Onision SUED, Facing JAIL Time?

Onision SUED, Facing JAIL Time?

Hey bitches and welcome back to the viewers voice where I have no time to sugarcoat shit First of all, I do want to say that I’m sure you guys can hear the pouring down rain behind me There’s nothing I can do about it It is storming like crazy here in Florida, and it’s supposed to all day But I’m not going to allow that to stop me from making a video in this video I am going to talk to you guys about honesty on getting sued by the state of Washington as Well as his little pity party that he decided to upload in a video a few hours ago If you have not already checked out my video from yesterday about Laura Lee REE gifting something at Trisha Paytas Keifer as well as a little bit of James Charles tea that I am going to place a card In the upper right hand corner as well as a link down in the description if this is your first time on my channel Hello, welcome. How the fuck are you doing? If you could please hit the subscribe button down below and become a member of the bitch family. I would greatly appreciate it And if you are someone that has been here for a while maybe a day a week a month a year Well, welcome to fuck back If you could please make sure that you have all of your notifications set to on by clicking the bell icon Somewhere on the screen. Please know that everything I speak on in my videos is my own personal opinion Opinions are not facts. So I invite you to go and research all this for yourself with the information I have provided and then come back to the comments section so we can have a healthy adult but shady ass conversation Please do not send any negative comments or feedback to the companies or the people that I speak on in my videos because we are not here to Cause anyone any harm or anything of that nature? We’re just here to be shady Messy and have a good fucking time on the internet I did a video about honesty on the other day talking about his Shane Dawson documentary which received a lot of positive feedback now in this Theon will tell you that it receives a lot of positive feedback as well as anyone’s video on him because There’s a whole hate campaign on YouTube against him. I don’t see it as that I don’t see people exposing you for the shitty things that you have done in your life Especially here on YouTube is a hate campaign Now if people are sending you like straight-up hate like telling you to go off yourself and all that kind of shit that ever constitute As a hate campaign, but people talking about what you yourself have put onto the Internet No I Don’t think it’s a hate campaign at all on December 18th Oniisan uploaded a video to his own Missy on Speaks channel called just a vlog It has about 13,000 views as I’m sitting here looking get it right now where he went into Detail about how he’s in this monetization rut because he talks about things that could be remotely triggering to people. Um, yeah, I would say that they’re fuckin remotely triggering to people considering you’re making allegations against Shane Dawson that are completely false that can be Completely damaging to his character and to his business You’re making allegations about Eugenia Cooney and making fun of her weight just to name a few things You’re over on your channel sitting there critiquing underage girls telling them if they’re hot or not or if they’re fat or not Which is completely fuckin disgusting because who made you the authority on what someone fuckin looks like if you honestly think that your channel is Dying because you talk about things that could be remotely triggering to people that’s why you’re not getting the views. That’s why you’re losing subscribers No, I would have to say that you’re delusional because it’s your own actions that have put you in this situation that you are in Right now I am going to read off to you a list that someone has actually compiled a reasons people Dislike gonna see on from reddit number one He filmed his girlfriend having a seizure put it up on YouTube and didn’t call a hospital or anything of that sort Actually in the videos that I’m talking to you guys about the one that’s just a vlog which I am gonna link down below He actually admits that that seizure was faked. So yeah, that’s not funny. That’s kind of like a douche bag thing to do Like I mean how desperate are you free views that you’re trolling people with your girlfriend allegedly having a fake seizure That’s fucking dumb. Number two He’s known to travel to different states to marry underage girls Number three there have been claims that he has been manipulating these girls psychologically number four He has been claimed as a psychopath number five. He has claimed meat-eaters as endorsing murder and such Shocker there another freakin vegan. Just trying to push their beliefs on someone look if you want to be a vegan. That’s great I’ve been a vegan before For about two months cuz that was just way too difficult and I did not see any benefits from it Like people claimed that there were but don’t push your beliefs down someone’s throat It’s just like someone trying to shove their religion down your throat. It’s fucking annoying and no one fucking likes it So don’t sit there and tell people that they are out there murdering animals number six He claims that cutters are mainly white girls doing it for attention Number seven, he’s victim blame people who were physically abused number eight He’s DMC aid people who are criticizing him. That’s just a little list that someone put together over on reddit But I also know that he made Disgusting comments about Christina grimey when she was actually murdered a few years ago here in Orlando, Florida so judging from that list I would have to say the problem is you I wouldn’t say the problem is everyone else? I think it’s the content that you decided to put onto the Internet And things that have actually come out of your own fucking mouth So don’t blame people for your actions take a little ownership and maybe over time people will become Accepting of you and maybe welcome you back onto the platform in the way that you once were but I don’t really see that fucking happening anytime soon because I Just I mean, I don’t after watching a few of your videos you seem to come off as like a real Twat so I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon in his video the just a vlog there is apparently this elusive girl that is one of his patrons that he is letting everyone know if your comment has actually been deleted from underneath his video if it was not something praising him or Giving him like advice or anything about nature without being a little rude then your comment has been deleted But it’s not him doing it It’s this elusive girl from patreon that he just want to put the name out because he does not want her to receive a ton of Hate so now you’re monitoring your comments. I don’t get my people in monitor their comments like I understand doing it if someone’s being like blatantly racist