Pixee Fox And Rodrigo Alves’ Plastic Surgery Camp: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Pixee Fox And Rodrigo Alves’ Plastic Surgery Camp: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

PIXEE FOX: People call us the Barbie and Ken, but we’re not Barbie and Ken. I know what
you want to look like, you want to look like… an angel. RODRIGO ALVES: I had a good time last night. PIXEE FOX: It was really nice.
RODRIGO ALVES: It was very nice. PIXEE FOX: I liked that place. COMM: Pixee Fox and Rodrigo Alves are in Istanbul. RODRIGO ALVES: I wish I hadn’t danced so much. Yeah, my entire body aches. COMM: But they’re not here to party. COMM: While most people would settle for an annual spa trip, Rodrigo and Pixee plan to
spend their five days at the Zorlu Aesthetic Clinics, having multiple procedures, costing each of
them over $25,000 in total. COMM: First up for Pixee is a vampire facial. COMM: This is where blood is extracted from patient’s arm, spun until the red and white
blood cells are separated and then injected back into the patient’s face. But that’s
far from the only procedure that she’ll be having during her trip. She is also here
for a rather unconventional type of surgery. PIXEE FOX: The reason I’m here is to do something that is called genital beautification.
It’s the next step in my transformation. I want to try all the different procedures
on the market. For me, this procedure is just for beauty reasons and aesthetic reasons,
but for most people, it’s for medical reasons. COMM: To date, Pixee and Rodrigo have had over 100 procedures between them, but both
deny that they’re addicted to plastic surgery, or that they suffer from body dysmorphia. PIXEE FOX: There is a lot people who say that I have body dysmorphia or I need to go to
a psychiatrist. You know, there is always going to be people like that. But the difference
between me and most people is that I have a really big goal. I’m investing in my future.
I’m making myself into an icon. I’m making myself into a brand. It’s not an addiction,
it’s my passion. DOCTOR B: Hi, Pixee! PIXEE FOX: Hi, doctor! Hello! How are you?
DOCTOR B: Very good. PIXEE FOX: So, this is Rodrigo.
RODRIGO ALVES: Hi, Doctor B! It’s very nice to meet you. What a pleasure. Bye, honey. PIXEE FOX: I’m not really a super sexual person, I’m not doing this to be sexy for anyone. I’m doing this because I’m passionate about it and if there is a procedure that is called
the Barbie Pussy, of course I need to try it. PIXEE FOX: How are you? DOCTOR GINAH MORET: Welcome. How are you today?
PIXEE FOX: This is Rodrigo. DOCTOR GINAH MORET: Hi, Rodrigo! How are you doing? RODRIGO ALVES: Hi! How are you?
DOCTOR GINAH MORET: I am Brazilian like you. RODRIGO ALVES: Really? DOCTOR GINAH MORET: Did you see some results? PIXEE FOX: Yes, my face was like baby afterwards.
DOCTOR GINAH MORET: We don’t age here, we don’t age here.
RODRIGO ALVES: So, I am, I am at the right place. I’m at the right place. COMM: Rodrigo is known for his sixpack implants, which give him a toned look all year round
without having to spend hours in the gym. But now he is worried about his weight. So
he is starting his trip off with some liposuction. RODRIGO ALVES: While I’m here in Istanbul, I’m having a revision to fill-up my procedures.
I’m having a liposuction and all that fat which is about three litres of fat, it’s
going to be… RODRIGO ALVES: Injected into my bum, giving me a Brazilian butt lift. I’m going to be
the very first person in the whole wide world to have to have fat transfer with a spider
web lift in my butt. COMM: The spider web technique is an alternative surgery that tightens the skin by, in effect,
knitting together cells under the skin using a series of needles or threads. RODRIGO ALVES: Feels like that I’m going to give a birth, that I’m going to give
birth of three litres of fat and that’s going to be reused to give me the most perfect
beautiful bum. Let’s go, guys. RODRIGO ALVES: There is no such thing as being addicted to plastic surgery. I just have a
high sense of self worth. I love myself and thanks to plastic surgery, I am the man that
I am today and nowadays, I love myself so much. DOCTOR B: Good morning, my lovely patients. RODRIGO ALVES: Good morning, Doctor B. How
are you today? DOCTOR B: I’m very good. And you?
RODRIGO ALVES: I’m feeling great. DOCTOR B: You don’t need to rest. Same day
you can go around. PIXEE FOX: You show me the photos and it’s,
it’s amazing. I am shocked, I am shocked. It’s completely brand new. But I mean, obviously
I’m a bit swollen now with the fat transfer. DOCTOR B: And Pixee you don’t need to rest.
You can go around, you can do everything. PIXEE FOX: Yeah, you can rest. I’m going
to go up. I’m kidding. DOCTOR B: One or two days, I’ll recommend
you to rest and lay down on your face. And then Monday you can go around shopping. RODRIGO ALVES: I’m never going to get old. Science met technology and technology met
beauty. There are amazing procedures nowadays that I can do, that you can do, you know,
just to improve yourself. And I look myself in the mirror myself and think well, I look
great, I look perfect in my eyes.

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  1. Moving the fat body to another part of the body is still be fat, a nice toned body is a muscular body not a body filled with fat especially for a man.
    Another point the head should be smaller than the earth otherwise you looks like a stupid alien .

  2. Ok,so…many of you guys can say that I am crazy,but…am I the only one that thinks Pixie is acually beautiful?Ok,is just plastic there but she is beautiful.Like,her surgerys had a better result than Rodrido's surgerys.He looks a little bit ugly (just being polite,cuz he looks awful)

  3. Your passion can also be an addiction, silly girl. When, and if they get older, I hope they both don't look back on their lives with regret.

  4. **{ .. This is CRAZY .. HORRIBLE TRANSFORMATIONS .. Their lips are so artificial .. they love themselves .. really thinking they look great .. "au contraire" it's the opposite .. PITIFUL lives }**

  5. That GUYZ can't barely move his face, and breathe normally, and he's head is HUGE. That small big is looking like a porcupine, lol

  6. She was so so pretty when I first saw her on botched. Now her face is just awful! She’s such a beautiful woman but now she looks. Just…….. terrible smh

  7. Please start saving your money you will one day age the same as everyone and the surgeries will no longer work. Think too about developing some skills to bring in an income because an old butt can't cut it.

  8. I don’t get why everyone is upset like it’s their body let them do what they want you can’t change their choices

  9. for all of the extreme dysmorphia, they seem like very sweet people. granted, self absorbed, but not in the way of conceited. I wish them happiness and health.

  10. He could’ve look so much better if he just exercise instead of the surgery 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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