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  1. Poor lady. As I understand it, there was nothing in her life that would lead her to suicide. She was excited, as she was starting a new job. If she was taking any type of drug for her mental health, they should have kept a closer eye on her. But this video begs the question: why did the officer demand she get out of the car for failing to signal? The cop was WAY out of line, and the fact the perjury charges against him were dropped is very troubling. I am white, and I seriously doubt the cop would have treated me like he did this poor young lady. Really sick of POCS being killed or injured by cops for NOTHING. This HAS to stop.

  2. Just cooperate with the police and fight it in court. How hard is that? I went to court several times and successfully got all my tickets dismissed. How? Because I cooperated and the police didn’t even remember me, nor showed up in court. People just need to learn to STFU!

    That being said, I’m sorry for the families loss.


  4. Why are they releasing this "new footage" now? Most thinking people know that woman was legally kidnapped, then legally murdered.

  5. That he liked about danger has nothing to do with the stop and her attitude like most blacks changes nothing except open the possibility of money for the family. She argued provoked till like so many times the officer gets angry. Black people talk about taking responsibility but rarely accept there own mistakes and crappy behavior when dealing with the police.

  6. This dude is gonna burn. I would not get out of car into a raging man's aura. Justice was denied the first time, but I have a feeling that the army of archangels carrying swords of light, truth, and justice will appear on behalf of the young woman, and Eternal Victory will be hers.⛲

  7. That man should be in jail! His fragile ego couldn’t handle a strong black woman. Him little feelings were hurt and he definitely shouldn’t be a cop!

  8. Black person: blinks
    Dirty cop: I was in fear for my safety. They were being aggressive. I thought I'd be killed.

  9. She owed $8,000 for past offenses and had a warrant, that's why three days, libtards in the fake media won't tell you that part though.

  10. A police in Biloxi, Mississippi, was ambushed and killed why was it for something like what happened here

  11. I wonder how long he had asked her to show him her license and registration before he had to start shouting orders at her?
    Cops don't just pull people over for no reason and then immediately start threatening them.
    There's way more to this story.

  12. Her rights were violated, she spoke out….they wanted to teach her a lesson and accidentally killed her… These COPS should be in prison.

  13. So you mean to tell me that he told her to put the phone down but he didn't know what she had in her hands causing him to fear for His Racist Life

  14. A civilian lied to the court they drop a hard hammer on your head but a cop do it it's the American justice system .
    Why they dropped the charges? They should reopen the case.

  15. That is absolutely outrageous, criminal, cowardly & disgusting. That racist lowlife Maggot threatening to tase this woman over a dam failure to signal because he's an insecure little WHITE BOY having a bad day.

  16. There is no justice & never has been for our Nubian Family in this Demonic racist Country. That's an insecure Little White Boy with a badge, a gun & is weak. That makes him feel like something he's not…. "a man or humane".

  17. This is sad that in America at this time our police force doesn’t stand for “peace” instead of such rage. Do better America! We should be leading the way not making fools of our country

  18. Its a shame, then you Us comes with your paternaliste speech of democracy and humain right. Please start by cleaning your front door before giving lesons To the rest of thé world

  19. You want this kind of action to STOP. Put a bullet in the head of any unethical officers family member leave a note stating if he continues to be unethical and violates rights it will happen again and watch how quickly this behavior stops.

  20. Where all the feminist and me too groups? Oh that's right theres not a rich powerful man to sue

  21. I learned in my 20s that talking loud and defensive will get you jailed or a ticket. Took 2 jail house visits to learn it though, Im Irish. But being sweet and kind or play dumb gets ya a warning. No matter what race you or the officer is. Try it

  22. And the cop. Fired yes please he is free to get a cop job in another state. Great. Please make sure no cop dept hires this man.

  23. This escalated to Sandra's death for no good reason. I pray to all my African American fellow citizens to please remember one word when dealing with the police, HUMILITY. Understanding I am a white guy but I've seen so many videos where humility was not used, including this one, and the situation escalated. Watch this video again, the turning point was not putting out the cigarette, not doing what the cop asked. I'm not implying Sandra was wrong or to blame, simply that our system gives the cops all the power here and the citizens the power in court. But who wants to go to court?? The requirement when getting pulled over is humility, no attitude, comply, and keep in your head your objective is to drive away in your car, and not go to jail. Please, please, humility, be humble.

  24. A Texas state trooper said to me once they violate peoples civil rights all the time. I think she was slain in prison. It's sad that we live in a police state.

  25. We need a mass exodus from this Godforsaken land. These institutions are intrinsically evil. All of them Every Creed that this government has entered into has been rescinded or ignored. What happens when this evil machine turns in on itself? NWO… ONE…

  26. The officer originally claimed he feared for his safety and his life. I guarantee you he fears for his life now! If I had the same last name as him if I was a relative of his I would fear for my life. For the rest of his life he had better be looking over his shoulder someone will recognize him and when that happens it won't be good. No one has the right to take another man's life just like they took hers. Yeah everyone knows they took her life to cover up what he did!