and using a hard R or attacking someone down there like daxing them or something of that nature then I get it but To start weeding out comments that paint you in a negative light Or someone just has something negative to say about you. Like they don’t like your content. I think that’s a little bit fucking ridiculous What you’re trying to do is manipulate New people that are coming to your channel because nine times out of ten when someone comes to watch a video I know they definitely do it here They immediately scroll down to the comments because they want to see what people are having to say There’s another youtuber named Nina unrated who she shot her comments off for awhile after trying to monitor them because she kept getting called out Like you’re trying to make the new people come to your channel that could potentially subscribe to you see you in a different light and maybe see you as a victim rather than someone who has Done a lot of shitty stuff and now you’re having to face the consequences of your own actions So don’t monitor your comments. I first of all what who’s like I want to go over to patreon it I’m gonna pay this amount of money so I can be a moderator Wow, your life is so exciting Oh my god, is that like the best thing that’s happened to you this year? Because girl that is not. Oh my god Does that come with a name tag in a uniform? Anyways, let’s fast forward to his just a vlog video where he was like I am gonna give you guys this amazing business advice which at the beginning of his video when I saw it I was like, oh my god. What is he doing to try to make money now? Cuz YouTube is obviously not paying him cuz as he says he’s in this monetization right but he tries to troll everyone and say that if you make a Ton of videos on him and you just bash him or put his name in the title then you are gonna make Thousands or tens of thousands on YouTube and I would like to know who is making that money off of him because I’ll tell you What I did the one on you see on video the other day where I talked about his shame documentary that thing has been Demonetized since I put it up it’s not like 14,000 views right now I made like $8 on it because some ads play on it But others will not so I don’t know who’s making this tens of thousands of dollars I think that you’re just a little full of yourself and you really think that your name is Providing meals for people out here and they’re able to pay your rent offer their name above girl. You’re no Jeffrey star No, you nobody nobody’s paying their rent off of that shit. I think the in onus eons head He is much bigger than he is I think that he wants to be on a level that Shane Dawson is or like a Jeffrey stars or someone That’s a really large youtuber. So I think that maybe after receiving a few like positive comments about oh my god I miss you and we respect you so much. Oh my god. We love your content. Oh my god never stopped doing it I think it might have gone to his head and he really thinks that he’s like like a lady Gaga of YouTube Anyways moving on from his just a vlog video. There’s something that I want to talk about that I haven’t really seen Anybody on YouTube speak on and if they have please leave their name down below so I can check out their video But we’ve all been over here wrapped up in honesty on just being a shitty person and talking about his whole IRS debacle that he’s in where he had to file for bankruptcy get rid of his house his cars and he has about like a $500,000 debt will just really shitty, but dude learn how to do your fucking taxes Well, it has come to my attention from the comments underneath my other video on him to see on that. He’s actually Allegedly in a lot of trouble for destroying some wetlands Oh in Washington State to the point where Washington is actually suing him So I did a little digging and I found a little information a few of onions neighbors Which I am under the impression that he’s only lived there for about six months in this new house Which if you can manage to piss off all of your neighbors within six months of living somewhere then you deserve a medal or something because you literally just do not care about anyone but yourself obviously is to the point where they have to start calling the police and Calling in complaints against you well Washington State was on a burn ban and anisia and his charming charming wife or whatever the hell you want to call her decided they were gonna have bonfires but not only have bonfires put Cardboard in their bonfire I could just imagine that you know having a bonfire during a burn ban is extremely frowned upon but I mean It wouldn’t be honestly on a fantasy. I didn’t like break the law in some way So he has also been seen in his videos because they’re Nissi on is one of those people that thinks that he has to record His whole life. I don’t know why he’s recording his whole life because apparently he’s not making that much money So it’s not very beneficial to him That’s just my thought on it but he has been seen in a few videos as potentially damaging these wetlands by having a bobcat or some kind of bulldozer type machine and actually pushing Broken down trees into the water, which is the wetlands so he is looking at allegations of Damaging a fish spawning area by pushing Tabriz into the lake and breaking down those trees without a permit that belonged to the government So here is what he is looking at from the state of Washington Acting against regulations for erosion fish and wildlife habitat flood and landslide prevention and multiple wetland issues The neighbors are still reporting him for burning during potential burn bans and burning toxic materials damaging a fish spawning area by pushing Tabriz into a lake Potentially downing trees that didn’t even belong to him but to the government now Of course He is going to be fined for all this but Owen is Ian and his attorney have allegedly dropped the appeal that they were going to try to file because the lawyer became aware of the video evidence and photo evidence that was being sent into Washington from I’m assuming people that subscribed to him and people that just don’t like him So on top of all of that he is still facing this alleged five hundred thousand dollars. He owes to the IRS Could potentially get in jail time Wow, it’s been a really shitty 2018 for onesi on I hope the he literally cleans his act up I hope he drops this fucking asshole act that he’s doing and cool. Just act like a normal fucking human being Like you can’t blame anybody for all this except for yourself How do you piss off all your neighbours in six months of living somewhere that makes literally no fucking sense to me So guys, what are your thoughts down below? I don’t know why I haven’t seen anyone talk about this wetlands issue that has been going on with them Missy on Wow Now, it’s just another thing to add to his shit list. So let me know your thoughts down below I love you guys, and I’ll see you guys all in my next video. Bye

