Prison Break 5×05 Promo “Contingency” (HD) Season 5 Episode 5 Promo

Prison Break 5×05 Promo “Contingency” (HD) Season 5 Episode 5 Promo

He’s rotten all the way to the core. You’ve been sleeping with the enemy, baby. ISIL control the checkpoints. Even if we make it across the city, it’s suicide. Tell me what’s going on. What happened to you, Michael?! Everything I did, I did for family. You telling me there’s no way out? I trust my instincts. They’ve gotten us this far. Go, now!

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  1. lol of couse the husband was a bad guy thats why that lady just shot him in the leg instead of killing him even tho he saw her face

  2. jacob i knew he was a bad guy when he first showed up
    who else is loving the t bag sara friendship this season
    michael and linc back together again amazing

  3. This episode was lit af! 🔥
    Abu Ramal wasn't that badass anyway.
    The whip guy is awesome.
    Can't wait for Sucre to show up too
    Michael and Linc back again ❤️
    Such an epic episode indeed!

  4. Always knew that Jacob knob was the culprit. Best part of the 4th episode, not showing the shooting of Kellerman. I legit laughed so much, that's the exact same move they pulled in season 2, my god that was brilliant! Probably sets for Kellerman returning in the last episode too.

  5. Its predictable that Jacob is one of bad guy and went on with Sarah and in the long run fell in love w her blah blah blah,anyway its good cos eventually Sarah and Michael cud be together in the end.happy ending lol

  6. Alright, so here are my predictions so far:
    1) After electrocuting himself, Michael's life was ultimately saved by Poseidon and/or his associates.
    2) Afterwards, Poseidon blackmailed Michael into helping him with a series of breakouts.
    3) Michael sent the letter to T-Bag, because Sara's and Lincoln's correspondence was most likely being controlled at all times by Poseidon.

    What I don't understand is why in the actual hell did Poseidon betray Michael?! Did they suddenly stop caring about setting Abu Ramal free? :/

  7. So happy this is back. Still waiting for Sucre to actually have a role in all of this though! And people do realize that Sara doesn't have to divorce Jacob, right? Seeing as Michael isn't actually dead, once his death is legally overturned, they will legally still be married, making her marriage to Jacob not legal. She can't be legally married to Jacob when she's still married to Michael?

  8. I don't think Kellerman is dead, this show has never been shy about showing dead bodies. Remember Veronica, she got shot in the head too and they still shows her corpse. Why kill a major character like that and not show the body.

  9. I think Sarah and little Michael are going to be saved from Jacob by Sucre and T-Bag as a team. am I the only one who thinks that for this time T-Bag is on the good guys side, and not the always known rat??

  10. yea jacob was sent to sara so michael cudnt get to her. like a sleeper agt of something. jacobs bad news. how could sara not know for what 7yrs? SRSLY i know she was moving on, but wd man who was probably involved w michael's disappearance and faked death, why those keeping michael far away from his family and friends, even old foes like bagwell. i kinda like how mike trust tbag, nemo was mike. mike gave tbag that new hand. he needs everyone. he needs his team back together. 9EPs not enough, only 4to go after this1 then it's over, it deserves at least a S6. plsss it was revived for one last breakout, but thats what they said abt the movie… by breaking sarah out which cost mikes faked death. whoever did what to michael after the movie. took alot of effort to bring him back to life and take him away from his family and friends, making his oldest nemesis like tbag hate him for tricking him into thinking he was escaping again after thegeneral was offed. SRSLY?! also what ever happened to susan/gretchen?? i wanna know. we deserve too

  11. Im fucking addicted to this movie, untill they realease next episode im gonna watch all the seasons again

  12. I think the blond chick, Ramal and Sara's new husband, are the most hated characters ever, in this show now 😂😂

  13. Omg RIP Kellerman …. there was gonna be two major deaths throughout the 9 episodes… kellerman was the first and there's gonna be another!! This episode looks so good I can't waitttttttt!!!!

  14. In all of the previous episodes, Michael has never directly killed someone, but he's responsible for 3 indirect kills, Jacob just changes that statistic,

  15. the moment that husband showed up i knew he was no good. And when the blondie shot him in the leg and let him live…that shit was certain. On another note…i love t-bag. He has got that way of speaking….

  16. Can we all just agree that season 5 has been amazing so far like Jesus, not a dull moment yet, always intense

  17. 1st was prison break. After 10 years Sara changed her name to Katie Bowman, while Lincoln and Michael join heroes of tomorrow. Everyone fighting to save the world, but eventually The Earth become full of walking dead xD

  18. questions prison break still hasnt answered
    1. how did bellick and t bag get out of sona
    2. how is sarah free when she absconded prison
    3. how tf is t bag free after hes committed multiple murders and sexual assults

  19. I was thinking, the DeCavalcante crime family watched The Sopranos, New Mexican drug dealers watched Breaking Bad, I wonder If ISIL watches Prison Break. LOL I can just imagine a bunch of sweaty, smelly and sexually repressed psychopathic Muslims shooting the screen due to inaccurate portrayals.

  20. I don't think he shot Kellerman dead. He maybe shot the floor making it seem he finished him. He will be back. Man, this episode was lit asf. Can't wait for next Tuesday. Michael and Linc reunited, can't wait for Sucre. I know it will get better.

  21. lol Sara's hubby had to be bad so MiSa can get back together again.. I wasn't surprised but it was a great episode

  22. If Sara's husband ends up being this Poseidon person, it's kind of funny that they do this when, in the last half of season 4 they made Michael's mother the main bad guy.

  23. That's why I wondered why that bitch shot Sarah's husband on the leg and didn't kill him instantly like they did to most of the victims. They're together..

  24. I think that everything was part of Jacob's plan, to get closer to Sarah and eventually marry her and by manipulating her, to get information about Michael if she contacts him. With other words, to have the things in control and to accomplish his plan. And I think that is why Michael hid for so long and pretend to be dead, because he knows who Poseidon is. Just wanted to protect his family :'(

  25. ohoho this is wayy to predictable for prison break standard, is it really the same writer? using the husband is just low… shame

  26. Fox Meeting Room.
    Guy: how do we get those old viewing figures back that we used to have??
    Lacky: how about we re-boot something successful like 24?

    Two months later.

    Guy: well that didn't work what now?
    Lacky: How about we reboot Prison break.
    Guy:But the brothers have done everything, twice!
    Lacky: Yes but have they done it with ISIS? 😀

    Guy: :S ???

    its still good though

  27. who else thinks tht things woul've been a hole lot different if Sara had just locked the door? 🙁

  28. Michael: "Few weeks before our marriage poseiden called me" My question is how? if Michael got stuck back in cell in the last season or got dead, how is even out with Sara? how's he alive?? i mean m i missing something? 🤔

  29. I just started Prison Break this week. Never seen it. Just catching up. I know i have a thing for Wentworth, Dominic & Spanish Dude Fernando Sucre. They R hot, sexy, talenten & amazing actors. I love the show Prison Break. Please make more seasons, kiss kiss

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