Porter Robinson & Madeon · Shelter | LyricWulf Piano Tutorial on Synthesia

Porter Robinson & Madeon · Shelter | LyricWulf Piano Tutorial on Synthesia

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  1. May i kindly ask u to credit SquChan for the thumbnail? Idk if u have asked her yet but its a respect to the artist.

  2. I don't know If I already commented on this, seeing as I've printed the piano sheet ~way~ back, but I really think you did a amazing job on this. I feel like it captured the essence of the original song/animation a lot more compared to the other arrangements out there, and I wish I learned this one before the others . T~T

  3. This sounds like the actual electrical version of shelter instead of the piano version which makes it different from the other covers, thank you for this. (I thought I saw every single version and cover of shelter after I listened to the original but looks like I never found this one, my loss)

  4. I’m never going to give up on this song for as long as it takes I’m going to accomplish this song. 💕💖<3

  5. I was playing this about a week ago but a different version and my brother said it sounded boring but boy did you make it not sound boring.

  6. Is this playable? I've seen the sheet music and I am seriously debating whether or not I should learn this piece. By the way, great arrangement.

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