Popstar Going To Jail For HIV/AIDS

Popstar Going To Jail For HIV/AIDS

there’s a German pop star who was on trial
war knowingly having unprotected sex with him
and well having at HIV click and if it’s not personal her name is not have been us been a that may and that she’s from a crowd and called no
angel sure beautiful girl but on she had sex with him
and she knew she had HIV she had unprotected sex one of the men who is it talent agent thirty
four years old now has full-blown eight because of the unprotected sex the other guy was not infected with the HIV
virus all right first of all if you’re the top managers in the beginning you think man floor a it is hot perot who’s this area center as you go back to all
your friends a high-fat the case and they come to find out and %um it’s their own problem is after many the highs and lows of life that has got full blown aids them that not
only did she give him eighths she gave him aids without evening you think that actually she knew that she
had the HIV virus keep it at least said no no I want to keep it safe make sure you put on it but by teaming up
that hurt her defense is that she was scared she didn’t
want people to know that she had HIV but it doesn’t matter you can easily that
like I I don’t want to have unprotected sex so put a condom on you know I mean you have to disclose that
information with anyone right and I guess he thought if he said that
that would reveal that she had something which it does it reveal anything if you’re sensible yes the gap on economy
right and so now the flip side of this is that he’s
he nor mister morse four this is like almighty I can’t believe this
on the war you know not be feeling a little effect you
know none that army a are both of it up right but as so of course that was the question
of okay don’t they’re not no one hundred and twenty percent guilty okay it you know what I like I have absolutely no
problem all thought one hundred and twenty five percent guilty the kid so we’re in agreement is no question
that I mean let’s go back to his life you might apply that killed now at what she did with with this that this
year we’ve got a little suspense that this yet okay sell the she was facing ten years
and %uh and then I you know during the court proceedings they
decided to sentence her to two years in jail and then and she was so on its to show some
remorse for what they’re like okay no jail time community service the two-year suspended sentence which basically
means no sense that this prepared and then three hundred hours of community
service in that not okay number okay so of what would you like the supreme court with that that’s interesting question the irony is that it worked you know I don’t even know where to start
think that that’s a hard question to answer but aids activists say this is terrible you
know victimizers people that he’s more stigmatize them satya that they should have convicted or at
all I’m not buying that all here yet you know
what I mean there were day of be less these actors
that have a job is less people with aids how about we don’t spread about being on Thursday that I know they don’t they’re trying to contain is that right but now on up on the line of argument the
question is how party thank you Brian minimum of a year in jail
but I think that’s too low I do it two years if she was a remorseful I might go ten years that’s interesting I was going to wait five
years all right so that’s based on nothing that was my is with us but that accidentally the cigarettes this
is a report about the that this caller we’ll return to it but here’s where you first of all I don’t think so the controversial
decision my opinion is fifty one percent forty nine and as a hundred twenty two hundred forty
five so that the parents another controversial one I don’t know why it got the alert on and that I think it’s controversial for our audience
that because I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there that disagree with what I don’t %uh I recorded that she is a guilty but I’m
kind of on the low end of a sense a look you gotta be responsible for your own sexual
behavior the guys true and some people out there who have aids or other sexually-transmitted
disease you know what that this caller with a pretty good point and so and I don’t want
that you know i’d like like to do a little research
in toledo into the another particular by the supreme court of
the research that’s not a lot of things that just that
a on its battle is about what every law a lot of community service but you know six months to a year not very low a but it’s not that I that I
thought that all right and I think that’s good I wouldn’t go as far as and I think if you
will it’s remorseful yeah yeah all right we have a decision just as cool
or a in presented a compelling case more this down the scale two years so sorry hey you know I know even if this success sentence
was suspended the unit that backed the that that if you if you think that there’s the they
are did it there’s the supreme court or the supreme court
ruled ago

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  1. You can get HIV from having a paper cut or hangnail on your finger. HIV must get directly into the bloodstream so unless you have an accident with your zipper that probably is not the point of infection. Women are not that fortunate and can easily get it from having intercourse.

