OZtrail Ultimate All Weather Queen Stretcher – How to setup and pack away

OZtrail Ultimate All Weather Queen Stretcher – How to setup and pack away

(upbeat music) Hey guys, Ben from Snowys here. Today with the OZtrail
Ultimate All Weather Stetcher in the queen size. It’s a two person stretcher. Rated at 250 kilos. Package wise, about 26 kilos. And when it’s packed up it’s
about 102 centimetres long, 38 centimetres high,
and 22 centimetres deep. Comes in this neat carry bag. I’m going to show you what comes inside. So inside the bag we’ve
got, this is a flashing. It goes on the top of
everything in the end. The bag of pegs with some
guide ropes in there as well. These are our poles. They will keep the upper
section of the shelter in place. And this little storage hammock. We’ll show ya where that
goes a bit later on. This here is the main section of the tent. The stretcher with the
tent all attached into one. So to start setting it
up we fold this out, and get the base in place. From there we can fold these legs out. And it starts to take place. As we do that, we’ll pull
it up and roll it over. Make sure these are fully extended. That’s the stretcher, the bit we sleep on. All in place there. This is the upper or
the inner of the tent. It’s actually attached to the stretcher, we can’t remove that. I guess you could use it
like that if you wanted, but probably not as comfortable. From here, we’ll put the poles into place. There are two pole sections. They’re about the same length. They just cross over like a
dyeing tent normally does. As we put em together,
we grab the end pieces, and we also need to feed them through the sleeves that run
over the top of the tent. They go into the pockets at the end here. There are two extra shorter poles that also come with your
all weather stretcher. These just go on the ends
between these two eyelets here just to keep the poles separated. And from there I’ve got a
plastic clip on each corner here. We’ll put them in place
and that’s how it goes. Across the way the poles in
the centre of the top here just to keep everything
steady and in place. So you could use the stretcher like this as a stretcher with a mozzie proof or insect
proof shelter on top. There is a fly sheet that
I’ll throw over the top, in a second I’ll show you that shortly. I just want to show you
how this attaches first. This is a little storage hammock. It actually attaches in
underneath the stretcher here. These little plastic hooks on
the corner of the hammock here and they correlate to little plastic loops underneath the stretcher here. We put them in place and it
creates a storage hammock underneath the stretcher
and up off of the ground. So just unfold the fly
sheet, throw it over the top. Just keeping an eye on
where the doors are. So these zipper doors,
one’s gonna go on one side, that correlates to this entry and another zip on the other side, that correlates to the other entry. So we got this oriented right now. We’ve got our zips here
for our entrance doorway, same thing on the other side. Now, underneath here there
are some little velcro tabs that will go around each of
the poles to keep it in place. So do each of those tabs up, and then I’ll put all the pegs in. That’s all the pegs in place. There are four garretts
that we do recommend you use if you’ve got it setup over night, particularly if it’s windy. It’s gonna keep things nice and steady. I’m not gonna worry about them today. There’s one other element
of setup I will mention. This front door can actually
be setup as an awning, but you will need extra
awning poles to do it. There are eyelets in the corners here. You can get yourself some short steel, or any form of awning pole, and set this up as a shelter
to the entrance of your tent. There are a couple of garretts included to be able to do that. You just need to get just the poles. That’s how you setup the
Ultra All-weather stretcher in the double size. I’m gonna show you how
to pack it away now. It’s pretty straight forward. You start by pulling all the pegs out. The pegs are out. The next step is to just undo
the tabs underneath here, take the fly off, and fold it up. The fly sheet’s off. Before we take the poles out
and fold up the stretcher, we just gotta remember to
take the gear hammock off from underneath here so it doesn’t
get damaged up underneath. And then we take the poles out. The poles are out. Everything’s aside ready to go in the bag, except for the stretcher itself. Easiest way to fold this up
is to probably go to one side. I’m just gonna stand it up on it’s end. You don’t need to force
it, it’ll just ease closed. So as you stand it up just
let these ends fold in, it collapses down nice and easily. From there, these fold in
against the middle legs. I guess now we’re gonna
get back in the bag. That’s the OzTrail Ultra
All-Weather stretcher in the queen size. Great thing is it’s actually pretty easy to fit back in the bag. And there’s still a bit of space in there, you could probably fit a
couple of extra awning poles, and maybe a low weight ground
sheet in there with it. You can grab this at our
website at snowys.com.au Lowest prices everyday with free delivery to just about anywhere in Australia. Thanks for watching. We’ll see ya next time. (upbeat music)

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