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  1. Repzion makes a video about the wetlands and covers the court case and the finality of it. Good video definitely check it out. Stumble across your channel subscribed. Like your consent and down to be part of the b** Club

  2. He is an idiot. Watched his original video about his tax debt. He totally tried to scam the government by writing off 2 Teslas (like 100% write them off) as business debt and other shady stuff.
    He claimed that because he grew up poor, he doesn’t believe in debt. He only pays cash for houses and cars. People were explaining that he should get money/tax advice from a tax attorney or financial advisor not his broke as mom.

  3. He’s a narcissist! Personally I don’t think it really matters if he gets compliments or not, he will always see himself as a god anyway. That idiot likely assumes people are jealous of him if they don’t like him, or worse assumes they are stupid. Words can’t express the gut wrenching hate I feel when he voices his ridiculous views about almost everything. I wonder if he just chooses to say the opposite of what is right or moral. I think when the majority of people agree something is wrong, he says it’s right, just because he thinks he is smarter than everyone, so he needs to hear the majority first, otherwise he wouldn’t know what to think. Wasn’t it him who called an entire race dirty and told them how to take care of their hair? He “KNEW” his opinion was right because someone once told him he had “nice hair”, apparently one little compliment means you know everything their is to know about hair. Grrrrrr.

  4. I get that you hate Onision, but you sound like a little bitch with all the big assumptions you make about him and the image you're tryingto portray. You think you're a better person than him? Lol.

  5. What to say on Christmas Day for this onion boi… Don't drop the soap. Stuff his sorry ass with coal, Santa Claus. He's been a bad boi. xD

  6. He's vegetarian, which usually means they support animals and nature. And then he goes and destroys wetlands like Captain Planet villain?

  7. Laineybot uses they/them pronouns. I don’t like them or Onision, but I still think it’s important to respect people’s pronouns.

  8. Repzion just did a video on this wetlands thing. Greg needs help so bad OMG…he even kept tearing down the wetlands AFTER the gov told him to stop….and he filmed it SMH

  9. Onision acting like a normal being? That will be very hard for him.
    Now I am not a doctor and no I haven't talked to him in private but… I don't think that he is 100% sane. Or at least 100% adjusted, everybody has flaws and issues but many actually know and accept that. And work on those. I have that feeling that Onision doesn't.

    And until he accepts that he isn't perfect… he will not change.

  10. I think the problem with him isn't just him being a sociopath, he is also narcissistic, god complex. He started his own religion/cult at some point. Because of that it can never be him, it's always the world and he will wiggle himself through the craziest corners to get what he wants making him look like he has gone insane.

  11. Maaaaan I watched one ImAllexx video on Onision and now YouTube is pushing all these videos dragging him into my feed. I’m not complaining though 🤷🏼‍♂️ ahaha

  12. "You think your name is providing meals for someone."


    But also, it is widely known that Jeffree Starr is racist. So don't call out one racist and take favor for another.

  13. Onision doesn’t know how to use his brain before spouting non sense or acting in a way that puts him in a negative view. Of course, when he receives criticism, and backlash for it, he either try to silence the claims or make a video about it or as he would word it “Hate campaign” but yes I do agree with you, he is so full of himself, he thinks people are making that much money off of his name like sis, HE AIN’T NO JEFFREE STAR 😂😂😂

  14. Me someone who has never watched one of this guys video “sub to be apart of the bitch family” SLAMS THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON

  15. Repzion actually made a video about the same thing, although he didn’t mention the potential jail time. He also uses some of Greg’s footage of you haven’t seen it Nick.

