Partisan Definition for Kids

Partisan Definition for Kids

in this history Illustrated video we're going to go over the vocabulary word Hardison typically when we're talking about partisan we're talking about political party so I'm gonna write political parties here and if I am a partisan person I might support this political party and not really want to compromise with this one and it can work the opposite way around – I might be partisan and support this party and not want to really compromise with the other one as well so I'm gonna write compromise over here and I want you to realize there is the opposite of this if I just add a simple prefix I'm going to put by which means two so two partisan right so bipartisan means I do want to compromise I am willing to compromise and work with both of these parties if I'm partisan I support one or this one if I am bipartisan I might support one but I'm willing to work with the other

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  1. So basically, kids…if you're bipartisan, you're an open-minded individual who wants what's best for your country. If you're partisan, you're a close-minded individual who wants what's best for YOU, and you're going to spend the rest of your life in a pointless, never-ending argument.

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