Outrage After Two Black Men Arrested At Philadelphia Starbucks | NBC Nightly News

Outrage After Two Black Men Arrested At Philadelphia Starbucks | NBC Nightly News

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  1. …wow the liberal left, I mean the communist left will make everything about race. Way more to the story than the MSM is telling

  2. The black police chief from Philly had this to say on the matter. Cops are called all the time to have people removed from store when they defy the requests to leave by store employees. Sometimes they are in fact white, sometimes black. However in virtually every case, non-black people either leave immediately once they see the cops or they agree to leave upon told they will be arrested if they stay. This is a case of black men thinking they are above basic rules and being stupidly defiant to cops and a store. I wonder if it was done knowing they get treated as heroes by the far left.

  3. Can someone explain what happened. Were they just arrested for no reason or is the media not giving all the details again?

  4. I’me going to the Palm Court in the Plaza Hotel. I’me just going to sit down and if the waiter comes
    over I will say nothing thanks I’me waiting for a friend. I’ll drink the water and use the bathroom and
    WiFi if they have any. If my doesn’t show up I’ll leave. Right!😛

  5. Lol, black people clowning themselves on a daily basis. So psychologically fragile, it's like dealing with children.

  6. I’m black and I will agree with the cops wouldn’t be called if it were two white women , but working in customer service I can agree with the manager people go into bathrooms and do the most foul things ever and the employees have to pay for it . Your not buying anything it’s not a public bathroom where everybody can go .

  7. Starbucks is notoriously known as lounge space for startups … could this be an example of blatant covert racism?

  8. If you're inside a place of business and you're not purchasing anything then you're lordering! Racism does exist in America but this is not it.

  9. They were there for a 'Real Estate' meeting! Lmaooo sure dressed like homeless and cant even afford to buy a cup of coofee. Probably a meeting to find a shelter. If theyre so broke they could go to a park for their 'meetings'. Its free homie.

  10. They were asked to leave yet they refused and continued to occupy a table without buying anything. They were rightfully arrested as they were criminally trespassing and should have just left the Starbucks and waited outside.


  12. The cops did what they were supposed to do. The men should have left once the cops asked them too and then they should have filed a complaint or lawsuit against Starbucks after if they felt the manager was being racist. They were in contempt once they refused to follow the cops orders to leave. It’s not the the cops fault here.

  13. Everything black people do in 2018 is innocent. They don't need to take accountability, no no it's everyone else's faults.

  14. HOAX ALERT HOAX ALERT, People keep looking at this circus, one day people will understand is all a big HOAX too keep you divided and entertained from the true , is not such Starbucks incident, all been stage too create a racial war, same thing with gun control, WAKE UP PEOPLE

  15. No real argument, it could of been racial profiling or an upset manager. It was drastic to arrest the males, but just as ridiculous to publicize the incident.

  16. I live in Philadelphia. It is absolutely absurd! We don't have the videos from the actual store as to what happened before the girl started recording the guys getting arrested. Additionally, this rule Starbucks had it for ever! If you don't buy anything you can't use the bathroom or just sit there. Everywhere in Europe, you have the code to go to the bathroom that you use, and the code is written on your receipt. hahaha is the receipt racist now??! What a degrading nation we have, when everything comes down to race card.

  17. So many people have time to protest…I am too busy at work, gym, taking my child to extracurricular activities to go buy markers, glitters & posters and yell outside an establishment lol

  18. Maybe they didn't want to order anything until their friend arrived – I have a friend who, whether we're at my house or her house – , even when the food was in front of her wouldn't touch her fork until everyone was sitting down. I get it if Starbucks has a customers only policy and a trespassers policy, as I can see many people here have had an experience of but my question to those people is…where they arrested? When I took a first aid course, our instructor told us that we only need to call an ambulance when we're certain it's an emergency, we can't just say "Hey I need your help, something bad might be happening here", so I don't see the logic in calling the police because of two guys just sitting there, I would've thought that the cops would've seen that as a waste of their time. They didn't do anything worth getting arrested over or worth calling 911, Starbucks blew it out of proportion.

