be on the next Postmortem. – Yeah. – Yeah! Take it away with your dumb shit. – Wow thank you Ryan! (laughs) – I’m not gonna even, I’m not gonna fight it anymore. (Shane mumbles) – A hot dog saga commissioned by Ann Starry, Ryan Steven Bergara as the venerable Dr. Gundis written by me and adored by every single viewer, and if you don’t like it you can kiss my apple taters. A white void
– Gross – some time ago, a hot dog which awakens, her name is Pam (Ryan yawns) from the void, a voice. Pam, didn’t expect to see you here so soon. From the blinding light, a figure appears, an elderly crab luminous with, like, one of those cool hats that you can win at Six Flags, – What kind of hat are you talking about? – You know, like a fucking cool wizard hat or something. You know the kind of hat. – No I don’t. – Who are you? Ha ha, oh Pam, the question is, who am I? Yes. I am he who you will never know, father of Gina and Murray, father of many things in fact, protector of the light, et cetera. Where are we? Well I haven’t quite put that together yet, my guess is we’ve got some things to discuss, you and me. I don’t have time for this, I’ve got You’ve got what, things to do? Matter of fact, I do you appetizer. Well before you run off to whatever you so urgently to whatever so urgently demands your attention, why don’t you catch me up on where you are in the grand scheme of things. Fine, I murdered a bunch of assorted foodstuffs to appease the dark master because I’m a baller ass witch who does stuff like that. Then I informed him of the prophecy fulfillment so he could summon his gauntlet of ultimate power, Lord gup! Gup, gup, gup. Yeah, the gup. And then what? And then he, he pointed the gup at me and I was here. Oh, okay, we’re both dead then. This is for sure a place where we’re both dead. What? Shut up, nobody’s got the condiments to kill a witch like me. Oh no, we’re for sure dead. I’ve been in here for years and I had no idea, but you telling me that story made me realize that my last memory was putting a goldfish in my mouth to make my children laugh. Then I choked to death. Then the dark master betrayed me? Oh you’re running with that guy? He sucks, play shitty games, win shitty prizes, Pam. I killed my own sister and her husband and sort of their son, in a round about way. All for nothing. Yeah, that’s messed up. You know I was so consumed with hate and anger that I lost sight of who I was, where I came from, the things I loved. Yeah, okay. Are you just, like, checked out of this conversation now? – Yeah. – What? Look lady, I’m not some sage gatekeeper here to impart advice, I’m just a guy in a void. If you’re so torn up about what you did to your fellow hot dogs, just get back in the game as a ghost. Oh is that an option? Oh for sure, but be warned, once you die as a ghost, you’re done for good. You get one last stab at it, then it’s lights out. It’s sort of like reheating leftover fish. So how do I crab-ra-ca-dab-ra! The spirit gate appears.
– [Ryan] That’s unforgivable. – Just stop, just stop. Before you enter
– When you wrote that down did you have any kind of like, I don’t know if I should go with that – What?
– Crab-a-ca-dabra, did you – That’s a call back Ryan. – Is it, oh God.
– Yeah. Like season one. – Maybe I pushed it to the recesses of my mind. – The die hards will get it. The yeah, the daga-heads, yeah. Just before you enter the spirit gate make sure you announce your intent and proclaim your spirit form. All right. Pam approaches the spirit door. I enter this door with the intent to right my wrongs, to aid those who I have harmed, and to defeat the evils I sought to un-lesh, to unleash. (laughs) I don’t know why I said that wrong. The world’s had its fair share of the dark master, maybe it’s time for a little Pam. Pam enters the door, fade to white. That was a flashback to when Pam died, remember? Now she’s a ghost. It’s all making sense. – No it’s not. No it’s not.
– I think so. – It never made sense. – If you track it, it does make sense. – If you track it, you – I’m gonna put this in a book someday and I’m gonna sell it and it’s gonna be on the New York Times best sellers list. What do you think about that? – I think you’ll buy it. – Yes I will. – And that’s it. – Happy customer folks, five star review (Ryan laughs) (mysterious music)

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  1. I know this is probably what happened with that girl and the gun that makes more sense than anything.
    She was having an affair with one of the guards, the guard got nervous because they started fooling around more often and her husband was starting to notice she was acting suspicious there was a scuffle the gun fell the guard picked it up shot her, put it down and then left

  2. 6:42 – 6:43 ish when Ryan plays the spaghetti sound clip it, to me sounds like '[name] take it'
    Or 'get ready' like the ghost was originally talking to children
    Sorry got the time wrong

  3. love the statement that being in ohio too long can make your brain wonky… as an ohioan I can confirm. 20 years of ohio has me feeling some type of way…. whispers while looking into the distance it changes you

  4. Ok so the ghost that are shot by a ghost gun, “wake up” as babies (like being born), and thats how some people remember past lives. Because they actually had one as the living version of the ghost.

  5. Oh my god. I was rewatching postmortems and I just realized why Pam is little in the following episodes. Because the crab told her to announce the form she would take and she said “maybe it’s time for a little Pam”. 😂

  6. Ghost Gun will knock your soul out of your physical vessel, and the soul need to claim the vessel back before the shooter claims it.

    ps: which actually a good [Stand] idea

  7. 8:01 uhm… My friend Alexander W. Hunt dropped his handgun, it misfired & killed him. I’m still wrecked over it and you can google it yourself if you don’t believe me. Happened in Utah.

    HOWEVER Cindy was definitely murdered & shame on the people involved in treating that investigation so poorly lmao

  8. I Dont understand they upload all their buzzfeed videos on youtube but when answering q&a they answer fb and ig but not youtube !??????

  9. Them explaining to us if they were mad at each other was like mom and dad explaining to their kids why they were arguing

  10. PLEASE ANYONE, CAN YOU CONFIRM OR DENY THIS: I know this video was from May 2018 but I was recently binge watching all of Buzzfeed unsolved. In this episode (the phantom prisoners of Ohio state penitentiary) at like 10:54–10:56 when Ryan is about to turn on the spirit box it sounds like the wind, or an empty breath saying noooo, or something- or am I just going insane

  11. okay there was a voice in the cell before ryan and shane started up the spirit box, and everybody missed it, even ryan did reviewing the footage. If you're wondering where it is, it's at 10:52 in the video

  12. "We had been in Ohio for a very long time"
    "Your nerves are sort of, hot"

    After 32 years in Ohio, I can attest to this statement.

  13. Back way back when, during the Illuminati episode it was said members sometimes stare blankly unmoving when wait for instructions. Is that not what Shane is doing at the beginning of every postmortem?

  14. Shane always looks like he just pooped when Ryan's doing the intro. Actually, scratch that. Not "pooped" but "pooping".

  15. How Shane said thay had been in ohio for a limg time had me cackling cause that's fucking accurate as someone who lives here 😂😂😂😂

  16. How to be in the middle:
    One foot in Shaniacs, other in Boogaras.
    Power stance over the line. Everyone is happy.

  17. I recommend listening to the EVP's at home with really good headphones. Not sure what you use for editing but you can use software like audacity or goldwave to remove noise and boost up the volume. But always save your original audio and save the edited files as new files.

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