Our visit to MDA Summer Camp at Camp Carefree

Our visit to MDA Summer Camp at Camp Carefree

[music] (Steve Sevick) This is actually my
49th year at MDA Camp and since1973 it’s actually been in North Carolina. So, I’ve been working in both the activities and the last 12 years, I’ve been a
counselor and cabin leader. The kids here look forward to camp for the entire year from the day they leave, they can’t wait to come back. It allows the kids to do things that they can’t do during the year get out into a camp environment compete with other similar kids have a great time, build really close relationships,
bonds that last throughout the year with their counselors and other campers. just a friendship and really
just to be able also to have a week away from home meet different people, do different things, and
kind of stretch themselves to the limit where they can try things that they may
never have done before and see if they can do it, and really
get a thrill out of that when they can. This year we have colors for every cabin,
my cabin happens to be purple. But we go around most of the time as a group to the different activities.
Just like today we’re having a fair and a with Lowe’s were building a lot
of wooden toys But, we’ll go fishing together, we’ll go swimming we’ll go to arts and crafts. My cabin happens to love the animals. We’ve got a bunch of animals here that are very tame we’ve got goats and ponies and even
some llamas around and donkeys and they love to go out and feed them so the kids get to do all this.
Plus they get to compete with all the other kids in camp and
we see the thrill that they get out of that and that’s what I really think keeps
all of us coming back year after year It’s just something that that the
kids look forward to so much and we are really priveledged to be a part of that [music]

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