Oktoberfest in MÜNCHEN (ENG SUBS) 🍻🇩🇪 // Biggest Beer Wiesn Festival TRAVEL VLOG GERMANY

Oktoberfest in MÜNCHEN (ENG SUBS) 🍻🇩🇪 // Biggest Beer Wiesn Festival TRAVEL VLOG GERMANY

Good afternoon (german). Hey guys! Today we have an unusual VLOG, today we are heading to Oktoberfest! For me personally it is a first time, I’ve never visited Oktoberfest, Tanya has already visited, but today will be the first time with traditional dress. So we are totally equipped, and hopefully we correspond to all rules of Oktoberfest, I think there will be a lot of people there, because today is the last weekend of celebration. It’s strange, the name is OKTOBERfest, but but the celebration is usually in September. So let’s visit this festival of life, and beer, and traditional costumes, and sausages… and all the german stuff.. I think this festival could never be more German.. There is no other thing more GERMAN, than this festival.. And there is nothing more BAVARIAN and MUNICH, than Oktoberfest! Millions of people… Don’t forget to hold your hands, in order not to get lost! So, the small update.. We want to tell you about Oktoberfest. We’ve spent 3 hours to get inside of some tents, in order to drink some beer and eat. And finally we entered the biggest tent HOFBRÄUHAUS, which was incredibly full of people, and we were washed out by the river of people… That’s why you should always book a table (if you wanna drink or eat inside). So we decided not to lose time, and to enjoy some rides. What do you think about Oktoberfest? – I’ve come recently, so I didn’t spend so much time here, as you girls 🙂 I just waited in 1 queue, and didn’t drink any beer.. Lots of people, but it’s awesome! Everybody should definitely try this. And now the interview with the camera girl 🙂 What can you say? I’m not satisfied that I didn’t drink any beer, But I am satisfied with the atmosphere, people I am just SATISFIED 🙂 And again the river of people.. Look how fast this wheel is spinning! I would like to check statistics, how many people visit Oktoberfest yearly.. It lasts for 3 weeks, I think the number of tourists reaches millions.. The happiest 3 minutes of our lives 🙂 Wow, it’s incredible! Very beautiful! The price of this wheel is 8 EUR, and it’s totally worth it! Just look at this view! A huge Roller Coaster over there! Here are some interesting facts about Oktoberfest! During the festival people consume: 7 Mio liters of beer, 1,5 Mio fried chicken and sausages, and 84 bulls! There is a special beer in Oktoberfest, which is provided by 6 Munich beer houses. Around 363 new souvenir shops are opened, and the visitors are entertained by 200 attractions, rides and concert stages.. Around 7 Mio of people from all over the world come to Oktoberfest each year! and the festival is live streamed on different tv channels around the globe. Look at the scale of this event! This tent is from Löwenbrau Beer House. For around 1,5 hours we were standing in the line to get inside of this tent. But we couldn’t make it… So our Oktoberfest is without beer.. But we have this beautiful view, ate sausages with Cola 🙂 For all this, Oktoberfest was included in Guinness Records Book as the hugest festival worldwide. Careful with the door, please (germ.) Here are some Munich sights. By the way, it was a very smart decision to make entrance and exit from the wheel from different sides! Chocolate strawberries – 5 EUR

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  1. Маш!!! Как всегда восторг от твоих видео. У меня все скромно, у тебя все виды, прям класссссс!!! Ты молодец, я уже говорила, да!? :)) но кадр, где вы залетаете в хофброй, это жесть! Аж страшно

  2. кот!!видео просто супер!И еще,спасибо за чудесный день!Рада,что мы провели его все вместе!

  3. Присіла на твій канал)_ подобається) сама обожнюю Німеччину. Була там 3 рази по студентській програмі. Oктоберфест також відвідала в останній день, але на горках жаль не покаталась ,не встигли )))))) відео цікаве дуже)

  4. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Videos hier insb. von Ausländerinnen: Gut gemacht und intelligente und lustige Kommentare👍

  5. Ein sehr schönes und lustiges Video, man sieht das ihr sehr viel Freude auf dem Oktoberfest hattet !
    Und viel Spaß bei der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2018 wünsche ich Russland 😉
    Viele liebe Grüße nach Russland aus Hamburg !!

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