  2. People who are thirsty to sleep wit someone unaware of someone's status should only blame themselves when they become positive…ppl wit that type of disease are eithet scared or revengefully thinking and the public is aware of it all so why jeopardize your life for a few moments of lust..ijs

  3. People who are thirsty to sleep wit someone unaware of someone's status should only blame themselves when they become positive…ppl wit that type of disease are eithet scared or revengefully thinking and the public is aware of it all so why jeopardize your life for a few moments of lust..ijs

  4. Wanna stop the spread of it, wear a condom dude like dam lol it's common sense, no matter how hot the girl is wrap ur shit up, cause 5 minutes of pleasure can equal either 2 things, 3 months of uncertainty and stress( which is hell), or a lifetime of suffering, and u don't get to choose, so instead of risking your life please just wear a condom

  5. The fact that this is even a discussion is disgusting to me. She would without a doubt be charged in Canada, and here if you know you are positive for ANYTHING, even something treatable such as chlamydia, and you fail to inform your sexual partner, whether you used protection or they contracted the disease or not, you are guilty of attempted sexual battery at the very least.
    Of course those circumstances do affect the sentencing, if you have HIV and you don't tell your partner and allow them to make that decision to take that risk themself you will be punished much more severely than if you were positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea.

  6. Make her have to speak every week (allowed a vacation once a year) to someone about this for the rest of her life!!! She killed someone!!!

  7. She is horrible. My uncle fell victim to the same type of scenario. The woman, and her family were fully aware that she had aids, and no one warned him. My uncle contracted aids from her and died quickly from a cancer that only people more than double his age suffer from, which we learned was brought on from the aids virus.
    Once I learned about the woman, I hated her for years, but then realized my uncle is partially to blame for not being more responsible. However, I feel that the woman should have been prosecuted for what she did to my uncle.

    This woman should get life.

  8. Totally Guilty!!!
    The real problem in the gay "community" is that this happens all the time with strangers. Never have unprotected sex!

  9. I love you guys but being HIV positive myself I'm wondering what culpability he has for asking to use a condom? Is he held responsible for his own health at all and for not wearing a condom to protect himself? I love how the complete blame is hers when he is obviously at fault also! I agree she should've disclosed as most of us do but you are both so far off by not thinking he is 50 percent responsible! Nobody forced him to not wear a condom did they? Also this stigma is seriously rough! If you don't believe it jokingly tell a few friends you're HIV positive! And see what happens? I live with it daily!

  10. I'd give her at least 2 years and require her to pay for every AIDS related medical bill the man has AND give him financial compensation for emotional trauma. I don't even have an STD but I have other health issues and I always disclose this info with people whom I might date so they don't get the wrong idea ever about having kids, I will not cause my children to suffer by having them, I know my scenario is a bit different but when you have serious health issues you should disclose those with other people it might affect.

  11. she din't tell him, bc she was afraid, he would tell the media and everyone in Germany or even Central Europe would know. This is pretty ironic, since now even some people in America and in other parts of the world know. She should have insisted more on a condom or she should have told him NO, if he wouldn't put it on. I can understand her, if she didn't wanna tell him about her illness (honestly, i also wouldn't, at least not in an early stage in this relationship) but she didn't even have to tell him.

  12. if you know that you have hiv/aids have unprotected sex with someone who doesn't without informing them, that is attempted murder, atleast assault, it's an autoimmune disorder that will destroy your life and kill you. it is not the victims decision to voluntarily get aids, and I'm pretty sure that aids activists and sufferers will agree that despite showing remorse, the person who knowingly gave someone aids is knowingly giving someone a death sentence without consent and is a horrible human being, if not a plain monster. I doubt that people who have aids are going to be upset with the courts for handing out a long sentence. do you think that anyone who has hiv/aids woke up one day and said to themselves "today I'm going to get aids because I've always wanted to have aids"? nobody gets it because they knew that there was a possibility when it happened. they'd be pissed at the person who gave it to them if they found out that the person who they got it from knew they had aids and forcibly gave it to the person who caught it. a lot of hiv/aids sufferers inform people in situations where there's a risk they could give it to someone. they wouldn't be okay with spreading it. this woman should get more than 10 years, I don't care that she was remorseful and scared, she exposed 2 people, and the first person she exposed, most likely does have it, it can take up to 10 years to show up in your blood, and I am talking about hiv (since it evolves into aids). she gave these men death sentences, she shouldn't be allowed to walk away with a slap on the wrist, and people with aids would agree. I'm pissed about this, it's ridiculous. if it was a guy, he'd be getting 20 to 35, even if remorseful and crying. aids is a horrifying disease, people like her are monsters, it doesn't matter if she's a woman, she knowingly gave aids to people.

  13. If a person knows that they have HIV, and then they deliberately have unprotected sex with someone who doesn't know, then they should be charged with attempted 1st-degree murder.

  14. I thought women wanted to be treated as equals.What would they do to a man in this situation?So being remorsefull means he no longer has aids?

