Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent

Gday folks, Ben from Snowys here again
today with the Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent. It’s a great fast pitch and
durable family touring tent. I want to run through all of the features with you today. We’ll start with the outside – 8 ounce poly-cotton canvas throughout with the
exception of the fly sheet, which is a heavy-duty polyester. The floor is a
heavy-duty PVC and there’s mesh in all the window, insect proof mesh in all the
windows, so it’s made to be really durable. The frame is all alloy,
corrosion resistant alloy, all the components, the knuckles and everything,
they’re all alloy throughout. Moving on to the features of the tent, this front
door is a little unique in that it’s a centre zip door so you can unzip it
through the middle and roll it back instead of being a big D. You can then
see once we open the main canvas exterior, we’ve now got a centre zip mesh
door as well so you’ve got that option of ventilation or to close it right up
in bad weather. So I should mention now that this canvas is actually waterproof
throughout and it’s all seam sealed so without this fly sheet on, or even with
this awning rolled up, the tent itself is pretty weatherproof. If it’s really heavy
rain or a particularly cold night you’d want this fly sheet on to protect from
condensation inside and also particularly heavy rain because again
zips are a potential point for water ingress. But with this out and your fly sheet on, it’s a really sturdy weatherproof tent. So moving on with the features of
the tent, just coming around here, with the first thing I come across there’s a
power access point here, a little zipper point with a weatherproof flap over the
top, so you can get your 12-volt power or 240-volt, depending on where you camp inside the tent. Talking about this awning, it’s 2 metres this awning is, it’s
really long and it has eyelets both at this end here and part way along so
you can set it up with the poles here. You will need an optional ridge pole to
make that happen but you could potentially set this up as a peak
like this and that comes into play more so with the optional complete panel
system, which we don’t have here today, but the complete panel system has ridge
poles or upright poles and a ridge pole, allows a peak here and it encloses all the
sides here, so you’re essentially creating an even bigger tent or you’ve
got the option to enclose it if you want or have it open if you don’t. But that is
an optional accessory. Moving on around the tent, the windows, there are 3
windows in the tent like this, and it has a gusset on the side so if you unzip the
the first zip you can actually peg this out as such and it allows airflow up
under here into the tent. It still offers weather protection, so good for humid, wet humid nights. If you want airflow to go through the tent, it’s a dry night, you
unzip the second zip here, roll the whole thing up and you’ve got a nice big open
panel for ventilation, that’ll also keep the insects out. Now as
I mentioned this same window features on the other side of the tent and a similar,
I think slightly wider window at the rear, at the back of the bedroom section
of the tent here. So moving on further to the back we do have this extra section
here, which is divided on the inside by divider – we’ll show you that in a second.
Has that window at the back as I mentioned but it also has these internally
adjustable windows here, so you can see mesh on the outside here, might be
concerned about water getting in there but this is all seam sealed under here,
no water’s going to get in. The beauty of this is that you can adjust the airflow
during the night without having to get out the tent. That’s most of the
features on the outside. I’m going to jump inside now and show you the space
and features in there. So coming inside the Oxley 7 now, I’m standing on what
feels like a really durable PVC floor. if you’re worried about the kids digging holes in this, putting holes in it, probably the least of your concerns.
Always handy to use a ground sheet under your tent though, it’s going to extend
the life of that floor. Looking around the base here there’s two handy storage
pockets on each side. There’s three compartments to each of those, there’s one here, one on the far side there, moving up a little further, the window onto my right
here is the one I’ve opened up, this one’s closed up but you can see you can
get good cross ventilation there. As we move up the tent a little further, got a
vent here, which can be opened up and rolled back. So with that open up we’ve now got some high-level ventilation as well. Moving
right up to the top here, we’ve got the handle, now this is used to collapse the
tent down, when it’s packed away, but you could hang a lantern off that if you
like but if you go hanging off it or doing chin-ups, you’re gonna collapse the
whole tent down. One other thing you notice when you’re standing in here is
that all these seams are all seam sealed. There’s a waterproof tape on the inside
everywhere that I can see, so on top of the canvas being a highly waterproof
canvas, all the seams are sealed so you’re gonna stay nice and dry in here.
If we move further back to the bedroom section of the rear section of the tent
you can see it’s divided by this, it’s a polyester divider here,
lightweight polyester divider, it’s got this mesh panel across the top here to
allow a bit of circulation between the two rooms. It’s not fixed to the floor so
when this is open you don’t have any trip hazards partway through there. It’s
a T zip, to open it up – so one that goes right down the middle, it zips from the
top to the bottom, and then across the sides here so that when it’s zipped away, it’s right
out of the way, so there’s nothing in the way of any head space or anything. So you can see those doors zip right out the way creates a nice big open space as we move to the back here. So we look at the space inside the tent, it’s 250 cm wide, the front
section of this tent is 250 cm by 250 cm then we’ve got another 220 cm at the
back here. It does slope down to a fairly narrow point so you haven’t got a
lot of usable space. I sort of get to here before my head’s against the end
here but if you’re sleeping with your head at this end and your feet to the back,
you’d be fine. You’re probably gonna struggle to fit a stretcher in the back
section here because of the way this sits. Your stretcher is going to hit this,
you could do it but your stretcher is going to be up against there and your
feet are probably gonna be touching this so it’s probably better to have a mat in
the back here. This door at the back, as I mentioned previously, the window sorry, is
the gusseted window so you could peg that out so that it’s either
protects from the weather and allows air flow or open it right up to allow air
flow right through the tent. There are extra guy ropes at the back here that I
haven’t used that would actually lift this up a little bit further as well.
On each side here are the internally adjustable windows that I mentioned
earlier. We can adjust this from the inside, either have it wide open,
or just partially open to allow a bit of of privacy down low but airflow up high.
Now this is also seam sealed here so any rain that goes in between the mesh and
this window is going to stay on the outside of the tent. Now I mentioned before about sleeping with your head at this end, it’s probably gonna be beneficial because Oztent have included what they call their media
pocket in the Oxley here. So if you have a bit of a lie down here, put your iPad or your
Android, whichever you prefer, up in here, even entertain the kids if that’s what
you like, I’m not one to do that, but hey the options there if you want. You can
watch some movies on your holiday. That’s pretty much the features inside the
tent here. Lots of room, I feel quite spacious. Being
canvas, we’re out here it’s quite a warm day, proves quite comfortable inside the
tent here as well. But that’s the features of the Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring tent. You can pick them up on our website, lowest prices everyday,
free delivery Australia wide. www.snowys.com.au Thanks for watching, guys.

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