Outdoor Connection Tanbar Canvas Air Tent – Pitching Demo, Features & Walkaround

Outdoor Connection Tanbar Canvas Air Tent – Pitching Demo, Features & Walkaround

– This is Luke from Tentworld, Toowoomba. Today, I just thought I’d take you through the new Outdoor Connection
Tanbar air tent. So it is new to our range,
it’s new to their range. It’s quickly becoming
one of my favourites. So, you get a nice big bag with it, you obviously get the tent. Big bag of pegs, you get your ropes. There’re your awning poles, I’ll show you the size
of the awning of that throughout this video. And then, being an air tent,
you get a good quality pump. So this is a really good
high-volume single-action pump. So we’ll go through that towards the end, as well, when we pump that one up. So, the tent itself, you’re
looking at about three metres long, 2.8 wide, and it’s
over two metres tall. So just over two metres. I can quite happily stand in
here, got plenty of space. So it’s a really good, roomy tent. You’re looking at 250
GSM, polycotton canvas. The tent does come with
a three year warranty. So, with the new outdoor
connection pole design it’s pretty much
inflatable from one point. So, as per some other tents, you can only, you inflate each pole separately. One inflation point will
inflate this whole tent. You can really have the
tent inflated in 60 seconds and we’ll take you through that. I’ll drop the tent down
and show you how quickly that is easy to fold up. And then we’ll inflate it back up so you get a good sense of that. Now you can do a couple
of different things here. You’ve got a vestibule
that you can peg out. Obviously, zip down, keep the door dry. But if you don’t want to
do that, as I’ve got here; you can just have it
rolled up out of the way. So a lot of options there. Now I’ll take you through
the inside of the tent. So in the inside of the tent you’ve got some nice big windows. You’ve got some nice floor
vents that you can see here. And then there’s your roof pole. Some great pockets, I’ll
take you through those. So one, two, three, four of
them throughout the tent. So, plenty of spaces to
put your stuff, alright? Now I’ll show you how
easily this one deflates. And then, simple as, pull the valve out. You only need to let one valve out. What you would do at this point; fold it in thirds, fold it in thirds, roll it
twice, put it in the bag. Could not be easier. Set up. We’ll obviously need our pump. Okay. You just go along, we set the valve. So I’ll show you how to do that. Alright, just finger-tight. You don’t need to be Hercules,
just nice and firm there. Insert your hose. Make sure you’ve got
both feet on the pump, so you don’t damage your pump. Remember, you’re pumping up
both poles at the same time. So looks like the tent
is starting to move out. You’ll start to see
the poles getting firm. At this point… Pop. Push it up, come around to your pump. You want to pump it up to somewhere between 8 and 11 psi. There are more detailed
instructions in there but honestly, when you feel it’s firm that’s a good pressure. There is a gauge on there,
so if you want to be more precise you can be. But I normally pump mine up around nine. Simple as that, pop the dust-cap on. Very solid in the wind. It’s really difficult to push these down. As I mentioned in some of
my other air tent videos, I’m a big believer in air. I’ve got an air tent myself. Look, things like punctures,
popping, all of these sorts of things that people get concerned about. They’re really non-starters. They’re very, very robust tents. If you have one of these in
a storm, you’re gonna pop up and keep camping, everyone
else is gonna be going home. So, don’t be afraid of air. These are really, really, really good. Look, as I said at the beginning; very quickly becoming one
of my favourite tents. I really like the size of this one. It’s a great tent for two people. Really squared sides. You could easily fit a
queen stretcher in there. So here we’ve put a queen stretcher in it. You can see, still plenty of
room down either side of it to pop your bags, stand
up and get changed. Be able to easily get out of the tent. So double-high air bed, no problems. As you can see there, if you wanted to put some singles in there,
quite happily put a couple of singles in there. No worries at all. Really is the ideal tent for that. So you’ve got your exterior window flaps. So you can have that all rolled up. Keep you nice and dry. And then you’ve also got
your privacy screens inside, as well, that are also
gonna be water resistant. So you do have window
flaps on the outside, but if it is raining, you can
just zip it up on the inside. Save you having to run around the outside of your tent in the middle of the night. So really, really handy. Another great feature on
this tent is you’ve got these really great little pockets here. So they’re just there. So you can tuck your guy ropes away before you pack up your tent. So when you go to set it
up again, they will be nice and neat and not all tangled up. Heavy-duty PVC bucket floor. So really, really resistant
to things like tears and getting holes in it. Things like that. And obviously, comes up at the side. Really waterproof, so great,
great floor on this tent. It’s a top tent, so some
of our Tentworld stores will have these on display. Got this one in Tentworld, Toowoomba. Thanks for watching!

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