  16. I would completely not be surprised if Greg had some form of psychopathy. No human being can do all the shit he’s done and continue digging deeper into their hole

  17. I personally hated him when he insulted Shane and he pushed it even more when he insulted mark and then he harrased his girlfriend in gladed he is going to prison I hope he drops the soaps

  18. The man is suffering from Borderline Personality. He honestly cannot feel sympathy for anything but himself. It's a crippling mental illness with no cure.

  19. I swear, Onision is a confirmed sociopath at this point.

    He fits the bill almost entirely.

    Making complex logic to explain away any wrong doings, not accepting the fact that he made a mistake, large amounts of narcissism, complete disregard for life in general, and disregard for all authorities.

    Fits it to me.

    Can any actual psychologists confirm please? I'd really love to know.

  20. They asked Onision to rate their looks and also who made YOU the authority to tell people what to do? not everyone is beautiful so GET OVER IT!

  21. I only recently found out who this person was, and then find out he lives not that far from me? I know he lost in court about the wetland (yes, we take them VERY seriously), and his costs could run up to half a million with fines, fees, etc. He's said he had to sell his house and cars (don't know if it's this house, but if not, if he had to sell a previous house and cars, how did he get more?), but it doesn't sound like it's going to be enough to cover it. I'm sure public records could tell you how much he paid for the wetland house, though.

  22. first time watching this channel, i dont mind excessive cursing, but the unnecessary cursing is just anoying and made me click away. cursing can be a good tool to emphasize a point, but to me it just comes off as trying to be cool edgy or generally the, "idgaf" persona. it ruins the experience for me, but thta shouldnt stop you in any way, if your fans enjoy it then good for you and im glad it is working out for you.

  23. I haven't followed anything to do with Onion in a few months now, but for some reason, Onision facing jail time doesn't surprise me lmao

  24. I know there's people like me out there. I've been watching onision for 10 fucking years, maybe more. It started with chibi videos and that kind of stuff. I loved him so much. He was at one point one of the most relevant people here on YouTube. Maybe some of you remember. Look at him now. He is reuploading old fucking videos like there is no tomorrow, his views dropped to an all time low and nobody wants to hear him shove his opinion down people's throats anymore. My illusion of him being an angel started to crack when everything with his non binary spouse and their girlfriend and all that drama came up. But at this point. I now see (also in retrospect) that he has a problem. He is sick. He needs help. He was my hero, I read his books a thousand times each and now I have to face reality, he isn't perfect. He's far from perfect. He is a crazy feminazi, narcissist and hes starting to show signs of selective perception. It breaks my heart. Sorry for being dramatic but I miss the time I had with his videos years ago. I really do.

  25. Hey just a correction, he changed the policy of underage girls sending in pics of themselves now he only has people over the age of eighteen send in pics and if he thinks they are younger than 18 he doesn't say anything and ignores them.

  26. I used to like Onision in like the beginning of 2016 and most of 2015, wow he used to be great, I used to enjoy his content.

  27. This douche deserves jail time for sure. People like him literally make me sick to my stomach!

    Also, I love you and your channel so much! I adore how real and honest and UNCENSORED you are! You're the real MVP

  28. i told myself i was just gonna watch your newest videos, then go watch netflix, now im on my tenth video and i cant stop watching

  29. As someone who is in fact on your channel for the first time, hello, I’m doing pretty okay, how the fuck are YOU doing?

  30. He use to be a very famous years ago for the I’m a Banana video… he obviously misses the fame and veiws. He’s a huge narc

  31. WHat allegations did he make against Cooney/?

    He's dying because when you post so much of your life, its bound to show at least a little of your TRUE self. Youtube is the best place to show your fake persona to the world, but parts of your real self will show and we're seeing Onion's true colors now.

  32. tea so hot it literally burned my house down. Also your voice is soothing, tbh you could literally snatch my weave and drag me until i literally die and i wouldn't even care

  33. I can't endure the tasteless "fuck" word being use over and over again for now reason, try to be a foul mouth for the sake of "youtube personality" is just idiotic.

  34. What a douche canoe! He thinks he’s untouchable and can do what he wants. The state of Washington said, “Not today bitch!”

  35. Vegans like him makes vegans like me cringe with all the crap that comes out of their preachy mouths! But a different note; who TF is he?!

  36. Sorry Nick I can't help but give feedback to onision

    By feed back I'm telling disgusting onion man to please stfu about E.C and to leave that poor girl alone

  37. I had read the stories about his issues with the state for destroying wetlands, but had no idea who he was. Still know nothing about him, other than what I've learned from your vids. Don't think I want to know more than that! Lol!

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