Prison Break : The Final Break (TV Movie) – Review Junction

Prison Break : The Final Break (TV Movie) – Review Junction

While Prison Break wasn’t perfect it did have a solid ending… -click- Damn! I lived… What would make this movie so bad that I actually shot myself in the head? Alright lets go over the plot. Michael is about to marry Sarah to solidify their love. Feds bust the party and arrest Sarah. Apparently she was the only one who wasn’t exempt from her crimes. Mistake number one! So she is sent to prison to discover the same life that Michael had in season one. Mistake number two! Michael out of despair hatches a plan to break her out of prison. Mistake number three! This is the main problem with The Final Break. It’s a shitty version of season one. It’s short and is quite boring never allowing you to be fully immersed. The cast have all returned and they’re worse than ever. Only two performances really caught my eye. T-Bag played by Robert Neppar didn’t have much of a role the actor did amazingly well with the little material he was given. In addition Michael Scholfield played by Wentworth Miller was at his best here. His acting has improved which has me hopeful for any material he is in in the future. Perhaps he will be… One of the greats… Everyone else played their roles with such mediocrity, yeah that word again, that I have to wonder if any of them even cared about the show. Though I can’t blame it all on them. Part of it has to do with the poorly written dialogue. Two factors combined suck out all the entertainment. While Prison Break: The Final Break is a low budget made for TV movie the Blu-ray quality still manages to impress. with a cool color palet, solid HD quality and a cacophony of balanced sound. Decent special effects and a nice score only help improve the presentation. While nothing felt perfect it was easily the best feature of the entire movie. Overall The Final Break is a huge disappointment. It has the same flaws as the show has but somehow comes out worse due to a superfluous story that is a blatant insult to the rest of the series. I definitely don’t recommend it and if it comes with your series box-set throw it out. Prison Break: The Final Break gets a 3.5 out of 10.

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