Princess Prisoners Is A Funny Thing To Do

Princess Prisoners Is A Funny Thing To Do

hi login here you look so pretty in your dress oh look at you you do a spin and everything so beautiful hey guys some treats at the store we’re watching the Packers Vikings it’s good game so far what do you think comments I don’t know just sixteen years for the Packers coming back to Lambeau Field it’s it’s pretty crazy you know how do you think he’ll I didn’t go take the pressure I think y’all did good we’ll see what do you think maybe turn she doesn’t know anyways we’re gonna go grab some treats real quick and we’re gonna go back and watch the game the daddy-daughter football day mom and the other kids are at church right now maybe tard was feeling sick this morning but she seems to be better took a long nap now she feels better welcome home how’d you get in that wire yeah they did they got your snowboard boots all wet I should have came out here and grabbed him check these guys out mami tarde bought these at the thrift store we’re shopping for our Halloween costumes five bucks five bucks for some Roxie snowboard boots that she can’t use because we live in California well we’ll take him home for Christmas we’re gonna go at Christmas Kay I’m gonna take all the kids okay that should be fun about 20 minutes then I’ll be like okay I’m gonna go up top now you guys have fun we’re going home to Idaho on the like last week of December it’s gonna be fun hey kids how was church would you learn about you to learn about anything [Music] well did you stare him back he did that what did you sit him what did you say you said that to the kid and What did he say so uh you think we need to take him out we might I don’t know I’m just saying if somebody stares you down he’s gonna be ready for anything that was good that you were nice to him I’m just teasing hey you want to go higher – higher higher okay you sure you sure you can handle this okay let go but get ready okay you ready to go this rope is pretty tightly wound okay are you gonna scream and cry sure here we go one two okay now get out and run around hurry hurry pretty fast can’t run run run run over here come here oh you’re right it’s drugs for little kids on the playground hey guys let’s get the swing and spinning around and get all dizzy do that again nice behind the back here get it oh no all right Oh Oh in the hoop at a kid there’s no net though it’s not as fun it’s not as satisfying some of you guys what I’m talking about playing basketball there’s no net it takes it takes like 7% of the fun away you don’t ever get that swish yeah 7% of the fun is taken away if you don’t have a net it’s a small percentage maybe it’s higher to some people but if there’s no net to me it’s not quite as fun what do you got we gotta go buy a new net I think I think we should take that upon our ourselves as a responsibility did you just totally miss it shoot it so me Duncan it is it really Beauty easy now okay tell ugly no come are you gonna film me Duncan it won’t like a Mad Hatter it’s a Mad Hatter form this straight tripping Kobe Bryant LeBron James you shoot it okay your turn Monday what if I created a smack [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] pretty much the best basketball player ever here so she’s like I’m not with not anymore I say see a real lamb don’t buy time to go home I’ll bet at the park check out that moon that is so pretty what’s just camera could zoom a little bit more gorgeous full moon under a sunset sky how amazingly get it move ugly we’re looking at the gorgeous sky great job today great job today playing basketball you slap my butt just like that okay snapper dinner there’s a bird good that’s good form okay ready karate you gotta keep your hands up keep your hands up come on come on keep your hands up no not keep your hands in front of your face and putting your face you got to block the punch keep them from your face you’re the worst boxer ever I love you stop letting your thumb alright mom it’s hard here film you have to change this right long come help me come help me help me help me coming now mama Todd coming now our our light went out what are you to replace it Oh hold it or a pleasant hey anyways me and mommy were just talking about something interesting I’ve had a generation a generation difference called recycling now hold up hold up we don’t want to look oh I can’t be yes can I um when I was a kid whoa Nelly Furtado we my little brother used to recycle cans for money like we would would go to the golf course I would get beer cans and just like all the poppies to drink when we go I say pop you guys say soda I said powdered sort of path what do you guys say I say pop oh I said pop too but then I got some friends they’re like what’s pop soda pop soda pop pop rocks pop that’s Justin Timberlake some candy want some target anyways okay me and my brother we’ve got these big bins and we stow is try to find cans so we could recycle them so we could go make money we would take it down to the recycling place for helping though they would pay us I can’t remember how much it was but it was like like just a couple cents again yeah we’ll know is it per pound like a dollar a pound or something I think I remember the most never made was like 200 bucks oh well I mean we like turn it on you mean that’s like oh right like it was like six months and we would like worked our butts off smash the cans into like small like would smash them so we could fit more in that was fun but yeah me and mommy talked cuz sometimes just said hey does this go in the garbage or the recycling and that’s the difference is it back then you didn’t really have recycling bins where now they come yeah I didn’t when I was a kid I always started recycling leave it on the light on anyways anyway so I thought I don’t know how long have you been recycling we have only started really recycling for the last year and a half of our lives honey yeah you know in Idaho yeah we had a recycling bin they had it but they don’t have like a curbside yeah you could take it to a recycling center but anyways I think that’s a new it’s a new generational gap it’s a new generational thing where kids now will know about recycling there’s a recycling bin in a trash bin which necessarily wasn’t around when I was growing up so sent are you and you alone can save the environment good luck on the streets of LA [Laughter]

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