  27. umm….why not just shut up and get out of the car? not saying she deserved to die or get arrested, and not saying this guy was a good guy, but what's there to gain by refusing to get out of the car and running your mouth? just get out, stop blabbing, and you'd probably have gotten a ticket and be sent on your way. then, go fight that ticket in court. arguing with this goon here won't help. he's clearly a tool, so provoking him will just make it worse.

  28. Here we go again. BLM trying to cash in on another dead black person. Why do black people argue with EVERYONE??

  29. This happens all the time and yet it shouldn’t these police men are getting out of hand with the fact that their badge has more power than their safety. She started recording Bc of the safety of her self. The fact that she “Committed Suicide” was Awkward Bc she was an activist that’s something to talk about in the streets and yet she “committed suicide” inside her jail sale.

  30. They know who she were she was outspoken person the meeting of love her so it was a setup that job and everything was I set up

  31. Sandra Bland was right that white people have no concept of racism because they have no natural enemies thereby making them the predators. She also said that white people have no color to their skin. No wonder they are pale pasty-faced fucks. Time to ambush a few of those albino motherfuckers.

  32. Why she went to jail? Because a simple warning or ticket she made it worst.

    Now the want to open the case because they want more money… give them 1million and in 6 month they ask for more and more and more

  33. Stop resisiting people stop feeling entiltled . Put away the ego when you get pulled over by a cop or yo soul will be put away before you know it

  34. Watch the entire video. Not the quick clip here. Officer was doing his job , subject refused to exit vehicle, refused to drop phone in her hand so he could place her in handcuff.
    You do not get to scream and resist arrest , then cry your rights were violated.

  35. All you have to do is say yes sir and no sir. The dps officer was going to give her a warning and let her go with no ticket. Bland than started mouthing off and disrespecting the officer and failed to comply with orders. The officer had every right to order her out of the car for his safety. When black people stop disrespecting police, stop fighting with police, and stop going after the police's gun you will live! 100 %You won't get shot! Vote Republican! Vote Trump! We stand with police!

  36. Another loud mouth drama queen dead, no loss…. if people would just comply, we would not have these situations. Quit telling your children they are above the law, and defending them when they did something wrong to initiate a situation.

  37. All those warrants….

    PV(the school that just hired her) should be under investigation for hiring her….. Didn't they do a background check?

  38. The prosecutor chose to drop the perjury charges, in exchange, Mr. Encinia was ordered never to work as a police officer again.
    In other words, somewhere out there, there may be a new security guard with an itchy trigger finger.

  39. Sandra Bland's family & her legal team must fight for JUSTICE. The "thuggish cop" verbally & physically assaulted her. Now she's dead, it still hurts. A despicable "man". Seeing the video clip has ignited my fury again.

  40. How is this officer still alive, walking the earth? Most bullies do not seek change until their actions have affected their loved ones. NATHANIEL TURNER BEING A SLAVE, UNDERSTOOD THE CORE ESSENCE OF WHITE PEOPLE. WE AS A PEOPLE HAVE YET TO PICK UP HIS MANTLE.

  41. Remember his name is Brian Encinia. You shall never forget that name. Our war is a race. It's our only holy war.

  42. Condolences to the family for the loss of Sandra. While I'm appalled at the apparent violation of civil rights that led to her incarceration, I'm not convinced that she was murdered in a plot to evade a law suit against the department since her death has only made the situation worse. Sorry for your loss.

  43. Crooked cops need to be hung by the neck til dead! A young woman standing up for what she believed in was targeted! I am a straight, white, conservative, male…but a father of three Daughters first! I am not racist. 2 of my 3 Daughters are Liberals. I don't agree with some of the antics of BLM. But more importantly, I don't agree with the way that this young beautiful woman's life was abused and taken advantage of. It makes me sick to my stomach!
    R.I.P. you Beautiful Angel 😔

  44. this sorry excuse for a cop murdered her. He should have gotten the chair by now. Whats this perjury bullshit about???

  45. So you call this the greatest country in the world? That's why the downfall of America is inevitable. Bless all the non-white communities in the world.

  46. "Bland had at least ten previous traffic-related encounters with police in Illinois and Texas, and had been charged five times for driving without insurance, four times for speeding, and once each for driving while intoxicated and drug possession. Her final conviction was for shoplifting, and she owed $7,579 in unpaid fines at the time of her death."

  47. All the police have to do is be nice. Go ahead and protect yourself..but be nice. And stop making bullshit stops. There's GOT to be bigger fish to chase.

  48. ALL POLICE : Take note, you swore an Oath to the Constitution of these United States. cops are not trusted / respected and are starting to be found guilty of their crimes, jim crow is in the past fellas , tighten up stay legal and out of PRISON! cops dont do well in jail.

  49. She was murdered. Plain and simple. He had no logical reason to pull her over. Anyone in her situation would be worried and pissed and he's asking why she looks irritated?..seriously? What a POS human he is for doing this and I hope his ego catches some karma real quick! RIP Sandra🙏💕

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