  19. There is another video with the exact location and manager kicking out an Asian for taking a straw in line. Racist!

  20. I always see people at Starbucks that don't order anything, they just go in there to use wifi or to meet with friends or to study/read a book, it's a case by case situation, the employees have the right to tell someone to leave if they're not purchasing anything but usually they don't, I've personally never seen someone kicked out of Starbucks for loitering but I have seen people kicked out of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, stores for loitering, it's not always a race issue but I think in this situation the cops could have just gave the black men a warning and been on their way, instead the officers just made it a bigger deal than it really should have been

  21. I have a Solution..This behavior by Whites is An attempt to use Police as a Proxy Murder Weapon. SO TO SOLVE THIS YOU CRIMINALIZE THE BEHAVIOR..Push for legislation to make False calls a Hate Crime..Consider this..These Whites need to be charged with a Crime..Just like Pulling a Fire alarm illegally..Then Their Identity must be made public on a Website..Then If they are ever chosen for Jury Duty..This crime should prevent them from ANY JURY DUTY especially involving a Black Defendant…This is How you fight White Supreamacy Effectively…

  22. Official: “It is now the official policy to sit in any Starbucks establishment and use the bathroom or not buy any Coffie.” https://www.google.com/amp/amp.slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/05/you-can-now-officially-sit-in-any-starbucks-and-use-the-bathroom-without-buying-anything.html

  23. It wasn't because they are black, it is because they are homosexuals, or transgenders
    or Muslims
    or illegal immigrants
    or Trump supporters
    or brilliant geniuses
    or Mother Teresa's lost sons
    Or maybe ,just maybe,because they were inside a private business for a long period of time without buying anything, but definitely it wasn't because they are black

  24. they didnt stop it just happened here in vegas just yesterday july 6,2018.., im just sitting there and they embarrased me in front of the customer, is it because im an asian, i shop at albertson and buy drinks there at starbucks albertson here in vegas they discriminate me, the manager name Karen at 1001 s rainbow blvd las vegas NV 89128, whats wrong with these people, i want justice, i want this stop, im a cancer patient and they did that to me.

  25. is this attention seeking when in Starbucks use the toilet didn't drink their coffee when asked to leave they had a tantrum if white people did that would it be on the front news no it wouldn'

  26. I work in security all over the United States. Some of the facilities I work at do not have general public toilets, drinking fountains or cafes. The manager of any private business has the right to call 911 and remove anybody off of their private property. And the General Public can't go into the cafes just because they're hungry or they can't sit around just because they want to. I'm not saying it's always fair, but that's the law and that's the rules private businesses can make. The manager of this Starbucks called and said a group of males. He did not imply race but it sure seems like the lawyer is trying to assume that and it seems like this story from NBC is assuming the same thing. So who is really at fault here in making it a race issue?

  27. How dare they act like civilized people, quietly minding their own business, and think they can get away with an innocuous question without facing repercussions. Disgusting. /s

  28. Where they white nothing would happened, put yourself on the position blacks endure everyday, you don't notice cause you're white.

  29. Stop playing the race card for pete's sake. If a white person did the same thing he would of been asked to leave. And if he refused the exact thing would happen. Well not quite they would be no filming and no one would care.

  30. Why are they protesting? Just because two black men got arrested for trespassing? Do they even know the full story? They got arrested because they didn't buy anything. Not because they were black. The manager was probably racist, but store policy is the same for everyone regardless of skin color. They gave the manager a valid reason to kick them out, however if they did buy something then that would have been prejudice. The argument is that if they were white they wouldn't have been arrested, but how would you know? You don't have sufficient evidence to claim that. A lot of people claim that they have seen white people loitering too in other Starbucks, but that isn't evidence because every store is different along with their policies. Also don't blame the police they have to make the arrest because it is their job. Imagine you got into a fight with your neighbor and now he doesn't want to leave your front lawn. You call the police and they say "nah I don't want to." Now would that make any sense? Remember it is their job.

  31. If ordinary citizens would held businesses with their policies" like no pay no bathroom" there wouldn't be these videos.

  32. Typical lies and stupidity. 0:33 – "They were just sitting there quietly." The issue was not that they were being disruptive; it is that they were loitering and refused to leave when asked. 1:06 – The issue was not that they asked to use the bathroom. Had two white women been loitering, been asked to leave and refused, the police would have escorted them out, too. But as usual, the race baiting works.

  33. Starbucks closed down for one day, sensitivity training for all. Considering all the violence happening in Philly this is worth protesting? Did the men ever get the job they were supposedly waiting for. They don't need a job now, they got a settlement.

  34. I mean why not just purchase a small coffee to avoid problems? Got to respect the rules otherwise everyone else would break them as well.

  35. You know why you'd never hear that phone call about the white women?
    Because when the white women were told the toilet was for paying customers only they'd say
    "Ok then can I get a cup of coffee?" Instead of being arrogant and thinking the rules don't apply to them


  37. Why is is that the only time the police and manager was in the right people actually take action by protesting? There were plenty of time where places needed protesting oh the irony.

  38. No arrests were made. They were detained and released later that night because no charges were filed.

  39. A lot of people go into starbucks to use their wifi and don’t buy anything you mine as-well arrest them for trespassing “they used my FREE wifi without buying anything” like what

  40. Okay, I am black and if someone is trying to use the bathroom at one of my businesses whether white or black and they are not buying any of my items I probably won’t want them using it. Though calling the police is not necessary if no one is being threatened.

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