OLD – The Escapists – How to Download Custom Prisons!

OLD – The Escapists – How to Download Custom Prisons!

Hey guys, my name is Luke and welcome back to another tutorial today We’re going to be looking at the game The Escapists on Steam I’m going to be making a tutorial on how to download custom maps to your game. You can’t have a pirated version you’re going to need the full version it’s $18 Canadian on steam so go get it. It’s an amazing game. So we’re going to open up Steam here Well first of all actually you’re going to want to go here. You’re going to want to go in your documents folder You want to find the escapists and open that up and Then you if you don’t not have a folder called “custom maps” then create one otherwise none of this will work So make sure you have a custom maps folder So let me close that we can go into Steam now The Escapists and then come to the workshop link to that will be in the description and We’ll just say Blackbeard’s Ship you want to click on this There we go So now come down here. It’ll say subscribe to download Blackbeard’s Ship, and you’re just going to click subscribe and Now that’s done. So I’ll get back to you once I’m in The Escapists. Alright, so I’m back in the escapists here now, so Ignore that message in the bottom right. Nevermind, so now I’m just going to go and go to play game, we’ll create a new file, and I’ll just be BillyGoat, um And you’re not going to go here. You’re going to go to the Steam workshop (tab) And you see Blackbeard’s Ship is right there make sure that’s selected and then Name all your inmates Random and then you can play the game and Here we go. so that’s how to download custom persons to The Escapists Thank you for watching this tutorial if you liked it be sure to slap that like button, Always helps. Thanks for watching I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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  1. Great video! Your channel is awesome! Can you please check out my channel, maybe subscribe too? I do gaming and I post 2 videos a day 😀 Anyways, I hope you have a great day!

  2. No offence you have made this too complicated all you need to do is go on steam view their hub and you should see some prisons or if not just scroll around on some tabs. Then you click on the item press subscribe and it will download. Then once its downloaded reset you game and create a new game and where you see the prisons click on the third tab and its there

  3. can you do a fix for when you create a zone it deletes all of your things exept for zones, walls, and floors? I HAVE RAN INTO THAT AT LEAST 5 TIMES!!! -_-

  4. I downloaded this game through a different site for free but I want to download and play custom maps is there a way

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMXRgQdWOfs&feature=youtu.be
    AtomicPizzas link to the updated version (the link in the description dosen't work)

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