  15. Image if a man did this,he'd be buried under the prison. She pretty much murdered this man.

  16. giving some this is a death sentence she can take the life of others what what make yall think her life shouldn't be taken as well if i was judge she would get life with out parol and sentenced to death no questions asked!

  17. glad these liberal have common sense. California law is now a misdemeanor 6 months max. that is some bullshit

  18. In the entertainment industry they was going to pass her around so maybe they will stop abusing women in the industry everyone how it works plus he should have kept it business no pleasure TyT you all are skimming the truth anyone in that industry has to sleep your way to the top if you made that statement in the show your show is over history so you can't tell the real truth.

  19. It's sad ..in California you can spread the disease and nothing will happen now because it's not illegal to not tell if you are infected

  20. I disagree she should have told them she has HIV and let them make a choice instead of saying put on a condom! That's ridiculous!!

  21. Remorseful my ass, just remember this contract killer, is a performer, therefore she performed to get a lighter, well, no sentence, retrial please

  22. I'm sorry but this is murder yes he needed to be responsible as well but she was well awared of what she had. she deserved a lot more then two years and certainly wayyy more then community service. so you mean to tell me I could walk out of my house shoot someone in the head be remorseful during trial and that's it I'll walk away free come on now that's sick

  23. LIFE.. I don't understand the debate. Once you learn your pos status, you have the responsibility to either dislose, or, use protection. Both a female condom and male. WT EVER LOVING F. You just killed someone, you walk away?

  24. #1..doctors actually teach that when ur load is at 0 there is no chance of spreading the disease ( not sure how true this is)
    #2 she was young and naive and perhaps that one guy that got it was when her load went up
    #3 HE..and I repeat HE should have worn a condom ..it's his responsibility.. he is much Older and I bet he was so happy when he got the chance to have sex with her.
    #4 she does deserve jail time tho…

  25. Stupid guys that have unprotected sex with women whose status they don't know, knowing Hiv exists? They're guilty too

  26. It is always difficult for me to believe that anybody woud knowingly expose anyone to HIV/AIDS.

    P.S. Anna looks so much prettier as a brunette.

  27. Why does everybody have to be responsible for our actions,
    why can't we be responsible for our own actions,
    didn't he know that if he use no protection that it is possible that going with a girl that you don't know can possibly give you STD or maybe that doesn't exist anymore so it's okay……
    this may sound heartless but maybe he deserve it.
    no! I am not judging but somebody in his position probably sleeps with girls left right and Center if you live by it you will die by it,
    But it's okay we can always just blame her he's faultless.
    You can never cut your hands with a knife if you never use enough to cut anything……

    How do you know he didn't hide it already and with the one with somebody else who has it that it made it worse

    Things that make you go ummmmmm!

  28. Women don't give men aids. Nadda unless he had a big open sore on his wood. We shoot out we don't take in. I know of not one hetero male ever getting aids except by getting tainted blood transfusion or sharing needle with infected person. Like magic johnson was on the down low this guy did not get aids from this woman.

  29. All the awareness all the education the facts surrounding still ready to roll a dice wow never ceases to amaze me ignorance doesn't discriminate

  30. Everybody knows now mark them like hazardous waste you can't see the mark unless completely nude if you're still one of those people that still take that chance

  31. Because now she's caught is going to suffer a consequence like most criminals the damage is done save your sorries yeah you're sorry sorry son of a b

  32. I don't know he just a stupid I meant I wonder how many people he's giving it to? How many of those people they've been giving it to somebody 80s all over again

  33. No telling the many others she infected that are spreading the disease unknowingly. Not just her, this is happening out here everywhere. I'm afraid too have sex. Smh

  34. She didn't want to say she was HIV+, the guy may have thought she was "easy'..as she flopped down & spread her legs

  35. Trash….guilty and need to go to jail. Also he needs to sue her for pain and suffering. She needs to pay his medical bills

  36. Every one is responsible about having safe sex and using condoms. She wasn't honest and did not said she had AIDS. Ok that a no , no but I don't think the guys ask her?!
    But no one forces that guys to have unprotected sex with her?. There's man out there infecting women. I don't see them in court?

  37. And they still disallow the abstinence message in schools just to make sure this kind of stuff can and will continue, even among our youth. That is a form of hate that Hollywood ignores, because they too are hatemongers.

  38. Talk about "poison ivy" 🤦‍♀️😨my advice to all men and women, number 1. protection is a must when your intimate with anyone! Number 2. Looks can be deceiving & deadly so dont fall for the image. & number 3. That bitch deserves to get an ass whooping from all angles. She robbed a man's dignity and health for life!! So she should pay for her actions. 😤🤬😠😠🤦‍♀️

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