Oztent RX-5 Tent + Panel System & Floor

Oztent RX-5 Tent + Panel System & Floor

(whimsical music) – Good day, folks, Ben from Snowys, with a new product from Oztent. This is the RX-5 I’ve got
set up behind me, here. This is a complete tent, all in one. It includes the tent, which is at the rear, that you sleep in. You get this side panel system, one complete wrap-around wall, the floor that zips in the bottom here, and that encloses the front awning, so you’ve got a two-room,
durable touring tent. Whole thing weighs in a bit over 35 kilos, so it’s quite heavy and long, so you’re gonna need a four-wheel drive or a trailer to carry it, but it’s a great four-wheel
drive touring option. And one of the main things I want to talk about with the new RX series tents is the new ModCan canvas that Oztent used. It’s actually a synthetic, it’s not like the eight ounce poly cotton
canvas they’ve used previously. But it feels really nice. It’s got more mass than
their eight ounce canvas, it’s got more tensile strength, a high UPF rating, it’s
more water resistant, and it’s fire retardant. So it is a really good quality material that they’ve used on here. It also has a ripstop weave through it, so you’re not going to have any hassles with this product at all. Now I’ll talk about the features on the outside of the
tent before we step in, so I’ll step down this
side of the tent first. So the first side panel
on the awning here, we can unzip a large storm panel. Now this can zip all the way open, or you can actually stop
it partway back here, so this section here is a window, and then the mesh door is this bit here. So you can actually roll this back to here, and have a doorway. You can roll this all the way back, or you can enclose it a little more, (tent zipping) and roll these back together
at that point there. So quite a versatile side panel on there. And that obviously steps inside the tent. As we move back here, I’ve got the fly set up on this today. You don’t have to put the fly on there. The fly’s gonna help with condensation on really cold nights,
obviously gonna give you extra weather protection if
the weather is really bad. It’s also gonna reduce the
temperature inside the tent, ’cause it’s got this silver coating on it. So on the side here,
there’s a mesh window. Inside there is a storm flap, so we can open and close
that from inside the tent. So you got ventilation on each side. This window feature’s on
both sides of the tent. So at the very rear of the tent, here, we’ve got a large double window with a storm flap that I’ve
got rolled up at the moment. So we can roll that, it zips closed and Velcros along the base here, so if the weather’s bad once you get in, we can close that right down, or if you need ventilation,
that’s gonna add a little bit more airflow
through the inside of the tent. Now one of the really cool features of the RX series tents is the skylight. I can’t show you a lot from outside here. I’ll show you more from inside, but up on the roof here is another flap that opens up, right up here. This is mesh here, we’ll show you inside the tent when I get in there. I can’t quite reach it at the moment. But I just want to show
you on the outside here that it is still quite weatherproof. If this fly wasn’t on,
there’s still gonna have a lot of wind-driven rains
to creep from this edge of this flap here to
reach the fabric up here. Plus, there’s little guards here, that stop water from creeping up underneath the zipper there. So if the weather’s really bad, keep the flysheet on. It’s gonna give you even more protection, but it’s still gonna take
a lot of wind-driven rain to get water up inside that skylight. The best thing, though,
is if it’s a nice night, you can zip the roof of the tent open, and you can stargaze
while you’re sleeping. Before I step inside, I just want to show you this front panel here. So this can actually
be set up as an awning. It does have eyelets on the corners here. It’s one complete panel,
so you can set this up out like this, or roll it
up and keep it out the way. So with that rolled up out the way, you can now see we’ve
got two mesh doors here, that open on each side, and
that we can step through inside. So the first thing you notice as you step into the roomy front awning of the Oztent RX tent here, is the height. 2.3 metres at the peak,
so plenty of height, here. You might notice that these ridge poles actually go up through the
awning on the inside, here. You might be concerned about
water getting in there, but no need, Oztent have
included weather caps, which actually go on
the outside of the tent, over the top of the
spigot, and that creates a seal that the water runs around, and doesn’t come in through the eyelet. You see the zip here, it runs right down the wall of the tent here, right around the top
edge of the awning here, and zips the complete side
panel system in place. We’ve got a door on the side here, mesh, and I’ve currently got the
storm flap closed on this one, same as what I showed
you on the other side, you can unzip that storm flap
halfway or the whole way. Got our two mesh doors in the front here, the same door that I unzipped
earlier on this side. And then as we move down,
we’ve got the floor, which is also zipped into place. This zip is a continuous zip that runs right around the base of the awning, here. The only place people
might be concerned about with this not being completely sealed, is in the corner here. There is a slight gap
where the zips don’t meet, but Oztent have put flaps
there, Velcro flaps, to try and seal it up as best you can. But nothing’s gonna get through there. You might get the odd insect that come in, but it’s quite well sealed. So as you move to the
back of the tent here now, into the sleeping area,
there’s two double doors here, which feature both solid and mesh panels. Got the solid panel
here and the mesh panel, so once again, plenty of
opportunity for ventilation. Above these doors, or in
the top of these doors, are two more ventilation flaps that you can roll open
to allow ventilation through the top of the
tent, reduce condensation. So they’re open, that
feature’s on both sides there. So as we move into the rear
room of the tent, here, it’s about 260 by 260, it’s facing here, so room for five is
gonna be pretty squeezy, but ideally, two to four
people is pretty comfortable. Now on each side, you’ve
got this mesh window and a privacy screen which is operated from the inside of the tent. That feature’s on both sides. At the rear here, we’ve
got the double mesh window that we showed you from
the back of the tent. Now that storm flap’s on the outside, so we can’t operate that
from the inside of the tent. As I move up a little,
two storage pockets here. Now these are removable. You can take them off completely, put them somewhere else. Now the coolest feature that
I showed you from the outside is this skylight that features
in the roof of the RX tent. We can operate this from the inside. Under this mesh panel, I can step through and undo the storm panel on the outside. (zipper zips) and this can actually be
rolled back out the way, and secured at the top here. I can then zip this mesh panel up again, to create insect-proof
stargazing at night. Now I’ve got the fly on here now, so even if it’s raining, this is gonna be quite weatherproof in here. Without the fly on, you’ve
got clear view of the sky. So a really cool feature of the RX tent. Now you can pick this up off our website, Snowys.com.au, free delivery
to just about anywhere in Australia, at lowest prices every day. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next time. (whimsical music) (clicking)

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  1. My biggest concern with all the Oztents was transporting the tent from the car to the tent site/shed/house etc – they're pretty heavy and I'm not getting any younger. I found a cheap kayak trolley strapped to the front end of the bag made the whole transport problem a non issue. And as a bonus, I can use it to move my kayak…… Love the skylight feature too.

  2. So can you still use and setup just the sleeping section like the rv5. But all by itself if you only needed to sleep for the night.

  3. I'm in Canada and I'm looking for a over-landing winter tent. Would you say it could be winter proofed with a stove by installing a stove funnel opener modification kit? is the skylight just mesh or has it a seal-able cover? is the skylight clear cover plastic? do you know it has a temperature rating for the tent? e.g. -40C – +40. Just don't want the plastics snapping because they are brittle with the cold?

  4. We are a family of 5, as the kids grow I can see the need to expand the sleeping capacity – Is there anyway you can connect the RX-5 to say an RV-5?

  5. 4:45 – they could have fixed that air gap issue so easily with a long (5 inch) zip overlap and then velcro seal over but i guess thats too hard. maybe in the updated version.

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