Prison Break Schauspieler über Jugendarbeit: Du bist keine Marionette!

Prison Break Schauspieler über Jugendarbeit: Du bist keine Marionette!

– Welcome to Mr. Jugendarbeit, to our German-speaking
channel on youth ministry. Today with subtitles because
with me is Blaine Hogan. he used to work as the creative director at Willow Creek, hey Blaine, and you also, and this
is super interesting, he worked as a cast
member of Prison Break. Can you share a bit about that, I mean– – Yeah, I was on the first season and I was one of the young
prisoners in the prison. – How did you get into that show? – I was acting in Chicago and the prison that they were using was very close to the city of Chicago and so they just employed
a lot of Chicago actors. And so there came an audition for someone who looked like me or they needed someone that was my type and I went up for an audition and I went for a call back,
and the next thing I knew, I was in a prison. (upbeat music) – Would you like to share maybe one or two things that young leaders in churches today could do differently? – In the States, we have a phrase called you are a tool. It’s a phrase that, it translates– – Oh yeah, that translates. – For those of you that are feeling like you are a tool and that maybe, I don’t wanna go so far as to being used, it can often feel that way and so I think I want
to just encourage you to say that, one, you’re not alone, two, you’re not a tool, and three, you are a human, and
made in the image of God, and you were made to be creative. You were made to create. And the other thing, I think, is extremely important
especially when you are dealing with youth is that they can sense if you are being authentic or if you’re being real with them or if you’re holding something back. Maybe there’s some things that you’re struggling with that you need to confess to others, to friends, to your own leaders. And not at all in a sense of shame but in a sense of openness. Something my wife always says
is free people free people. And so you’re wanting to change the world and you’re wanting to unleash youngsters out into the world so they can do the same thing but if you’re going to ask them to make decisions for Christ or to share their darkness or share their secrets
or to be free themselves, I honestly don’t feel that
you’re in a position to do that until you are engaged in the process yourself. And I’m not saying you need to finish it. I just spoke to a number
of thousand people and I still continue to struggle to be free in lots of areas of my life. But free people free people. And the more that you
yourself can be a free person, to be a better human, then the people that
you’re leading, and I think that they’ll gravitate towards that. They want that. They want your honesty,
they want your authenticity, they want to know that
they’re not alone, as well. And that’s a gift that
you get to offer them, is your own story. – Thank you, Blaine. That’s amazing. (speaking in foreign language)
(Andy laughing)

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