Oztent Foxwing 2.5 Tagalong Tent – How to setup & pack away

Oztent Foxwing 2.5 Tagalong Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Good day folks, Ben from Snowys here. If you got yourself an
Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning or you’re looking for one, you might also be interested
in this tag-along tent which is gonna extend the
living space of your Awning and give you somewhere to sleep at night. I’m gonna show you how to set it up today, let’s check it out. (upbeat music) So in front of me here I’ve
got the Foxwing tag-along tent. Now this attaches to the side
of your 270 Foxwing Awning like I’ve got set up behind me here. I’ve also got a couple of the
tapered extensions attached so you can see how they
all kinda work together. Now these tagsters, they
weigh about 12 kilos I reckon it’s more like about 14/15 just carrying this one around. They do measure about
150 centimetres in length by about 20 centimetres
and 20 centimetres. I’m gonna pull this outta the bag first and show you what comes with your kit. So inside the bag here
we get a user’s manual, this is our main portion of the tent. We get a few different poles, these ones smaller ones for the pole that goes over the back of the tent and these ones here
I’ll talk about shortly depending on what we’re
attaching the tent to, means might use a different
configuration of these. We get a heap of pegs and two guy ropes. Now the first thing I’m gonna do is put the pegs and poles aside and I’m gonna spread the tent out in front of the area that
I’m gonna get it set up. I’ve got the tag-along tent
oriented the right way here, I’ve got my door at the front which is facing in towards the Awning and I’ve got my attachment
points along the top here. Now got a few different options here. There is a zipper and a spline, so the zipper is what I’m gonna use to attach to the 270 Awning
which I’ve got set up here now. The spline we can use to attach to anything that’s
got a sail track on it so could just be a
standard pull-out Awning that you could slide this into as well. Now the instructions seem to suggest that you should put these
poles in place first. We need to create a rigid structure in the front of this tent
to give it proper support. An Awning like the 270
doesn’t have a ridge pole along the top, so we need to
have something along the top to stop the tent from sagging. This’s got Velcro tabs in here to allow us to put a pole actually in the tag-along tent for support. If we’re attaching it to the
front of an RV tent for example it’ll go in front of an RV Five, we can put these poles
in our RV Five Awning and then attach the
tag-along tent to that. But what I’m gonna do right
now is grab the zipper, stand up and slide it in the
zipper track in the 270 Awning. Now, as I go if I just lift the tent, so I’m not stressing the zip,
I’m not gonna break anything. And it’s always easy to stand
on the outside of the tent because that’s attached
now to the 270 Awning, it’s just hanging there. I will mention while I’m up here though, there is a Velcro strip
here that can be used to secure a storm flap such as what you find on your RV tents down over this to keep
the zipper weatherproof. The Oztent 270 Foxwing
Awning has got this big flap to overlap there so I
don’t need to use that. Now I need to put our ridge pole and our two uprights in the front here. Now there are Velcro tabs
that feature across the top. One, two, three and down
the side here as well. For the upright poles we just
need to put them in place, spread ’em out and give the
front of the tent support. I’m just noticing that my
upright pole is little short of the ground here and that’s
because I’ve got my Awning poles extended out as far as they’ll go. So I just need to drop
the 270 Awning pole down so that both poles are sitting
flat on the ground here. So now I’ve got a tent
attached to the Awning, we’ve got our frame
structure in the front, we need to put this pole in place. Now this is a dome type pole that runs across the back of the tent. Now it goes in this sleeve here, there’s an orange sleeve that
we have to feed it through. This is all attached with
a Velcro strap in between. We gently put it into place. We don’t ever wanna just
flick these out into place. If you’re rough with
them, you can damage them. It’s an alloy pole. So we put each section in place and make sure it goes right
up, as far as it will insert and that’s gonna give
us a maximum strength and minimise the chance of any damage. Now we just slide that
into the orange sleeve. Once I’ve got the pole through the sleeve, there’s a pin here that the end of the pole needs to go into. We do that on the other side as well. And then in between, there’re plastic C-clips that we need to do up around the poles. So that’s all the poles in place, now just gotta grab some pegs, peg all of this in around the base. And apart from the guy
ropes, we’re all set up. That’s the Foxwing
tag-along tent all set up, apart from the guy ropes,
I’m not gonna do that today. If it was particularly windy or if you’re staying
somewhere for a long time, always recommend putting the guy ropes in. We could take it one step further and set up all of these windows
as gusseted features as well but it’s just an option,
we’ll leave it there for now. What I do wanna show you though, is that you can actually attach one of the standard Awning extensions or walls for the 270 Awning and attach that to the tag-along tent. I’m gonna zip that in place now and show you how it all fits together. So I’ve just attached this
standard Awning extension to the top here. Now, the zips don’t line up exactly but they will still zip together. And if I do this up and start zipping it, there’s little Velcro tabs
on the wall that do match up with the Velcro strip on the tent. So we can seal that to a
degree if we work our way down, part way down there’s another Velcro tab, so we can close that up. So you can see there
is a bit of a gap there but it’s still gonna
be quite weatherproof. And as we get right to the bottom, we come across one more tab and then at the very bottom, the zipper does up to
the bottom of the tent and then you’ve got a bit of extra slack at the bottom of the side panel here. And the side panel is actually longer than the length of the tent, so you got a bit of extra fabric here that you might need to peg out. So not exact but it does work. That’s pretty much all
there is to setting up the Foxwing tag-along tent. It’s a great extension to your 270 Awning, gives you a sleeping space right next to a protected living space. Now pack up, is easier than set up. Before I pull it down, there’s one last thing I wanna show you and that’s how the
tag-along tent marries up with the tapered extensions here. Now these, won’t zip onto
the side of the tent here because they’re just at different angles. So you do get this little panel here, I guess you could use that as an entrance. There’s no way to seal that off but just for your reference, that’s how a tapered wall fits up against the tag-along tent. Now I’m gonna take it down for ya. The first thing you wanna
do is take the pegs out. Now if it was a windy day, it might be beneficial
to leave the pegs in so things don’t blow away
and nothing gets damaged. It’s calm down here now so I’m gonna pull the pegs out first, take this rear pole out and then I can detach it from the Awning. Coming out to the front of the tent here, I’m gonna take these poles out, take the pole structure out before I unzip it from the Awning. So I’ve got the Velcro tabs to undo and remove all three poles. Now I’ve got the poles out from
the front of the tent here, so that’s just hanging
loosely on the Awning. Gotta undo the zipper at the top. The zipper pull is on the
outside so you need to stand on the outside and get your
hand around to the outside of the tent, zip it along
and the tent will fall down and away from the Awning. As you go, just give the
zipper a bit of support, you don’t wanna damage anything here, so just support behind
the zipper as it undoes. That can now drop to
the ground as a whole. I’m just gonna throw it back
over the top of the floor so we can fold it within the floor area. Now just straighten this out, fold it up roughly the size of the bag and put your poles and your pegs inside, give it a roll, there’s a couple of straps
included with your tent just to secure it all in place before you put it back in the bag and there’s actually
plenty of room in the bag to fit your tent inside. That is how you set up and pack away the Foxwing tag-along tent. You can grab these online at snowys.com.au for the lowest prices everyday. Thanks for watching I hope it was useful, we’ll see you next time. Wait a sec folks, if you thought that video was awesome, subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on any
of our latest information or got any questions? let us
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